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Advice From A Water Heater Repair Technician On Choosing The Right-Sized Unit | Harvey, LA

Advice From A Water Heater Repair Technician On Choosing The Right-Sized Unit | Harvey, LA

Are you planning to replace your existing water heater with a new one? You must ensure you purchase a large enough water heating unit to avert unpleasant surprises such as a cold shower. You may opt for the most significant water heater size. However, that also comes at a higher initial cost and the follow-up operating costs. But why buy a larger water heater that you will never utilize to its fullest extent or capacity? Remember, a water heater tank uses up space. The larger the tank, the bigger the volume of space it uses. You will also be wasting energy at the end of the day.

A water heater is a critical appliance that you will find in any home. Hence, homeowners are advised to ensure that they enlist the assistance of a professional water heater repair technician for routine inspections and maintenance. Further, it is advised that before purchasing the unit, you ensure that you seek the assistance of a professional to purchase the rightly sized unit. Otherwise, you might have to replace the unit, install a water heater booster, or even install a second unit to cater to your home’s heated water needs. Hence, you should consider the following factors to select a unit that isn’t too small or too big for your Harvey, LA home.

Consider the Size of Your Household or Family

Generally, you’ll use more water if your home has many inhabitants or a large family. This not only applies to cold water but also hot water. Hence, water heater repair technicians estimate the amount of hot water a household might consume. That is, twelve gallons of water per person at your home. An average family has about three children and two adults.

Hence, for a family of about five, a water heater with a tank capacity of 50-60 gallons might suffice. However, some families are primarily based and might have over five people. In such a case, the homeowner should purchase a unit that can hold up to eighty gallons of water. However, the population of a home is just but one of the factors to consider. There are many others that you ought to have in mind. Otherwise, you might have to hire a water heater repair professional for the unit replacement.

Ensure that You Calculate Your Hot Water Usage Habits

How much hot water do you use, and at what hours? Some families with multiple bathrooms might use hot water at various hours of the day. For instance, most members might be taking showers early in the morning and later in the evening, increasing the use of hot water during those hours. Does your family do a lot of small loads of dishwashing and laundry every day besides just one big load per week? That will also impact the rate at which hot water is used at your Harvey, LA home and the water heater tank capacity that you will need.

Further, the frequency in which other activities such as dishwashing, washing face or hands, and mopping, among others, are done at your home will also impact the amount of hot water used. Hence, to avoid a call to a water heater repair technician to have the unit replaced, it is recommended that you take a deeper look at your hot water consumption habits.

Note the Peak Water Usage

For a homeowner to come up with an estimate of hot water use that will also consider the usage habits, they have to come up with or estimate the highest volume of water they will use within an hour. They should compare it with the water heating unit’s first-hour rating and recovery rate. The first-hour rating differs based on the water heater tank.

It calculates the volume of heated water a water heating unit can produce within an hour, starting with a tank of fully heated water. It considers the heat loss caused by the cold water refilling the tank as the water is being used. Fortunately, the first-hour rating of your water heater is usually listed on the Energy Guide label.

In most units, it is on the top left corner. To estimate the highest volume of water your Harvey, LA home might use within an hour, the water heater repair professional determines when the family uses the hottest water. They then calculate the total volume of water used based on some metrics. To know that the unit you are purchasing is the right size, the water heater repair expert will advise that you always purchase one with a higher first-hour rating than your peak hot water use.

Consider Other Potential Constraints

Do you have a large family or many hot water applications at your home? A conventional water heater is among the most cost-effective solutions. They do not cost much compared to the other options, such as a tankless or a hybrid water heater. However, they also have the highest maintenance needs. Fortunately, these units can be electrically or gas-powered, and a water heater repair technician can install them easily.

However, before purchasing that large water heater tank, you should consider whether you have enough space to keep the tank. What is the tank’s location? Does it have enough space to hold the unit? Is it properly ventilated? These are some questions you should answer before purchasing a larger water heater. Additionally, you should note that whenever you purchase a water heater that has a larger tank, then it automatically translates that it will also have a larger exhaust pipe.

This ensures the water heater unit drafts properly. Otherwise, it might develop air circulation issues that might impact its efficiency. If the water heater doesn’t draft as it should, it also might result in carbon monoxide poisoning, a dangerous issue. Hence, ensure that you enlist the help of a water heater repair professional when choosing the unit for installation, routine inspection, and even maintenance.

Are you planning to purchase a new water heater for your home? It is imperative to consider the four factors above. You can consult a water heater repair technician or even have them purchase one and install it at your home. If you plan on buying a conventional water heater and don’t know the right size, don’t hesitate to contact us at bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans today.

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