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Can A Drain Cleaning Service Help Improve Your Family’s Health? | New Orleans, LA

Can A Drain Cleaning Service Help Improve Your Family’s Health? | New Orleans, LA

Many homeowners have wondered if hiring a drain cleaning service is even necessary unless they are facing a blocked, slow, or overflowing drain. While this may be the most widespread notion about a drain cleaning service, the truth of the matter is that there is much more to it than just removing clogs. In this article, we will explore the most important benefits of regular drain cleaning service, including how it can improve your family’s health, and help you save money. Let’s take a look.

Let’s Talk About Your Family’s Health First

If you are wondering how drain cleaning service can improve your family’s health, you are in the right place. While it is true that it is highly unlikely that you or your family members will eat or drink directly out of the drain, there are many other ways in which a dirty drain line can affect your family’s health.

Drains are designed to carry waste. Whether it’s dirty water, bits of food, and almost anything else that gets flushed down the line. The problem begins when food and grease start sticking to the sides of the pipe. Soon, the icky mess will start decomposing, attracting bacteria and other organisms, which will settle there and start to spread. If you have ever caught a bad odor coming from your drain, this is probably the reason why. Commercial drain cleaning liquids won’t remove the gunk appropriately, and they won’t kill all of the organisms growing in it. Eventually, these organisms and other harmful compounds will start spreading to your kitchen sink’s surface, and that is when your health problems might begin, as a result of cross-contamination.

Once your drains have been converted into a petri dish of sorts, they can also encourage the proliferation of mold. It may start growing in the deep recesses of dirty drains, and can eventually spread to your entire home, causing your family to start having respiratory symptoms or the worsening of existing conditions. To make matters worse, drains that are harboring rotting matter and grease can attract insects, such as fruit flies, roaches, mosquitoes, and more. In some cases, even rats. A professional drain cleaning service will ensure your home’s drain line is free from these problems, ensuring your family lives a healthier life, and doesn’t run the risk of suffering any diseases as a consequence of the accumulation of waste in your drains.

Let’s Talk About Money Saved

Now that we got the gross part out of the way, let’s take a look at how a professional drain cleaning service can save you money. In reality, there are many ways in which this can happen, and the first and most important one of them happens as soon as the drain cleaning services process begins. The first step in this process is a video inspection of your drain line. In order to determine which areas will be the most complex to clean, your technician will use a high-definition camera attached to a flexible line to send video images of your pipes in real-time. This will allow them to detect any clogs, blockages, and accumulations of organic matter that might need detailed attention. These images also help find any cracks, dents, or damage in the pipes, allowing you to make any necessary repairs before they become a costly problem.

Additionally, it will help maintain your pipeline’s health by preventing any ruptures or damages caused by hardened clogs. This is especially true when you’ve been pouring things like bacon grease into your drains, something that should never be done. As the grease goes down the pipe, it will congeal and harden into a layer that will not be removed with commercial liquids. Every time you pour grease down your drain, another layer will be added on top of the last one, until one day nothing can get through the pipe. When this happens, there is a chance that the entire section of pipe where this hardened clog is located will have to be removed and replaced. A professional drain cleaning service can scrub your pipes clean of any layers of grease that may have accumulated up until now. This will translate into a healthier drain line, that flows better and won’t present any problems in the immediate future.

If all of this isn’t enough, you will also save money by preventing water damage to your floors, walls, and your home’s structure. An overflowing drain may not seem like an emergency, but the minute the water starts hitting the floor, it will start damaging your home, even if you clean it up quickly. By keeping your drains clean, you will avoid any overflows that will create this type of damage. This is possibly the main reason why homeowners choose to schedule drain cleaning once a year. While it may not be necessary in your case, it is a good idea to keep in mind what can happen if you wait too long before calling in the pros. It is also worth remembering that commercial drain cleaners and DIY efforts to remove clogs can only result in damaged pipes and clogs that are pushed further down the line, making them much more difficult to remove.

Whether your home’s drains are acting up, or clogged, or you simply want to keep your family safe from any possible illness they could pick up from the gunk stuck to the sides of your drain pipes, you can always count on receiving the best drain cleaning service in town from bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans. With years of experience, constantly trained technicians, and the most current techniques and methods, you can rest easy that your safety and well-being are our priority. So, when the time comes for your home’s drains to be cleaned, simply pick up your phone and give bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans a call!

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