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Kitchen Plumbing Issues That Our Plumbers Can Help You With | Harvey, LA

Kitchen Plumbing Issues That Our Plumbers Can Help You With | Harvey, LA

The kitchen sink is almost the most used plumbing fixture in most homes. To survive, human beings must eat, and a kitchen and its sink play a critical role in the entire process. In some ways, a kitchen is a “food manufacturing” station at your home. Hence, some dirt and debris might slip into the kitchen drains through the sink, whether washing the vegetables and fruits or dirty dishes. However, plumbing issues do not only end with blocked drains. You might also realize that having a faucet that doesn’t have water is among the most annoying and frustrating kitchen plumbing problems. This article will give you insights into the most common kitchen plumbing issues you might encounter in your Harvey, LA home.

Clogged Pipes

The first and most noticeable kitchen plumbing issue that you are likely to notice is clogged kitchen pipes. If the water within the sinks starts draining slowly and a foul smell comes from the drainage system, the issue is most definitely within your kitchen pipes. All sinks feature a p-trap designed to hold a small volume of water within its curved section of the piping and prevent the sewer gasses and other odors from entering your home from the drains. Whenever scum and grease settle in the p-trap, they disrupt the water flow, leading to a stinky-smelling kitchen.

Whenever some pipes within the kitchen have developed some clogs, the issue can be fixed easily by an experienced and professional plumber. These professionals have the experience and training to finish the job efficiently.

Inoperable Garbage Disposal

A garbage disposal unit is one of the best recent kitchen innovations. This plumbing appliance shreds the organic fort particle wastes and disposes them into the drains. If the food wastes were thrown into a trash bin, they would produce an awful smell that might make your kitchen uncomfortable. Hence, a garbage disposal unit is a blessing to any kitchen in Harvey, LA. But now consider when the garbage disposal unit stops functioning because you’ve accidentally used the machine to shed grease, potato and mango peels, and, worse, bones. This is a plumbing emergency for your kitchen that you should have a plumber address promptly. It might be better to have an emergency plumber’s phone number you can contact in such moments.

Blocked Drain Lines

The homeowners having a garbage disposal unit in their kitchens would most likely experience this problem with their plumbing. The drainage system that connects to the kitchen sink might develop a clog if they don’t use enough water when running the garbage disposal unit. This might result from the food particles that have sticky properties, especially carbohydrates and starches. These particles from such foods stick in the walls of your kitchen sink pipes, inhibiting the flow of water. Although you might use a plunger or liquid drain cleaning solutions, they only provide temporary solutions. Additionally, liquid drain cleaning agents are highly discouraged because of their corrosive properties. If made from corrosive materials such as stainless steel or copper, they may corrode your pipes.

Therefore, it is recommended that you enlist a plumber for a drain cleaning service. DIY drain cleaning might result in you exacerbating the issue, meaning you might pay more for the repair. Seeking expert help is therefore essential rather than addressing the issue yourself.

Inadequate Hot Water From Your Kitchen Faucets

If you’ve recently added a plumbing appliance that uses water inside your kitchen, that might cause the reduced or lack of hot water flow in your home. This might be because the water heating unit is not large enough to cater to your appliances’ hot water needs. But if the water heater does not heat your water, the heating element might be the issue.

Whenever you plan to upgrade the water heating unit or inspect it to diagnose any problems, seeking the assistance of a professional plumber would be a great place to begin from. You will be solving your water heater problems and also get some expert or professional advice on the technical plumbing problems.

Leaking Dishwasher

A dishwasher is a lifesaving appliance in every sense. Imagine feeling sleepy after having a meal, but you have to clean the dishes. That could be frustrating. On one side, you are sleepy, while on the other, leaving them dirty might attract flies and make your kitchen unsightly. If you have a faulty or leaky dishwasher, this is what you’ll experience in real life. Unfortunately, manually cleaning the dishes isn’t one of those exciting experiences. Fortunately, plumbing technicians can help.

Your Dishwasher might have a broken float switch that might make the water begin overflowing. Additionally, a damaged spray arm might make the unit spring a leakage and interfere with the process of dishwashing. However, the issue might be entirely different besides a damaged spray arm or float switch, meaning replacing them might waste your money and time. So instead, seek the assistance of a professional plumber in Harvey, LA, to inspect the unit and diagnose the issue.

Leaking Faucets

If you have been living in your house for so long, you might have an old sink with damaged parts such as faucets that might cause leaks. A damaged faucet might prove a problem, especially when you must put up with the water droplets falling into the sink at night, disrupting your sleep. Additionally, these droplets amount to water wastage, significantly increasing your monthly water utility bills. A damaged O-ring seal might also be the primary cause of a leaky faucet. However, if you don’t know the problem, enlisting a professional plumber to pinpoint the issue with precision can provide a lasting solution.

A kitchen is where most of your foods are “manufactured,” meaning that it has to remain in a top condition and hygienic. Any damage to its plumbing components like the sink might lead to secondary issues like foul smells and flies. This takes a significant toll on your kitchen’s hygiene. However, hiring a plumber for regular plumbing maintenance and drain cleaning can go a long way in ensuring hygiene in your kitchen. Call our plumbers at bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans for kitchen plumbing maintenance.

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