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Benefits Of A Water Heater Booster According To A Water Heater Repair Expert | Harvey, LA

Benefits Of A Water Heater Booster According To A Water Heater Repair Expert | Harvey, LA

A water heater is probably the most used among the essential plumbing appliances at your Harvey, LA home. From taking hot showers, doing laundry, and dishwashing to even cooking and handwashing, hot water is used for virtually all indoor home applications. Since a water heater supplies all the hot water, it is paramount that a water heater repair technician performs a periodic inspection and maintenance of the unit. Imagine you are enjoying that excellent and relaxing hoot shower, and suddenly, the water turns cold. Maybe you’ve even been there.

Regardless, those that have experienced it can attest that it isn’t a great place to be. It is estimated that per shower, an average American uses close to ten gallons of water. On average, a water heater might be about 50 gallons or more. With just one shower taking about 20% of the hot water, you might think of alternatives such as replacing the water heater. Fortunately, a savvy water heater repair technician might recommend that you purchase and install a water heater booster.

Water Heater Booster: What Is It and What Does It Do?

A water heater booster is equipment or a device that may be attached to an existing water heater. With this device, the cold water is mixed with the hot water flowing from an input valve and then delivered to you. The device will help conserve that heated water and energy if you have a tank-based water heater. Hence, you will have heated water readily available for various uses than you usually would.

Do you need a water heater booster? Probably! Water heater boosters are essential for those who need several heated water sources throughout their homes. It is also critical for people struggling with producing heated water in their homes. A water heater repair professional installing a water booster can help you with such issues. The boosters are also ideal for residential properties with low pressure in hot water. Do you want to have an energy-efficient home? Installing a water heater booster is an ideal solution.

Benefits of Installing a Water Heater Booster

Save Money

Replacing a water heater isn’t a cheap undertaking. Additionally, the larger the tank, the more they tend to cost. Instead of spending a fortune on this, and your water heater is almost new, you can have a professional in Harvey, LA install a water heater booster. This economical solution meets your family’s hot water needs without breaking the bank.

Save Space

Installing a new tank-based water heater requires enough space for the tank and ventilation. Unfortunately, some designated spaces are pretty tight to accommodate a large tank. However, a water heater booster is just a tiny addition to your water heater and requires a very small room. By having a water heater repair professional install it at your home, you’ll see an increase in the available hot water without having to use as much additional space as you would by installing another heating unit.

Improved Water Health

Whenever water remains stagnant within the water heater for long, it may become a breeding ground for the bacteria such as Legionella, which causes a respiratory condition called Legionnaires Disease. However, when a water heater repair professional installs a booster, such harmful bacteria are kept at bay. This is because it allows the water heater to keep the water at higher temperatures, effectively killing these microorganisms before negatively affecting your family.

Increased Tank Volume

Some people would prefer quality over quantity. Using a water heater booster, homeowners can increase the tank volume and get more high-quality hot water. More is the game’s name with boosters: more power, water, convenience. Hence, have a water heater repair professional fit a booster on your unit.

Easy Installation

Water heater replacement is a time-consuming and labor-intensive job. However, the water heater boosters are designed for easy installation. The devices utilize the same power source as the water heaters and usually come with all the required cables. With their wealth of experience in electrical works and plumbing, the professional will install a water heater booster at your Harvey, LA home within no time.

Freeze Protection

The designers of this device have a lot in mind. Some even automatically will power the water heater tank whenever the unit’s thermistor senses low freezing temperatures. Hence, the water in your tank will never freeze. With a water heater booster, you can conserve energy and simultaneously protect the water heater.

How to Choose Water Heater Boosters

Since some homeowners are unfamiliar with water boosters, they are likely to purchase the first one they see when the water heater repair technician recommends installing one. However, several factors must be considered before purchasing a water heater booster. These include:

The Process of Installation

Some water heater boosters have been designed for easy installation, while others are designed in favor of efficiency and power.

Power Capacity

Whenever purchasing a water heater booster, you must check its power rating and compare it to your home’s power supply. Some of the boosters require a 40A circuit breaker and draw 40 amps. This means that they need to be separately hand-wired by the water heater repair professional. If possible, choose one with the same power connections as the water heater.

Energy Consumption

A water heater booster consumes energy, just like other electrical appliances. One that performs better means that it consumes more energy. Hence, you might experience more energy use and higher bills at the end of the month.

Water Heater Repair By an Expert

Water heater replacement is an expensive undertaking. Fortunately, if you want to increase your hot water supply, you don’t have to incur the costs of purchasing a new system. Instead, you can consult your reliable plumber about installing a water heater booster. These devices have many advantages, as indicated above. There are several things to consider first, as indicated above. However, if you don’t have prior information, you can send a professional to purchase one. If you want to install a water heater booster, don’t hesitate to contact us at bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans today.

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