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Excellent Plumbing Tip From An Emergency Plumber: Get Professional Leak Detection | Timberlane, LA

Excellent Plumbing Tip From An Emergency Plumber: Get Professional Leak Detection | Timberlane, LA

Leaks are pretty common, both in residential and commercial properties. However, some of these leaks go undetected and when you do notice them, it’ll be too late as they have already done extensive damage to your property. You can prevent this by calling an emergency plumber as soon as you suspect leaks in your plumbing. Don’t wait to wake up to a flooded home or business establishment (just imagine how much this would cost you). Read this article to learn how to spot leaks and why you need to hire a licensed plumber immediately to locate the leak and try to repair it.

What Are the Signs You Have Leaks in Your Plumbing?

You need to be mindful and proactive when it comes to your plumbing to avoid costly repairs and replacements. This is why it’s important to recognize the signs of a possible leak in your plumbing and call an emergency plumber to further investigate.

Small leaks may not cause extensive damage right away but they can actually jeopardize your home’s structural foundation and will cost you a fortune in repairs down the road. Prevent this from happening by knowing when to spot a leak. Below are the signs there might be leaks in your plumbing. Call an emergency plumber immediately to perform leak detection and prevent further damage to your home.

Below are the signs of leaks in your plumbing:

High Water Bill

When you get a higher bill this month, do a toilet test first as that could just be the culprit. It’s easy to find out if there are leaks in the toilet as you only need to pour food coloring into the toilet tank and wait for about 15 minutes. Check the toilet bowl right after to see if the water has changed colors. If it did, that indicates a toilet leak. Just call an emergency plumber to alleviate the problem.

If it isn’t a toilet leak, do a water meter test to determine if there might be a leak in your plumbing. You can also contact an emergency plumber right away to perform professional leak detection. Our team of plumbers can work with a small or large leak in your basement, kitchen or commercial properties. Call us at your earliest convenience so we can send someone right away.

Low Water Pressure

Getting a high water bill plus low water pressure indicates a leak in your plumbing. Look for signs of leaks such as water spots or pooling water near appliances. Better yet, contact an emergency plumber equipped with specialized tools to help him locate the leak quickly and recommend the best solution to fix the problem permanently.

Hidden Leaks

Do you see water spots in your walls or ceilings? Or perhaps you smell mold in the basement? That indicates a leak in your plumbing. We suggest you get in touch with a professional so they can check that.

Tips to Avoid Leaks

We have tips that prevent leaks and help you save money:

Don’t Ignore a Plumbing Issue

Some plumbing emergencies don’t just happen overnight. They occur because homeowners and commercial property owners neglect their plumbing. If you suspect something may be wrong with your water heater or dishwasher, please never ignore it. Contact an emergency plumber right away so he can thoroughly inspect your plumbing.

Install a Sump Pump

Do you own a basement? We recommend installing a sump pump to prevent flooding in the basement. You can safeguard the appliances stored there and protect your home from water damage by installing a sump pump. However, do make sure to always test the pump and try to also get batteries so that the device still works even if there’s a power interruption. If you’re planning to install one, contact an emergency plumber today.

Get Leak Detection Devices

Another safety device you can install is a leak detection device. You can connect this to your tablet or mobile phone so that you get alerts of a possible leak in your plumbing. Some leak detection devices can also turn off your water automatically to prevent further damage to your home. To know more about these devices, contact us today.

Protect Your Plumbing Pipes

You can protect exposed pipes by insulating them in the winter. Make sure you also replace those older pipes with modern piping that is less susceptible to rust or damage. Never use chemical-based drain cleaners because they can really damage the pipes and may even harm your health. If the water pressure is high, make sure you correct that by installing a water pressure regulator.

Hire a Licensed Plumber Only

If you’re planning to install new appliances for your home or planning to get some repairs, please make sure you only hire a licensed plumber for it. Never hire a person without a license because if he ends up damaging your home, you will not be able to file a claim for it. You also don’t get a guarantee of a job well done when you don’t hire a licensed plumber. Call us today if you need any repair or installation work and we will do our best to resolve them as soon as possible.

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