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If Your Drains Are Clogging Frequently, Turn To A Professional Drain Cleaning Service For A Real Solution | New Orleans, LA

If Your Drains Are Clogging Frequently, Turn To A Professional Drain Cleaning Service For A Real Solution | New Orleans, LA

The drainage system is an essential part of your home’s plumbing system. It is the plumbing component responsible for draining away the wastes and wastewater from your New Orleans, LA home into the septic tank or the municipal sewer system. Therefore, it needs routine maintenance and inspections to ensure that it is free from any obstructions that might interfere with the smooth flow of waste. If any blockages are found within the drains, you should have a drain cleaning service remove them.

A lack of proper care and maintenance might see your drainage system become blocked. Whenever this happens, wastewater might begin flowing back into your home, which poses a severe health risk, not to forget the inconvenience and disruption that this might bring. In addition, the back-flowing dirty water might harbor harmful bacteria and germs emitting a foul odor. This makes your home uncomfortable. Additionally, the germs might make you or any member of your family contract sanitation-related illnesses. Fortunately, all these problems are avoidable with routine drain cleaning.

What Causes Drainage Issues?

Primarily, clogs or obstructions are the primary causes of severe drainage issues. However, the obstruction to wastewater flow via your drainage system can be caused by debris accumulation, grease buildup, corroded or warped piping, foreign objects stuck within your drains, and paper clogs. When you know the kind of problem to be on the lookout for, you could be able to save time and money on future repairs.

Unfortunately, when some homeowners realize that their drains are clogged, they rush to purchase liquid drain cleaning agents. However, these will do more harm than good by making the pipes corrode or burning the plastic ones. Rather than expose your drains to stress, have a drain cleaning service clear the clog. Drainage issues may be caused by:

Poor Installation

Some homeowners resort to fixing plumbing issues like leaks to save money and time. If the solution requires a replacement, the homeowner replaces the pipes themselves. Although you might have watched thousands of DIY plumbing videos on YouTube, things are pretty different in reality. If you install the pipes poorly, you might start with a serious drain blockage or require frequent drain cleaning services.

Plant Debris

The outdoor drains are prone to accumulated plant debris, be it leaves or barks. After autumn and spring, small branches, barks, and leaves fall from the trees and settle everywhere, including in uncovered outdoor drains. The fragments will then flow with the sludge into the drains whenever it rains. Besides the small twigs, leaves, and barks, tree roots are another bane to your drains’ existence. If there are shrubs and trees near the drains, their roots will likely intrude into the piping, searching for moisture and nutrients.

When they penetrate the drains, they will undoubtedly make the plumbing system clogged. Hence, if trees or shrubs grow near the drainage system, have a tree removal service uproot them. The New Orleans, LA plumber might also recommend installing a root barrier. Have routine maintenance and drain cleaning services to ensure that your drains remain in a great state.

Heavy Rainfall

The other reason you might have drainage issues is after heavy rainfall. The drainage system has been designed only to carry a specific volume of water. Heavy downpours and other weather disturbances might flood your gutters, downpipes, and gutters. Before the rainy season arrives, have a drain cleaning service provider clean your gutters, drains, and downspouts.


The severe other material that can result in the clogging of your drains is grease. The accumulation of grease, oil, and fat is typical in kitchen sinks. When these fatty substances stick to the walls of the pipes, removing them can prove a challenge. This is because they firmly stick to the interior lining of the drainage system. Are you the kind of homeowner that doesn’t care what goes down the drains? You might soon notice that the drainage system is clogged.

At this point, wastewater will not be able to flow down to the sewer or drainage system. Whenever grease and oils find their way into the drains, they become cool down and congeal. It attracts objects such as hair, debris, and food particles, obstructing the water flow. Hence, you might be forced to enlist the help of a plumber for drain cleaning service in New Orleans, LA.

Broken Pipes

The water pipes may burst because of the growing tree roots, accumulation of ice in winter, and natural wear and tear. In addition, the fractures can make your piping prone to blockage. Hence, ensure that you have a plumber for routine maintenance and drain cleaning services. This way, the developing issues, and fractures can be caught before they result in a severe clog in your drainage system. To ensure that the pipes do not burst because of freezing, have a plumber come and insulate them.


The accumulation of hair is among the most common cause of clogs, especially in shower drains. Unfortunately, it is pretty easy to overlook just a few hair strands that fall on your bathroom floor or even think that they can result in such a costly plumbing issue. However, the hair strands will entangle with other objects such as soap pieces, grease, and other debris forms; before you know it, you are dealing with a considerable blockage. To prevent this problem, have a plumber install a filter on the shower drains to catch the hair strands. Otherwise, it will be too late, and you’ll need a drain cleaning service.

Proficient Plumbing Services

The drainage system ensures that any wastes produced in your home are carried away to a treatment area, be it the septic tank or municipal sewer system. Hence, you should have it maintained and cleaned regularly to remove any available clogs. Call us at bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans today to have your drains cleaned properly. Drain cleaning services are essential for the efficient functioning of your drainage system and the comfort of your home.

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