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Where Are The Evaporator Coils, Condenser, And Other AC Components That Can Be Fixed With Air Conditioning Repair? | New Orleans, LA

Where Are The Evaporator Coils, Condenser, And Other AC Components That Can Be Fixed With Air Conditioning Repair? | New Orleans, LA

In this big old world, a lot of strange things happen, even in the air conditioning repair business. When we go out on a call at bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans we encounter many different types of air conditioning systems and many different installation methods. It’s important when diagnosing and performing an air conditioning repair in New Orleans, LA, that we avoid assumptions about the system, especially on the first visit. Depending on the design of your home, the shape of your property, and other factors, we may find components of your AC system in different locations that we find at most homes. That’s typically not a problem, though in some cases it could affect the efficiency or performance of the unit over the long term. Perhaps the original installer was satisfied that the unit was operational, or the original homeowner had specific requirements. You never know. Our job, as your air conditioning repair specialists, is to make your system work its best for you. So, where are the AC components in your situation?

Practical Considerations for Outdoor AC Component Location

Once you become aware of what’s best for AC installation, you’ll start noticing curious installation practices around town that may be for a reason, but also have their drawbacks. On the outside units, you need minimum spacing from nearby objects, both for ventilation and servicing. At some point, you’ll need to have a motor replaced, coils cleaned, creature nests removed, even a compressor serviced or electrical components replaced. Each one requires access to the unit where it is, and yet not every unit is installed with these considerations in mind! It’s important to realize that the outdoor components of your AC system are supposed to take the heat from your home and disperse it into the surrounding air. That requires room to keep the air moving around the unit, a surrounding air temperature that’s not excessively high such as in an enclosed space that gets a lot of sun, and also a reasonably short run for the refrigerant lines to the house, with proper insulation as well.

Indoor Component Locations

The indoor portion of your AC system, if it’s a typical central air configuration with ducting, should be located somewhere central where ducts lead to various parts of your New Orleans, LA home without excessively long runs. Typical locations are basements, closets, garage space, even attics. Your heating system typically shares the duct system, so they should be located by each other. For heat pump systems and ductless mini-split AC, things are a bit different, with more flexibility. For traditional systems, from the indoor evaporator coils, the air handling system carries cool air throughout your home. If the location is vulnerable to damage, your condensate drain care is essential, making sure that water from your evaporator drains away rather than building up, possibly growing algae and smelling bad, and leaking onto your floor or, from the attic, the ceiling below. Our air conditioning repair technician should show you where the unit is, and show you how to replace the air filter which typically requires monthly care. Everything else, including cleaning the coils, should be professionally maintained to avoid costly damage. Even if the coils ice up and cause a lack of cool air, that should be remedied by our air conditioning repair team, who will check for the cause, typically a clogged air filter but possibly an air circulation motor or fan belt, and carefully melt the ice and restore cooling.

Easy Access for Maintenance and AC Repair Is Essential

Over time, most families make use of most of the available storage space in their homes, which can crowd things around the furnace and AC indoors, and even block the outdoor condenser unit from air conditioning repair access and good air circulation. For faster service if needed, better air circulation and efficiency, protection against safety problems, and avoidance of damage from water spills and other incidents, a clear zone around the components is needed. If stuff starts to encroach, it’s worth taking a moment to rethink the storage and rearrange things. Otherwise, you’ll wind up doing it while the air conditioning repair technician is on-site and ready to get your home cool again! Of course, when it’s time to install a new system, a clear space to navigate will be an important consideration as well.

What If Your System Seems a Little Strange?

When our AC technicians arrive on a repair call, we’ll focus on the job at hand but also note any factors that are worth considering for the future, such as bushes planted that block the outdoor air flow, or an enclosure that could cause the unit to heat up while operating and wear out prematurely. If your common sense suggests that there are other concerns in the AC of a new house you’ve recently bought or another existing system, ask us for an inspection to see what can be done to improve reliability and efficiency as well as proper cooling. You’ll be surprised at what we can do, sometimes there are issues like a duct system that hasn’t been cleaned for several decades or a loose enclosure on the outdoor unit that’s letting creatures get in and nest that can really make a difference when fixed. When the time comes to replace an old unit or upgrade for better performance and efficiency, you can be sure our experts will design it well for you to enjoy.

Expert Air Conditioning Repair Professionals At Your Service

You know us for plumbing, now heating and air conditioning as well at bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans. Our customer service is top-notch, sending you experienced HVAC professionals to care for your home’s heating and air conditioning systems. When you’re sweating through a New Orleans, LA summer and your AC gives trouble, call our bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans air conditioning repair team to get you cool again. Reach out today!

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