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With Summer Heat Peaking, Don’t Put Off Your Air Conditioning Repair Needs Any Longer | New Orleans, LA

With Summer Heat Peaking, Don’t Put Off Your Air Conditioning Repair Needs Any Longer | New Orleans, LA

Summer in New Orleans, LA is sticky, hot, and fun. There’s plenty to see and do, but after a long day, the last thing you want is to sweat through your sleep. Air conditioning repair is essential to a comfortable life.

As temperatures rise your air conditioning unit is forced to work harder. The stress of this extra energy can make an air conditioning repair necessary and on short notice. The hot season is also the high season when it comes to getting an appointment. Many HVAC companies try to raise their prices during the summertime to increase their profit margins. We’re committed to efficiency and affordability. The fee schedule at bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans is clear and stable; the heatwave doesn’t drive up the cost of our services.

Heat and humidity aren’t only uncomfortable. There are four, primary conditions derived from hot weather: heat stroke, heat cramps, heat exhaustion, and heat rash. Individuals with pre-existing conditions like asthma are exacerbated by humid weather because it aids mold and dust mite production. Elements like these inside your home can bring on an asthma attack.

Taking Care of Your Air Conditioner

Air conditioners like most large household appliances need regular maintenance. Caring for your unit should be done at least annually by a licensed HVAC technician who knows how to spot trouble before it starts like the bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans’ team.

An annual air conditioner repair and service begins with a good clean of the unit. Each component is examined for wear and tear. If your unit needs a new part, then our team comes equipped with the materials and tools necessary to complete the task right away.

Coolant is how the unit cools the air inside your home. A lack of coolant will force the warm air into your New Orleans, LA home and potentially damage your air conditioner. Also, putting too much coolant in an air conditioner can cause it to leak and corrode other sections of the machine.

Routine service will save you money on your electricity bills too. A less than efficient air conditioner uses more energy. It’s a big red flag that there is something wrong. Pay attention to your utility bills. It is often the first sign that you need an air conditioning repair.

Do You Need an Air Conditioning Repair?

Many small problems can be resolved during a regular service. However, there are some instances when you need an expert air conditioning repair. Is your New Orleans home hotter than you’d prefer? Is the ground surrounding your unit wet and collecting fluid? Is your electricity bill a lot more expensive than it usually is? If so, then you need to talk to the knowledgeable team at bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans!

A Few Air Conditioning Repair Needs You Shouldn’t Ignore

Increased humidity- heat increases humidity, it’s that simple. However, a well-functioning air conditioner prevents moist, hot air from sticking around at home. Cool temperatures condense humidity into the water which is then processed through your unit and out through the drain pan. A sharp rise in humid air is a tell-tale sign your unit needs an air conditioning repair. Delaying service can make the unit need extensive repairs and in dire cases leave you hot for a few days.

Frosty Evaporator Coils

Air conditioners remove hot air from your New Orleans, LA home by the fan extracting it over the evaporator coils. The coolant buffers the heat and produces cool air which is then pumped into your house.

Ice forming on the evaporator coils is due to a few malfunctions. The evaporator coils are sensitive; they require a consistent amount of hot air to keep from freezing over. In addition, a broken fan or an old air filter can prevent the warm air from reaching the coils.

The bad news is that frozen evaporator coils need a minimum of 24 hours to defrost and your air conditioner will be out of service during that period. Repeatedly frozen evaporator coils are a sign that you need a quality air conditioner repair from the specialists at bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans.

Preventing your evaporator coils from freezing can be as simple as changing dirty air filters. Most air filters need to be changed monthly. Changing or cleaning air filters is important to keep allergens and dirt from circulating in your home.

Your Home Is Hot!

A reduced cooling effect can be caused by a lack of coolant, a faulty fan, or a leak in your unit. Older air conditioners that run on Freon (a product that’s no longer manufactured in the United States due to its negative impact on the environment) are more challenging to refill and conduct an air conditioning repair. While a new air conditioning installation may seem expensive, attempting to fix an outdated unit is even more costly to run and continually service.

High Energy Bills

Older and less efficient air conditioners struggle to cope with the heat. It’s just too hot for a struggling unit. As a result, you’ll find the amount you pay every month is significantly more for the pleasure of living in a cool house.

Running an air conditioner always uses more energy, but you can get an idea of how much it should cost you by reviewing your utility bills from last summer. Remember to equate inflation in your estimate. if your bill is more than you expected it could be that the compressor is working harder than it should and it’s gobbling up energy. If this happens, the compressor will likely overheat, and the evaporator coils will freeze making an air conditioning repair necessary. At bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans, we are proud to be helpful contributors to such a diverse community. If you’re uncomfortable or suspect your air conditioner isn’t up to battling the Big Easy’s heat, then give us a call right away. We’ll get you cool quickly!

Photo By Guenter Albers at Shutterstock
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