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Take Care Of Dark And Dusty Spaces With Duct Cleaning Service | Timberlane, LA

Take Care Of Dark And Dusty Spaces With Duct Cleaning Service | Timberlane, LA

Over the course of several years, your Timberlane, LA home’s air conditioning and heating ducts can accumulate a lot of dust, dirt, and disease. Everything that’s airborne has a chance to latch on and build up in the ductwork. It uses moisture, airborne grease and chemicals, and other materials to build up into a growing felt-like lining. At bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans, we provide a careful duct cleaning service that captures and removes accumulated material from your ducts. For ducts that haven’t been cleaned in decades, pictures of material lining them can be alarming. In fact, the duct passageways are so reduced that they’re beginning to clog, just as drain pipes do. Cleaning ducts every few years clears out the accumulated matter. That assures that material doesn’t return to the air and produces allergic responses, lowered air quality, and other concerns. In the process of duct cleaning, problems with your ducts that could affect airflow and pressure may also be identified. If you’re having trouble with hot and cold spots, varying room temperatures, and other airflow-related air balancing issues, a duct cleaning service and an inspection could help.

Your Ductwork Plays an Important Role in Your Home’s Comfort

Heating and cooling systems distribute their output through your ductwork, ideally with balanced air pressure throughout your home so every room gets consistent comfort. Over time, the air flowing through the ducts leaves behind materials that accumulate from the adhesion of moisture and oils. They form a layer of felt-like mixtures lining the ducts. Mixed in can be pollen, pet dander, and other allergens; bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens, mold spores, and more. As your air’s moisture and temperature change over time, bits return to the air and emerge through vents. They affect your breathing, induce allergies and asthma, develop mold colonies, and otherwise degrade your Timberlane, LA home and health. A clean sweep from our duct cleaning service clears these materials back to the walls of your ducts for a fresh start.

Indoor Air Quality Is an Important Issue These Days

To reduce the need for duct cleaning service and clean the air flowing through your ducts, we also provide indoor air quality services including duct-based equipment that filters the air and neutralizes pathogens. Humidity control systems also help avoid adherence of material to duct walls from both excess moisture and static electricity from dry air. Indoor air quality testing has shown many homes to be up to five times worse than outdoor air. These IAQ services and equipment can be a valuable investment in addition to periodic duct cleaning. Many homeowners include indoor air quality updates as part of duct system upgrades and renewal during new HVAC equipment installation.

Frequency of Duct Cleaning Service

While filtration systems and other indoor air quality equipment can reduce the presence of material in your air, you’ll still need duct cleaning service, just not as often. Typically, we recommend service every few years. We can adjust the schedule according to checks performed during annual maintenance visits for your heating and cooling equipment. It’s a whole-house process performed carefully to avoid the release of material into your home, taking a bit of time to complete. When we’re done, especially if it’s been quite a while since your last duct cleaning, you’ll have clearer air. Also, you’ll experience even better airflow as a result of layers of material removed and the smooth duct surface that’s recovered.

Duct Inspection and Repair

The airflow in your ducts is a critical part of the effectiveness and efficiency of your heating and cooling systems. As part of our cleaning, we also can inspect your ducts thoroughly and note any leaks, damage, or disconnects that should receive attention. For older ductwork, we may also note degrading materials for non-sheet metal ducts that need replacement. Our team of expert ductwork specialists can provide the repairs you need to restore air circulation to the proper level and balance throughout your home. 

When Should Ductwork Be Replaced?

For sheet metal ducts, our cleaning process can clear material lining them back to the bare metal. We also thoroughly clear other types of ducts, although we may discover that the ducts have degraded over time and need replacement. Our experts can indicate where ducts are worsening or even breaking down and leaking, so a replacement can be performed. Joints between ducts are usually sealed with tape or other materials, and this may also require periodic replacement for an airtight seal and proper airflow.

Zoned Ductwork for Improved HVAC Efficiency and Comfort

Most older homes and some newer ones have a single set of ducts that carry airflow throughout the home. This requires the heating and cooling systems to provide consistent comfort throughout the home, even when it’s not needed everywhere. That means your AC and furnace or heat pump work harder than is really needed, and your energy cost is correspondingly elevated. By dividing your ducts to circulate air in separate sections of your home such as bedrooms and living spaces, you can control airflow in each separately. With separate thermostats, you’ll reduce the overall energy used to keep your home at the desired temperatures. You’ll give the HVAC systems a break, and reduce airflow to just what’s needed in each zone of ducts. This should reduce deposits in less-used zones, and reduce cleaning needed over time.

Your AC Experts with Professional Duct Cleaning Service

bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans is your single source of expert HVAC care and duct cleaning service for your heating and cooling systems. We’re here to make sure your home’s air is warm for the winter, cool for the summer, and always clean and fresh so you can relax and enjoy life in Timberlane, LA. Our technicians also provide services to improve your system’s energy efficiency performance. Get to know us with expert system maintenance and tune-ups, and a thorough duct cleaning service and inspection. Call today to make an appointment!

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