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At bluefrog Home Services, We Get Your Heat Running Safely With Furnace Repair, For Your Family’s Sake | New Orleans, LA

At bluefrog Home Services, We Get Your Heat Running Safely With Furnace Repair, For Your Family’s Sake | New Orleans, LA

When you need furnace repair, it’s important to hire professionals who ensure that your system is running safely when they’re done. That means when your heating system is running unreliably and we perform a furnace tune-up, we’re making sure that it’s running cleanly when we’re done, with the best combustion and lowest carbon monoxide, good venting to the outside and solid protection by your heat exchanger. The best way to make sure your family is safe is to have regular maintenance performed by our bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans furnace repair team, but even if you’re calling us for the first time as the chill sets in around your New Orleans, LA home, we’re going to have an eye out for potential risks as we put our expertise to work and get you warm again.

Keeping Your Family Warm When It Gets Chilly Outside

It gets cold here, colder than the inside of your refrigerator, and that means you depend on your furnace during winter nights to keep your family warm. At bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans, you can count on our expert furnace service team to get someone out to you who has the parts and skills to make you warm again quickly. Whether it’s a simple matter of failure to ignite or your furnace needs a tune-up to run efficiently and keep you warm, once you’ve called us you’re on the right track. Our diagnostic skills are excellent, which saves time in getting down to the furnace repair itself and helps make sure that we’re performing repairs that last. From ignition and fuel flow to full burner operation, proper combustion exhaust, efficient heat exchanger operation, and strong air circulation throughout your home, our experienced technicians make sure you’re covered, with an emphasis on furnace safety.

A Word About Maintenance and Repair

We like to remind our customers about the importance of air filter replacement, usually on a monthly basis, to help your heating and AC systems work properly and serve you well. That’s just one example of the benefits of proper maintenance for your systems, helping you avoid problems and unexpected furnace repair calls during cold winter nights. During maintenance, we have a chance to check the details of your heating system, making sure that fan motors and belts are in good shape to last through the next heating system, checking your furnace for combustion gas leaks and other hazards, making sure your ignition source is strong and reliable, and providing a furnace tune-up so your burner is clean, reliable, and as energy efficient as possible. When you’ve had a full maintenance service during the off-season, when the heating season arrives, your chances of furnace repair needs are much lower because our experts anticipated as many potential issues as possible, and worked with you to take care of them. It provides a great feeling when you turn up the thermostat and have no doubt that your family will be warm.

Saving Energy By Changing Your Thermostat

Did you know that you can save a lot on your energy costs simply by having our furnace repair team replace your thermostat? Even if your current one is working fine, if it’s a standard model an upgrade to a timer-based one can save a lot by turning down your heat when you don’t need it as much, such as when you’re asleep or at work. The benefits increase with more sophisticated models, some which remember your setting preferences each day of the week and repeat them for you, or provide other problem-solving features including connection to your smart home system and all the ways that it senses and responds to your heating and cooling needs. It’s a great energy-saving feature for little cost, and it can also help avoid those battles over the thermostat setting, since it’s doing its best to make everyone happy by itself.

Comfort Concerns and Humidity

Our furnace repair team can help if your New Orleans, LA home is warm enough, but still uncomfortable somehow. Humidity plays an important role in comfort as well, and both heating and air conditioning affect your humidity but don’t adjust it to a specific value. Ask for a furnace repair visit to install an add-on system that will adjust your indoor humidity to a value that suits you, typically 30-50 percent, rather than our typical outdoor 70-80 percent! We also offer add-on systems to improve your air’s breathability beyond reducing the humidity.

Breathing Better Indoors

Indoor air quality is typically much worse than outside, but there are excellent solutions including humidity control as mentioned, plus HEPA filtration, air purifiers, and germicidal UV light treatment. Depending on whether you or anyone in your family has respiratory or allergy issues, you might find that you’re more comfortable, or can actually breathe much better with these options installed. In addition, we recommend whole-house duct cleaning services at least once every few years to clean out your ducts and keep allergens, dust, and other particles from recirculating. Duct care can also improve your heating system’s performance, our furnace service team can check and repair your ducts as necessary to keep your air circulation system working strong.

Furnace Repair Isn’t Just for a Cold Home

Don’t wait until your furnace isn’t operating to call for furnace care. If you hear new and unusual noises from your furnace or air circulation system, notice new odors from the furnace or coming through the ducts, or just can’t seem to keep your home as warm as you used to, call us and have an expert take a look at your furnace.

Your Furnace Experts

bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans provides great, reliable service for heating and cooling systems now, with furnace care and maintenance you can rely on to keep you warm and safe through the winter. We’re here to answer your questions and serve you in New Orleans, LA, just give us a call and we’ll be there.

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