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When Do You Need A Drain Cleaning Service? | New Orleans, LA

When Do You Need A Drain Cleaning Service? | New Orleans, LA

Let’s face it, no one wants to call a drain cleaning service out to their New Orleans, LA home because chances are if you are calling a drain service it is because you have a clogged pipe and probably a sewage situation in your home. Those two things never combine to make a great morning. However, you don’t have to wait until there is sewage all over your floor to call for help. There are some indications that can help you get ahead of the problem so that you don’t have to get out the bleach after the company calls.

One thing you can think about doing is calling a drain cleaning service to book an annual or biannual drain cleanout. Some older homes simply benefit from a regular drain cleanout because it is only a matter of time before your drains collapse, even if you have perfect drain habits. This can be one of the frustrating parts about owning an older New Orleans, LA home because while your home is historical, its pipes can be just as historical, which is not always a great thing.

However, instead of waiting for an emergency that puts you on the phone with a drain cleaning service over a holiday weekend, the best thing you can do is get ahead of the situation, which is not as hard to do as you may think. In fact, getting ahead of the situation can be as simple as paying for one proactive service a year so that you don’t have to worry about the costs and the unpredictability of a clog that has now added water damage in your basement to the list of problems you have to deal with.

The best way to determine if this will actually help is by talking to a drain cleaning service company about why your drains are clogging in the first place. There are a number of reasons why you might be experiencing frequent clogs in your New Orleans, LA home, the first of which is trees. Trees are amazing for providing shade cover for your home and also for providing clean air, but they can be extremely destructive to your sewage line if they happen to be growing over the top of them or near the main sewage route.

Tree roots naturally look for water and nutrients in the sewer, which are two things that pass through your sewage line on a regular basis. Therefore, three roots will, over time, start to grow toward your sewage line. It only takes a small wisp of a tree root to find its way into your pipe through a small crevice or tiny crack that, up until now, wasn’t a problem, but once the tree root is inside, it will continue to grow into a large root that will break up your sewage pipe or potentially cause a clog. The clog is what will likely put you on the prone with a drain cleaning service.

The good news is that a drain cleaning service can use hydro jetting or a traditional snake to get the root cleared so that your sewage can properly flow through your piping again. However, what they cannot do is prevent the tree root from growing back, something that likely will happen again and again, and there is actually no way that you can stop this from occurring. Even if you remove the tree from your yard, the massive roots will continue to infiltrate your pipes for a few years after.

This is where it can be helpful to book a regular visit with a drain cleaning service because while you cannot stop a tree root from growing, you can cut off the problem on a regular basis so that the roots never get big enough to cause a complete blockage again. This can also help with things such as your water pressure and any stinky odors in your home that may be caused by partial blockages. Plus, it is a lot better than cleaning up a sewage mess after the task is over. It is certainly something to talk over with your plumber to see if it would benefit you.

Generally, you don’t need an annual drain cleaning service visit if you have only had one clog in your home, but if you start to notice repeat occurrences, it is time to start thinking about it. Usually, if a homeowner has two clogs in one year’s time, we recommend that they start to think about an annual service. We also recommend that they consider allowing us to send a camera down the drain to see what is causing it. Sometimes the answer is tree roots; sometimes, it is not. The best way to figure out how often to clean out your pipes is by figuring out why they are clogging in the first place.

This is a very simple task that takes less than 30 minutes to complete in most cases and gives the drain cleaning service invaluable information that we can then use to create a drain cleaning plan for your home that will properly fit your needs. If it is not something you have had done yet, it may be time to talk to your plumber about it so that you can get a better handle on why your drains keep clogging on you.

Are you ready to get a better handle on why you seem to be dealing with drain clogs more often than you neighbors? Give bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans a call and we can schedule a camera inspection so that you can keep your drains healthy and clear.

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