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Signs You Could Benefit From Drain Cleaning Service | New Orleans, LA

Signs You Could Benefit From Drain Cleaning Service | New Orleans, LA

When do you need drain cleaning service? For many properties, it is beneficial to schedule routine service, having your drains cleaned on a consistent basis each year or two, depending on the risk factors for where you live in New Orleans. Yet, other factors may warrant getting faster service. There are times when this could become an emergency service, too.

When to Call for Drain Cleaning

If you notice any of the following signs, it may be time to call for drain cleaning service without delay. Doing so may help prevent the onset of complications and problems down the road.

Your Sinks Drain Slow

A slow-moving drain can be a common problem in homes, and often, it worsens over time if not taken care of quickly. Soap, grease, food particles, and a wide range of other particles can lodge on the interior of the pipes, making it hard for water to flow down. If just one side of the sink is blocked, that could mean a clog. If more than one sink in your home is slow to move, that’s an indication of a need for drain cleaning service to flush away all of that built-up material.

Foul Odors

It’s not uncommon for drain lines to develop bad smells. If that happens, it means there’s material built up within them. Sewage smells can sometimes be the strongest you’ll experience, but you may also have a lingering musty smell that’s also problematic. Any time the drains smell bad, it’s worth having them cleaned out with a drain cleaning service. Otherwise, that smell is likely to worsen. Schedule this type of service on a routine basis to help minimize the growth of bacteria that could be causing these types of smells.

Pests Presence in Your Pipes

Pets can make their way into all sorts of small openings, penetrating your drains, building nests, and clogging water lines. They can get trapped in some plumbing fixtures, too. Having the drain cleaned out allows for that problem to wash away. A drain cleaning service can also pinpoint any areas of entry, depending on which company you use. Using cameras down the drain lines, it may be possible to pinpoint areas where the lines are broken, providing access.

Gurgling Sounds or Air Bubbles

If you can hear gurgling sounds coming from your pipes, that could indicate that there are air bubbles trapped behind some type of blockage. You may also notice air bubbles coming up from the drain when you open a sink drain, and the water starts to move down into the lines. Sometimes these can also happen in the toilet. If they do, that could mean there’s a clog in the sewer.

Clogged and Backed Up Drains

The drains in your home should move water through them at a steady pace, and that shouldn’t really change from one day to the next. However, if water isn’t moving down at all or it is coming back up, that means there is likely a clog in your lines somewhere. This could be due to tree roots growing into the water lines as they seek out water. It could also be due to a significant buildup of material in the lines themselves. If you have backed-up drains flooding your basement, you need drain cleaning service on a routine basis.

Backed Up Toilets

Most of the time, a toilet backing up is an indication that something too big went down the toilet, such as your child’s action figure or block. However, if you are constantly having trouble with backed-up toilets with or without other problems in the home, that could indicate a need for drain cleaning service. It is a good idea to avoid putting solid items down the drain or things like paper towels and wipes. These do not break down enough to travel through the drain lines, causing a blockage that may lead to frequent problems over time.

Standing Water

If you have standing water in any appliance or area of your home near a drain, that’s an indication of a blockage that requires attention. It could be in the base of your dishwasher or washing machine, for example. You may also have water that seems to pool around a floor drain in your garage or basement. This often means there’s a significant amount of

You Cannot Clear the Drain

Often, if a sink backs up or a drain seems to clog, you may try to use other methods to clean it out. A plunger is often the go-to first step for the toilet. Other times, though, the problem keeps coming back, such as material keeps blocking the garage floor drain or your kitchen drain just seems to need attention on a routine basis.

When you have consistent and ongoing problems like this, there could be a larger problem in the home. That is especially true if you have more than one drain acting out of sorts, such as moving slowly or needing to be cleaned often. Drain cleaning service is often a necessary investment at this point. It will help ensure that wherever there are blockages or narrowed pipes, they can be cleaned out of the way to ensure proper water movement.

What to Expect from Drain Cleaning

When you set up service to clean your drains, your technician will work to understand what’s occurring with your drains and pinpoint any areas of potential concern. Then, the goal is to flush any material out of the lines, allowing for clear passage again. This may be a service you need more than once to ensure proper care of your drains over time.

How We Can Help You

When you think you need drain cleaning service, put our team to work for you. Contact bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans to learn more about the wide range of solutions we can offer to you.

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