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Reasons To Have A Water Heater Repair Technician Install A Power Vent Water Heating System | Harvey, LA

Reasons To Have A Water Heater Repair Technician Install A Power Vent Water Heating System | Harvey, LA

Homeowners rely on amenities always. Besides the amenities being critical, there are certain choices that you must make with respect to the style, type, and purpose. Take water, for instance; you don’t have to use cold water. You can install a water heater. Hence, you will be showering under heated water, washing dishes with hot water, washing hands with warm water, and virtually any other application. However, there are many types and brands of water heaters. Additionally, these appliances can be powered in different ways. One of the major decisions you must make regarding water heaters is choosing between installing a power vent or a direct vent unit. Like any other decision on your Harvey, LA home appliances that you will make or have made, there are merits and demerits. This article looks at the potential benefits of having a water heater repair technician install a power vent water heating unit.

Freedom of Location

One of the greatest benefits of choosing power vent water heaters is that a water heater repair technician can install them whenever you want. For the standard water heaters which use direct vent systems, you can only properly and safely vent the exhaust gases by having a clear vertical over your unit. This ensures that the toxic gases can rise safely or off your home. However, power vent water heaters use electronically powered fans that push these toxic gases with the airflow to wherever you want it. This means that rather than only having a few locations that can fit the required vertical space for direct venting, your system will be more complimentary to whichever space you want a water heater repair technician to install your unit.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Power vent water heaters are also highly energy efficient compared to their counterparts, the direct venting water heating systems. By using electronically powered fans to run the power vent, the water heater will need less fuel(gas). This means that it needs less energy to run. If you want to spend less on heating your water, you should have a water heater repair technician install these units. As a result, operating these water heaters costs less. This is not only good for your wallet and you, but it also is good for the environment. It helps limit the greater national reliance on the limitations of the electrical grid. Although energy savings per month on the energy utility bills will not be much, they can add up over time to a fortune. A water heater repair technician installing these systems in your home limits your home’s strain on the national electrical power grid.

Eliminates Potential of Backdraft

The other very important benefit of enlisting a water heater repair pro to install a power vent is that it eliminates any potential backdrafts. But what are backdrafts? This is when exhaust gases produced by your water heating unit fail to vent properly and start accumulating in the vent. The toxic exhaust gases might start leaking into your indoor settings if this continues to build up in the vent. Unfortunately, this places your family and you at dire risk. You can avoid this by having a water heater repair technician install a power venting water heating system. In these systems, the airflow the power vent fan creates is highly reliable and easily eliminates any potential for the heater’s exhaust gases to backdraft. They vent the exhaust gases out and eliminate the possibility of accumulation into your Harvey, LA home. Installing a power vent water heating system means you can rest or sleep a bit safer without worrying about potential danger from the water heater backdraft.

Mitigates the Risk of Carbon Monoxide (CO) Poisoning

Power vent water heaters can mitigate carbon monoxide poisoning risks. As explained above, there are dire risks that stem from water heater backdraft. Carbon monoxide is one of the toxic gases a water heater produces due to incomplete combustion. This gas is dangerous because it is lethal when inhaled in high amounts. Carbon monoxide is also odorless, makes you sleepy, and is colorless. Therefore, it is nearly impossible to detect and more difficult to escape when a carbon monoxide leak poisons you. However, a water heater repair technician can install carbon monoxide detectors at your home to ensure that you will be alerted whenever the smallest leak arises. A power venting water heater cannot eliminate the potential for CO poisoning from exhaust gases. However, a reliable fan system that creates an effective airflow for the exhaust gases to be evacuated from your home is a valuable and important way of mitigating carbon monoxide poisoning risk.

Great for the Compact Home

Power vent water heaters can be installed even in the most compact homes. For Harvey, LA homes with much space, pacing the appliances out of sight is not a hard task. However, most modern homes are constructed emphasizing a more compact or “tighter” building. This is because they use less resources and don’t need a large amount of energy to power. Hence, they are highly energy efficient. The disadvantage of a “tighter” construction is that there is much less natural airflow to vent exhaust gases throughout your house. This may put you and your family at risk of being poisoned by carbon monoxide or experiencing a backdraft. Fortunately, power vent water heaters deal with this risk by supplying airflow that eliminates the need for a natural draft. Hence, you should talk to your water heater repair technician about the possibility of installing a power venting water heating system if you have a highly compact home.

Power Vent Heaters Are the Way to Go for Modern, Compact Homes

Do you live in a small, compact home and want a water heater? You should look at the possibility of installing energy-efficient power vent water heaters. Contact us at bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans for a water heater installation, repair, or maintenance.

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