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Where To Go For A Water Heater Repair In The Big Easy | New Orleans, LA

Where To Go For A Water Heater Repair In The Big Easy | New Orleans, LA

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New Orleans is world-famous for its distinct music, Creole cuisine, and unique dialect. The “Big-Easy” has been described as the ‘most unique’ city in the United States, due in large part to its cross-cultural and multilingual heritage.

Tourism is a staple of the city’s economy, with many tens of thousands flocking each year to the annual Mardi Gras celebrations. These tourists want plenty of hot water for their showers and baths each day.

So, are you fed up with lukewarm water or no hot water at all? Then get on the phone and call the water heater repair experts at bluefrog! We have been New Orleans’s top plumber for many years and can diagnose and repair almost any type of plumbing problem in one visit.

We will even give you several repair choices to choose from, so you will always have a say in the total cost of your repair. We are proud to be serving our local community 24 hours a day, and 365 days a year. We are just one phone call away!

New Orleans’s Best Water Heater Repair, Installation, and Maintenance Services

We at bluefrog recommend regular maintenance of your water heater. This will ensure the safe running of your unit and will save you money by making the unit more economical to run. It will also increase the lifespan of the unit.

Regular Maintenance Boosts the Lifespan of Your Unit

Without regular maintenance your manufacturer’s warranty could be invalidated, leading to an expensive repair bill. Protect your water heater and call bluefrog before you need expensive repairs.

Warning Signs that You Need a Water Heater Repair.

The most common signs of trouble with your hot water heater can include, low water pressure, a lack of hot water, fluctuating water temperatures, and more worryingly strange noises coming from the tank. Should you experience any of these warning signs, call us straight away as waiting could lead to an expensive water heater repair bill!

Water Heater Repair

Even, the best-maintained water heater will occasionally need a repair. We at bluefrog plumbing deal with all types of water heater every day. Whatever your problem our water heater repair specialists will be able to handle the problem

What Several Factors Could Affect or Determine the Cost of a Water Heater Repair.

  • Warranty – your warranty may be invalid unless your water heater undergoes regular maintenance. This will lead to more costly water heater repair bills.


  • Age of unit – If your water heater is more than ten-years-old, it is probably no longer covered by the warranty and will be more expensive to repair. It can also be difficult if not impossible to find replacement parts for an older model, making repairs more expensive.


  • What type of model you have – Tank water heaters come in a huge variety of fuel types and models. Specific models replacement parts can be more expensive and can be more costly to repair than others. Tankless water heaters have more complex operating mechanisms as compared to tank ones. A tankless water heater usually needs more time to diagnose and so increases the repair bill.


  • Plumbers – Plumbers usually charge by the hour. You will pay more for an experienced plumber to repair your water heater but they are more likely to properly repair the first time around and you won’t need to keep calling technicians to repeatedly fix the issue.

Our bluefrog plumbers are familiar with a huge range of water heater systems. We respond at all hours and will not charge for overtime or service calls, even on the weekends, holidays, or nights.

When Do You Need to Replace Your Heater?

Nothing lasts forever, sooner or later you are going to need a new water heater. Even, if your heater is old or having to be regularly repaired, it will be more cost-effective to replace it. Modern water heaters are a lot more energy efficient than older models, so saving you money in the long run.

What Are the Different Types of Water Heater Repair?

Are you puzzled by the different number of water heater models? You cannot decide what’s the best choice for you? Do not worry the experts at bluefrog plumbing will help you. There are many choices on the market, ranging from conventional storage tanks, tankless water heaters, heat pumps, and solar heating. Rest assured that we will help you reach the best choice for you.

Having the Best Plumbers Install Your New Water Heater

Installing a new water heater is a job for the professional. It is a complex job. Our experienced plumbers at bluefrog will fully test the unit and ensure that it is safe and that no leaks develop. We will not leave until you are happy operating your new unit.

Customer Testimonials

“Conscientious plumber serviced my water heater. Polite, showed ID without me having to ask, explained things well, and answered all my questions. Wore face mask the whole time. Excellent customer service.”

Faith Miller, New Orleans, LA, September 2020

“I have used bluefrog plumbing on two occasions and both times have found them to be extremely polite and efficient in carrying out repairs/water heater servicing. They gave a first-class service, and I would highly recommend them.”

Tony Brown, New Orleans, LA, July 2020

Why Do People Choose Bluefrog Plumbing and Drain of New Orleans?

If you are having any plumbing emergency in your home, you can be confident that bluefrog Plumbing & Drain of New Orleans will provide an affordable solution executed by an expert plumber who will get your plumbing back to normal.

Our trained customer service specialists are on-call at all times of the day or night. Our plumbers always show up on time and leave your property just as tidy as it was before the emergency. We help you by removing the stress and turmoil caused by any plumbing disasters.

We are 100% focused on customer service and we fix the problem without trying to upsell you or convince you to purchase a service you don’t need. If you have a problem, speak with the professionals at bluefrog plumbing today.

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