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Common Water Heater Repair Needs And How They Should Be Addressed | Harvey, LA

Common Water Heater Repair Needs And How They Should Be Addressed | Harvey, LA

A water heater is a revolutionary appliance. Since its original conception in the late 1800s, water heaters have become more and more popular ever since. Water heaters are in every US home today. In fact, in 2020, over 4 million gas storage tank water heaters were shipped in the United States. This staggering number does not account for the electric or variations of water heaters that were shipped and installed in homes across the country. Water heaters are just machines. Like all machines, each has a lifespan and is prone to fault or malfunction. To prevent or reduce the number of malfunctions your water heater experiences. You should have a professional water heater repair service provider inspect and maintain this appliance on a regular basis. In the event of an actual water heater malfunction, contact the staff at bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans, in Harvey, LA, to schedule water heater repair today.

How the Water Heater Works

To understand when and if your water heating appliance is in need of repair you will first need to understand what is expected of your water heater. There are many different types of water heaters. Water heaters can run on either gas or electricity. The conventional water heater, which is also referred to as the storage tank water heater, is the most commonly owned water heating appliance in the U.S. The tankless water heater is a newer water heating system that is growing in popularity. All water heaters, regardless of the type, should be properly maintained by a licensed plumber on a regular basis. If you have yet to have your water heater serviced, contact your local water heater repair service professional for urgent maintenance. The better maintained the water heater is, the fewer malfunctions it will experience.

The conventional water heater typically has a 40 – 60-gallon tank attached to it in order to store and heat water. The water will usually be heated by a flame if it is powered by gas or an electrical heating tool if it is powered by electricity. You should be able to tell if the heat is working by the pilot light. If the pilot light doesn’t turn back on, you will need to contact a plumber for repair.

The tankless water heater works a little differently from the conventional water heater. As you already know, the conventional water heater requires a large tank to store and heat the water in, but the tankless water heater does not. This is precisely why it was named the tankless water heater. This water heater is also referred to as an on-demand water heater. This water heater is able to heat water through flash technology. The water is funneled through electric coils, which heat the water as it passes through. These water heaters are fairly new to the market. Although these water heaters may seem more efficient, they require just as much water heater repair and maintenance as conventional water heaters do. If you live in or around the Harvey, LA, area, and are in need of water heater repair or maintenance services, contact the staff at bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans to schedule service today.

Common Water Heater Malfunctions to Look Out For

No Hot Water

A common issue many property owners face with water heaters is a lack of hot water. If you notice there is no hot water anywhere on the property, you will need to contact your local, licensed plumber for urgent water heater repair.

There are many things that can cause your water heater to simply stop generating hot water. If you own an electrically powered water heater, it has most likely stopped due to a connectivity issue or broken heating appliance.

Gas heaters may experience a blown-out pilot light which can be easily remedied in newer and more modern water heaters without the help of a plumber. Most modern water heaters have an automatic lighter for the pilot light. Lighting the pilot light manually can be dangerous. If you are having trouble getting the pilot light back on, simply contact your local plumber for water heater repair and maintenance services.

Temperature Issues

If your water isn’t hot enough or too hot. The issue could be as simple as changing the temperature on the thermostat. It is highly recommended that you keep your water heater temperature set between 120 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Anything below 120 degrees could result in bacteria growth and buildup. Anything above 140 degrees puts you and others at risk of getting burned. If your temperature is set in between these two temperatures and you are still experiencing issues, you should contact an emergency plumber for urgent water heater repair services.

If the temperature of the water is not aligning with the temperature set on the thermostat, it could mean something is faulty or the power is off, either way, it is important to have this issue repaired as soon as possible.


If your water heater begins leaking for any reason, you should stop what you’re doing and contact a licensed plumber right away. A leaking water heater is a huge threat to your property and will require immediate repair.

Water heaters could leak for several reasons. If the leaks occur anywhere other than the tank, you may be able to salvage the appliances. Some leaks occur because the dip tube has bent or gotten out of place for some reason. This is easy to fix, by either fixing the tube or replacing it. If the leak is stemming from the water heater tank, your licensed plumbing service provider will need to replace the tank. Leaking tanks are difficult to repair. The only answer for this type of issue is total replacement.

It’s better to be safe than it is to be sorry. Contact a licensed plumber at the sign of any water heater trouble. If your water heater is not working as it was intended to, it is best to have it worked on in order to prevent other issues from occurring. If you live in or around the Harvey, LA, area, and are in need of water heater repair, contact the staff at bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans to schedule service today.

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