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Important Considerations For A Successful Air Conditioner Installation | New Orleans, LA

Important Considerations For A Successful Air Conditioner Installation | New Orleans, LA

Air conditioners are essential appliances for providing adequate coolness during the scorching summer season. Three-quarters of homes in the country rely on air conditioners for comfort on sunny days, using more than 29 billion dollars annually.

The startling high cost of electricity consumption is due to the inefficient running of air conditioners as some draw more energy due to faulty parts. The smooth running of AC equipment starts with purchasing the correct unit and seeking an accurate air conditioner installation service from experts in the HVAC field.

With that in mind, it is wise to consider the following before installing an air conditioning system in your New Orleans, LA, home.

Type of AC Unit

The first aspect to consider during the installation of air conditioning units is the type of the system. Many HVAC brands and models of AC equipment are available in the HVAC market for people to choose the one that meets their cooling needs.

Some options include central air conditioners, ductless mini-splits, Smart air conditioners, geothermal aircons, floor mounted, portable, and hybrid.

They all require proper and accurate air conditioner installation services to perform smoothly. The different air conditioning units also differ in complexities; some are easy to install while others are complicated. Therefore, getting experts who understand the minor or significant differences is necessary.

For instance, installing geothermal air conditioners is more tasking due to its complexities and requires more experienced air conditioner installation technicians than ductless and floor-mounted options.


As much as the initial price of an AC is a vital factor, installation costs are also an aspect to bear in mind. Before embarking on the selection and purchase process of an air conditioning unit, it is essential to start by walking into an HVAC company for a qualified and skilled technician and enquiring about the cost of AC installation while at it.

Knowing the cost of the services helps homeowners make a budget that factors in all the vital units and services. It also prevents the incidence of buying an AC and storing it in your basement because you cannot afford the cost of air conditioner installation.


Another factor to consider is the size of the air conditioning unit. It is imperative to get all the appropriate or suitable sizes of the components and unit for installation in the desired location and to provide sufficient coolness to relieve you of the heat.

Air conditioner installation specialists come in handy at this step because they can get the correct dimensions for the size of your space.

The technicians can take measurements of your rooms and recommend the size of the air conditioning system to get from whichever brand or model of your choice. Getting the proper-size AC system that meets your needs will prevent high energy use that comes with undersized systems or frequent on and off cycles of an oversized unit.


In addition, the quality of the work is an aspect that homeowners should consider because it can save 20 percent of energy costs. The HVAC industry in New Orleans, LA, is full of companies offering diverse standards of services.

Some provide exceptional work that meets their client’s needs, and some are quacks that can expose your new expensive system to preventable issues due to poor AC installation.

Therefore, it is best to take your time and look for the best HVAC contractors in the city for quality delivery of work the first time. With exceptional installation, your AC will serve you for a long time without repairs or replacements.


Air conditioner installation specialists consider the ducts before they set up the air conditioning units. They check the ductwork to ensure they have no holes, cracks, or openings that can allow air to penetrate in or escape, causing air drafts and high energy bills.

If the air ducts are not efficient, the professional seals the ductwork, especially the joints, and cleans the system in case of dirt, vermin, or mold growth. Making sure the ductwork is secured, clean, and working efficiently can help you save money due to reduced utility bills as there will be no air leakage from the conditioned air.

Afterward, the air conditioner installation expert can proceed to install the compressor, condenser, air handler, and other parts of the AC system in your home.

Location of Installation

Folks buying a new air conditioning unit should consider getting qualified AC installation specialists from a reputable company in New Orleans, LA, to determine the best place to install the system in and out of the house.

The contractors use their skills, knowledge, and experience to pick the best location for the unit for peak performance in cooling your space. They install the outdoor unit under a shade to prevent the scorching heat from causing havoc due to overheating the equipment and affecting its performance.

The technicians can also consider the outside environment before installing the outdoor unit. They should mount the equipment in a place free from dirt that can enter the equipment and compromise its efficiency.

Moreover, the space to install the compressor and condenser should not be sloped to allow water in the system during floods. In the case of a geothermal unit, the air conditioner installation professionals can select a place in your yard to dig up for setting up the connections that remove warmth from your house, leaving it comfortably cool as desired.

Call Us for Professional and Skilled HVAC Installation Services!

An air conditioning system can run efficiently in your home with low energy usage because of proper and accurate installation after purchasing. If you have pinpointed an aircon to buy or need help selecting the best option suitable for your cooling needs, you should reach out to bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans.

We are one of the best HVAC contractors in Louisiana, providing exceptional air conditioner installation services for the best customer experience. Our qualified, experienced, skilled, and certified technicians are available all round the clock to address any heating and cooling needs in your household.

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