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Signs Of Trouble? Prompt Heating And AC Repair Helps Your HVAC Equipment Last Longer | New Orleans, LA

Signs Of Trouble? Prompt Heating And AC Repair Helps Your HVAC Equipment Last Longer | New Orleans, LA

When your comfort systems need heating and AC repair, waiting to call for service can cost you both higher energy use and wear on your system’s components. At bluefrog Home Service of New Orleans, we provide prompt response for service calls so you stay comfortable. We also respond quickly so we can sort out problems before they make your system work harder and wear out faster. If you notice signs of possible trouble with your New Orleans, LA HVAC equipment, your furnace, AC, heat pump or other systems, it always makes sense to call us. We can answer your questions, address safety concerns first, and get someone on the way to help you if needed. With prompt heating and AC repair, you’ll keep your energy bill lower and get more service life from your systems, as well as stay comfortable year round.

Odors Are a Priority

If you experience strange smells coming from your ductwork, it’s important to find out what’s going on. In some cases, this can be for your family’s safety. Problems may include heat exchanger issues that are allowing exhaust from your furnace to travel into your air handling system. Normally, heat exchangers in good condition only let heat transfer through your ducts, and keep exhaust components like carbon monoxide headed to the outdoors. Carbon monoxide itself is odorless, but it often travels with other gasses that provide clues through their odors. You may also experience the smell of natural gas through your duct system if something is wrong with your furnace. This can also happen in the summer, when a gas leak around the furnace gets into the ductwork with the cool air from your AC system, and circulates into your home. If you smell gas, take proper precautions before you call us for quick heating and AC repairs. Another odor that causes concern is the typically sweet smell of toxic refrigerant from your AC. For any odors from your system, we can identify the source and resolve the problem for your family’s safety and comfort.

Noises from Your Furnace or AC System

Nothing says wear and tear like banging, grinding, whining, and howling sounds that may come from your furnace, AC evaporator, or outside AC condenser unit. Similar sounds can come from your heat pump system. Howling from the outside AC unit is of particular concern since it can lead quickly to expensive compressor repairs or replacement if it is caused by leaking refrigerant. Clicking and buzzing sounds without accompanying AC startup sounds can be an important clue for our heating and AC repair technicians. Sounds from the air handling system that reflect motor problems or fan belt issues can help us make repairs before heating or cooling as the airflow stops. Other sounds can indicate a variety of issues that are developing and we can catch early. If you notice that typical sounds of operation are no longer present, that’s a great clue as well. It can help us diagnose problems like furnace startup issues or AC system cooling fan failure. Our heating and AC repair diagnostic team appreciates your clues. Starting with them, we make sure we’re thorough about finding the basic cause of problems as well as the source of noises.

Airflow Issues and Temperature Variations in Your Home

Even the hardest-working AC or furnace is going to perform poorly or not at all if your air handling system is not doing its job to bring comfortable air to you. Suspect number one in most cases is your air filter, simply because it can get clogged so quickly at times. Many New Orleans, LA homeowners find they need to increase the frequency with which they change their air filter, especially if there are pets in the house. A fully clogged filter can actually block airflow completely, overworking the fan motor and belt as well. When airflow really slows down, ice can build up on the evaporator coils and cause cooling failure that persists even when the filter is replaced until the ice melts. Removing ice from the delicate and expensive coils is a job for our heating and AC repair technicians, who can also check for any other airflow problems to be sure everything is resolved.

The Struggle to Meet Your Temperature Setting

Endless heat or AC operation, or a system that quits before your home reaches the temperature you set on the thermostat can be signs that performance is off. You may have also noticed rising energy bills in recent months which would reflect gradual heating or cooling performance problems. Airflow issues can contribute to the problem, as well as the need for a tune-up of your AC or furnace if you haven’t had annual maintenance this year. Our thorough heating and AC repair technicians sometimes find that the problem is in a malfunctioning thermostat, a small problem with a big effect on your home’s comfort. Before you worry about problems, call our heating and AC repair team to get an expert diagnosis and a clear repair estimate. You’ll often be pleasantly surprised!

Your Heating and AC Repair Experts

At bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans, we’re glad to talk about your heating and AC system concerns. When you notice signs of trouble, it’s a good idea to bring them up with us promptly. We can often improve your system’s efficiency and help it to last longer by taking care of problems while they’re developing. Our team is also available when emergencies arise. Our goal is your peace of mind and comfort in New Orleans, LA, and we have the experienced team to serve you well. Remember, the best way to catch problems early is to have annual maintenance and tune-up service for your heating and cooling equipment. Our thorough service and inspection often catches problems like struggling fan motors and low refrigerant levels while they’re still developing. We’re that good! Call us today.

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