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Causes Of Bathroom Drain Clogs Explained By A Drain Cleaning Services Provider | New Orleans, LA

Causes Of Bathroom Drain Clogs Explained By A Drain Cleaning Services Provider | New Orleans, LA

How often do you have your drains maintained and cleaned by a professional? By their very nature, the drains are prone to various issues like pipe bursts, clogs, and leakages. However, they play a significant and essential role in ensuring that the waste and wastewater produced at your home flow seamlessly to the septic or municipal sewer system. This means that you should spare no effort in maintaining your drainage system to ensure that your New Orleans, LA home is hygienic and comfortable.

However, clogs might still arise even with meticulous maintenance, particularly if you have young children. They might throw their toys into the toilet, coins, and other substances in the shower drain. Other various things might make the drainage system clogged. However, the cause depends on the type of drains. In this post, you’ll learn about the common causes of clogging bathroom drains and the actions you can take to prevent this. However, always ensure that you have routine drain cleaning services done by a professional.

Foreign Items and Debris

Are you the kind of homeowner that likes wearing ornaments? If you are, you should always remove them before entering your bathroom. The loose parts of jewelry might fall down the drainage system and, together with other materials, resulting in a clog. The toddlers might drop things such as ball bearings and coins into the drains, resulting in a blockage. Such materials cause choking and block the drains between the drain pipes and the pipes leading outside your New Orleans, LA home.

However, these clogs gradually accumulate and persistently collect more and more foreign items and debris until it completely blocks the drainage system and slows the water flow. Because of the inconveniences that blocked bathroom drains cause, you must have a cleaning service the moment you notice that the drains are flowing slowly.

Homeowners are encouraged to take a proactive approach when dealing with drainage issues. Besides routine maintenance and drain cleaning, you can have a plumber install a filter on the bathroom floor drains to ensure that all these foreign materials are caught.


On your head, your hair looks great. However, as far as the drainage system is concerned, hair is a notorious culprit that causes serious clogs. Unfortunately, it isn’t uncommon for the hair to fall off the follicles while you are bathing in the shower. When this happens, the hairs enter the drains and create round, net-like traps deep inside. The hair trap catches other particles such as grease and soap, forming a blockage within the drainage system.

This is common in the U- and P-traps immediately under your sink drains, meaning that your plunging efforts might prove futile. Hence, the only way of clearing the blockage is by having drain cleaning services from a plumber. However, you can take a proactive approach to ensure that hair doesn’t enter the drains in the first place. Have a plumber install a hair catcher on the bathroom floor drains.

Soap Scum

You might be wondering, how can soap make your bathroom drains clogged? However, if you look at soaps clearly, they are manufactured using fat and grease. This means that the soap easily dissolves when you shower with hot water. When it cools, the oils congeal together with other materials such as hair, leading to clogs in bathroom and bathtub drains. The fat that makes the soap will later combine with the minerals in the water, leaving behind soap scum that stains the clothes, sinks, and bathroom fittings.

The mixture of body oils, soap scum, dead skin cells, and cosmetics will be soft. However, they harden and thicken with time with the walls of the drainage system. As more debris and smaller items get stuck within the drains, they form a blockage that can become a full-blown clog. Hence, what you thought or saw as innocent could make you need drain cleaning services.

Hard Water Deposits

Does your home get hard water from the water utility provider? If so, it could cause a deposit of solid sediments on the interior walls of your drains. This constricts the wastewater flow, causes sediment to stick on the walls, and causes a significant clog with time. Hair and soap scup can also add to this nasty clog, so homeowners should have regular drain cleaning services.

The other solution to this issue is having a plumber install a water softening system for your New Orleans, LA home if you are dealing with a hard water problem. If you cannot afford this, you can have a professional come for a regular descaling service to remove the buildup and sediments. The clogs caused by mineral buildup can prove challenging to remove once established. Hence, have a plumber come over for drain cleaning services when you notice that the drains aren’t flowing any longer.

Toilet Paper Buildup

Did you know that too much paper might clog the drainage system or even stop the toilets from flushing? If the water can flow through the toilet when you flush it, you could still use a plunger to dissolve and shift the excessive toilet paper. However, if your toilet is only filling up but not draining, you will need drain cleaning services from a licensed plumber.

Tree Roots

Even the smallest leaks or cracks in the underground pipes can create moisture that attracts the growth of tree roots. When the tree roots grow too close to your drains, they might puncture them and grow larger, resulting in blockages and clogs that inhibit water flow. Have drain cleaning services to remove debris that might have seeped into the drains.

Thorough Drain Cleaning Services from Experts

Have you noted that your bathroom drains are flowing slightly slower than you are used to? It might be time to have drain cleaning services. Do not hesitate to call us at bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans for a reliable and thorough bathroom drain cleaning to remove any debris causing the blockage.

Photo By Sergey Mironov at Shutterstock
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