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Services From An Emergency Plumber VS Plumber | Timberlane, LA

Services From An Emergency Plumber VS Plumber | Timberlane, LA

One of the worst things that could happen in your house is for a pipe or water fixture to spring a leak suddenly. Think of it this way, one moment you are relaxing from a hard day at work and the next there’s water all over your kitchen floor, with some more spurting from a broken faucet. Not all plumbing emergencies are this drastic, but they’re all a nuisance and definitely not welcome. So, what do you do when a small problem suddenly turns into something major that requires immediate attention? At bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans we specialize in the repair of plumbing emergencies, so don’t hesitate to give us a call when you need an emergency plumber in Timberlane, LA to get those annoyances fixed quickly and professionally.

It is very likely you are asking yourself what should be considered a plumbing emergency and when is the right moment to call in an emergency plumber. Is it when your faucet starts dripping? Or when a strange puddle appears in the middle of your yard without there being any sign of rain? How about waiting until water starts seeping out of your electrical fixtures? Is that the right moment? Read on to find out the answers to these and other questions you may have about plumbing emergencies and when you should call in an emergency plumbing service.

Types of Plumbing Emergencies

Plumbing emergencies and the need for an emergency plumber can be classified according to where they take place. In a broad classification they are divided into commercial and residential emergencies.

  • Commercial plumbing emergencies – take place in businesses, industrial complexes, offices, government facilities, and other similar locations. They are different from residential emergencies due to the sheer nature of where they take place. For example, a leaky water pipe in a factory.


  • Residential plumbing emergencies – take place in homes, residential facilities, condos and other locations in which people establish their residence. It should be considered that just because their nature is somewhat different from commercial emergencies, it doesn’t mean they are less important.

Now that we’ve established how plumbing emergencies are classified, let’s dig into the types and their seriousness, which will answer the question about when to call an emergency plumbing service in Timberlane, LA.

Broken or Leaky Water Pipes

The biggest problem with broken or leaky pipes is that water coming from them can cause severe damage to your home. This damage can cost thousands of dollars to repair, which is why a broken or leaky water pipe is considered a plumbing emergency and an emergency plumber should be called in right away. Keep in mind that as soon as you discover the leak, you should shut off the water supply to your home in order to prevent as much damage as possible. Additionally, depending on the location of the leak, your floor might have to be torn to get to the problem. Because of this it is always a good idea to invest in a good maintenance schedule focused on preventing costly emergencies.

Kitchen and Bathroom Emergencies

While a clogged toilet or a leaky faucet may seem like minor issues that can wait or you can fix yourself, the truth of the matter is much different. If you try to unclog a toilet without removing the clog completely, you may end up pushing the clog even further into the pipeline, which in turn can cause your entire system to collapse and cause a lot of damage to your home. The same stands true for leaky faucets. While these issues may not seem like much, in reality they should be considered emergencies that must be repaired by a plumber as soon as possible. Again, a good maintenance schedule can also prevent them from happening.

Blocked Sewer Line

This plumbing emergency should be taken care of immediately. This is due to the nature of the problem, which can cause untold damage to your property, as well as that of your neighbors. If it happens, turn off the main water valve, do not flush any toilets and call an emergency plumber right away.Even though it should go without mentioning, this is another scenario that could be avoided by a good maintenance schedule.

Leaky Water Heater

The last thing most people want to do without is hot water, and let’s face it, a cold shower is never the same as one with hot water. Sometimes, water heaters tend to spring leaks, especially if you’ve neglected its maintenance. So, when it happens, call an emergency plumber right away and have the problem repaired before it gets worse.

When Should an Emergency Plumbing Service be Called?

There are many scenarios that could be considered plumbing emergencies and require the services of an emergency plumber. Anything that involves water, sewage or drains should always be in top shape, otherwise you might find yourself wading into problems you don’t want to have. The basic rule of thumb for calling an emergency plumber is quite simple: If you find water where none should be or your fixtures aren’t acting the way they should, call an emergency plumber and get the issue fixed before it gets out of hand and costs you a large amount of money to fix.

At bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans we are proud to help you with those annoying plumbing emergencies whenever they choose to rear their ugly heads. All of our services are performed by top notch plumbers who will get the job done quickly, professionally and with a smile on their face. We take pride in providing the best plumbing services in the Timberlane, LA area and will always strive to satisfy the needs of our clients in the most professional manner. We understand the urgent nature of our services, which is why we will always prioritize your plumbing emergency, which will give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing you can always count on us. So, don’t hesitate, give us a call today to find out in how many ways we can help.

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