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Why Should You Have Your Plumber Install A Water Pressure Regulator? | Harvey, LA

Why Should You Have Your Plumber Install A Water Pressure Regulator? | Harvey, LA

Any plumber will tell you that water pressure is critical to your Harvey, LA home’s comfort and convenience. Unfortunately, it also tends to be one of those things that some homeowners don’t think about until something amiss happens. This may be when the water from the shower head is at low pressure or when water comes through the faucet like a fire hose.

In reality, the high water pressure does not always appear like in the scene from “Seinfeld,” where the water practically knocks Kramer from the shower. Instead, high water pressure manifests in dripping faucets, a toilet that is constantly running, or in various other ways.

Unfortunately, high water pressure can result in various plumbing issues, not forgetting the increased water loss that will result in you paying large water utility bills. Knowing the dangers of high-water pressure, the US Congress included the water pressure standard in paragraph J, page 51 of the Energy Policy Act enacted in 1992. Although the main aim was water conservation, the act also indirectly helped protect the plumbing appliances and systems from water damage. In the act, the maximum rate of water from a shower head is set at 2.5 gallons/minute, while that of a toilet is 1.6 gallons/flush.

Although water pressure varies according to your water utility provider and location, hiring a plumber to install a water pressure regulator can be the first step in minimizing the water utility bills and protecting your appliances and plumbing system from damage.

What’s a Water Pressure Regulator?

It is a plumbing fixture that regulates the water flow from the primary water line into your home. It is a valve that reduces the water pressure before reaching your home or any of your plumbing appliances and fixtures. Hence, you can avert water damage to various fixtures and appliances. The water pressure might prove tricky. If it is too low, your showers might feel like a

light train, and you might take lots of time in the bathroom, cleaning the dishes, or washing your clothing. If the water pressure is too high, water comes rocketing out of your shower heads, faucets, and other plumbing appliances and fixtures, eventually damaging. Hiring a plumber to install a regulator allows you to control the pressure of the water entering your home by using an adjustable spring-loaded diaphragm. The valve constricts water entering the outlet and then releases it based on your setting.

Indicators of High Water Pressure

Diagnosing whether your home has a high water pressure isn’t as straightforward as turning on the faucet and observing the rate at which the water flows. Even when you observe either of the signs below in your plumbing, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have a high water pressure issue. Water pressure can change at any time of the day based on your water use and the water supply conditions from your water utility provider. Hence, the only sure bet is to hire a plumbing professional to check the water pressure using their specialized tools. However, you could ask a plumber to install a pressure gauge where you perform your tests. The rated water pressure should be below 60 PSI for residential settings. Since the water flow varies, you should run tests at varying times in the day.

The water company might also recommend that you have a plumbing service company install a pressure regulator at your home. Below are the common signs that your home is getting water at high pressure:

  • Frequently rupturing seals and gaskets in your plumbing system.
  • Whenever you notice that you keep replacing the water heater, dishwasher, or washing machine often.
  • Leaking or dripping faucets.
  • Continually running toilets even when not in use.
  • Whenever you hear a hammering or a banging sound whenever you turn on the taps when doing laundry or showering.
  • When you notice water gushing off the faucet faster than usual.
  • Whenever water spots from a faucet aerator upon turning it on.

Hiring a plumber or a plumbing service provider to install a water pressure regulator can help avert the issues that arise whenever the water pressure is high. Further, you could save money through water conservation, a win for the planet and your bank account or wallet.

Benefits of Having a Professional Install a Water Pressure Regulator

Protecting the Plumbing Fixtures

Water rushing through the piping into the outlets, be it the showerheads or faucets, puts a lot of strain on them. For this reason, you might be forced to replace the seals and gaskets more frequently. The two can only take the pressure up to a certain level. Sure, no homeowner wants water to trickle ours slowly. And on the contrary, high water pressure has damaging effects. A plumber installing a pressure regulator at your Harvey, LA home ensures you can set the ideal pressure. Hence, you can extend the service life of the plumbing fixtures. Further, you enjoy your showers and won’t feel like you are standing below a watering can.

Saving Your Appliances

The water heater, washing machine, and dishwasher aren’t minor investments. Whenever the water rushes swiftly through them, it imparts the same level of strain and stress as it does in the plumbing fixtures. Regulating the flow of water helps protect the said appliances, reduces the repairs and expensive component replacements, and extends their service life.

You could also save your warranty by hiring a licensed plumber or plumbing service to install the water pressure regulator. This is because some warranties also include the water pressure requirements. It means that if the water pressure exceeds the warranty condition, you could unknowingly void the warranty.

Reducing Flood Risks

Various cities make occasional changes in the water pressure without the renters or homeowners knowing the potential effect of the changes. This may be switching to new water mains with significantly high-water pressure. Hence, if you had used subpar hoses to connect the water supply to the washing machine, you might wake up to burst hoses and a flooded laundry area. The same might happen for other appliances. Flooding can result in secondary problems like mold growth, property damage, or even make your lawn or yard unsightly. Having a plumber install a water pressure regulator can help avert this issue.

Call Us for Water Pressure Regulator Installation

Are you planning to install or purchase a water pressure regulator for your Harvey, LA home? Trust our reliable and licensed plumber to help you with the job. Call us today at bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans for any plumbing service.

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