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Plumbing Repair: Pros And Cons Of Opting For Cross-Linked Polyethylene Pipes | Marrero, LA

Plumbing Repair: Pros And Cons Of Opting For Cross-Linked Polyethylene Pipes | Marrero, LA

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If you’re looking for plumbing repairs in Marrero, LA, you might need to consider switching from one type of piping to another. Many older homes will have galvanized steel plumbing or copper plumbing. While both options are quite durable, they also come with a handful of drawbacks that make them less popular in today’s market.

Cross-linked Polyethylene, also known as PEX, is a type of plastic piping that has become more and more popular over the years. You’ll find PEX piping installed in many of the newer homes. If you need to replace sections of the plumbing in your home, many licensed technicians may recommend that you consider switching to PEX piping for the plumbing repairs, as this type of piping is able to offer some very unique advantages.

This article will look at some of the advantages and drawbacks offered by this material. If you have any further questions about using this material for repairs, do not hesitate to give one of our licensed contractors a call today. They’ll walk you through additional pros and cons of various materials.

Advantage #1: Ease of Use

The primary advantage that PEX piping is able to offer is that it is incredibly flexible. You can use it in one continuous run without having to see anything off or solder different parts together. This type of piping is flexible enough to make a 90-degree turn without any issues at all. It’s easy to snake the plumbing into walls and into tight spaces, so it’s a great option for those who are considering upgrading their plumbing appliances and system.

Another main benefit is that this type of plumbing is able to stretch across the house in one long piece. Without having to solder and break off different parts, the chances of there ever being leaks are greatly diminished.

This type of piping is very popular amongst many licensed contractors today because it is so easy to install. You don’t need to solder or glue the joints together, and the PEX material is very easy to cut and join together. In fact, you can easily put PEX piping together using barbed fittings, cinch clamps and even crimping rings. The process is super easy, so future repairs are also incredibly easy to handle.

Advantage #2: Temperature Tolerance and Versatility

In comparison to many other types of piping, PEX piping is very versatile. It has a great temperature tolerance and can withstand extremely hot and cold water. This type of plumbing will not affect the quality of the water and can be installed in many areas of the home with ease.

You don’t really need to insulate the piping for it to keep the water cold or hot. This will also help lower overall installation costs and time as well. This is partly why PEX piping is so affordable. If you’re concerned about whether the PEX material can hold its overall shape, some plumbers will wrap the pipes with aluminum foil. This appears to work very well in maintaining the overall structure and integrity of the material.

Advantage #3: Lower Cost

One of the main advantages of PEX piping is that it is much cheaper than any other alternatives on the market. It is significantly cheaper than copper piping and comparable to PVC. You can usually get about 100 feet of PEX piping for around $30. Even when you factor in the cost of labor, you’ll find that you’ll get a great deal with PEX piping.

PEX piping is also very durable. It’s rust and corrosion resistant, so you’re not going to need any repairs anytime soon. This also contributes to the overall lower cost of PEX piping. Once you’ve switched to this type of piping, you won’t need to spend a lot on plumbing repairs in the future. In a sense, you’ll be saving money on future repairs.

Drawback #1: PEX Piping Can Be Used Indoors Only

Whether this is a disadvantage or not would really depend on the type of repairs that you are doing. PEX Plumbing cannot be used outdoors. It can only be used indoors. This is because the plastic can be easily damaged by UV rays. With that said, many homeowners plan on using PEX piping indoors anyways.

Many plumbers recommend using PEX piping indoors and then transitioning into a different type of plumbing outdoors. This is really easy to do, and will allow you to enjoy PEX piping whenever you’re dealing with plumbing repairs indoors.

Drawback #2: Possible Effect on Water Taste and Odor

The next drawback is also something that may or may not be an issue. Some people claim that some types of PEX pipes will cause the water to taste and smell a bit funny if it’s been left sitting in the pipes for too long. Many homeowners have also claimed that they have noticed this issue at all.

If you’re interested in getting PEX pipes for your plumbing repairs, you can always speak to one of our licensed contractors to see what their experience with different types of PEX piping has been. Don’t hesitate to ask whether other clients may have reported strange odors or smells after the plumbing repairs have been completed.

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All of our technicians are fully licensed and insured. They are committed to offering high-quality work, efficient service and exceptional customer service. They’ll help you with whatever you need, so do not hesitate to reach out at any time for any reason.

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