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When Do You Call A Plumbing Service? | Timberlane, LA

When Do You Call A Plumbing Service? | Timberlane, LA

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A plumber is a licensed professional who specializes in the installation and repairs of plumbing systems including heating, water supply and sanitation. If you are having issues with your water heater or bathtub, a plumber would be able to help you resolve it. Whatever problems you are having concerning water supply or sewage, it is always wise to get a plumbing service in Timberlane, LA.

Below are problems in homes that require the services of a plumber.

Slow or Clogged Drains

Grease and food particles are some of the common culprits for clogged or slow drains. If it’s a minor problem, that may be resolved by running hot water down the drain. Some homeowners may even resort to using harmful chemicals in an attempt to resolve the problem, or they may use an auger to get rid of whatever is blocking the flow of water. It may help but the best practice is to always get a plumbing service. If you do not know how to properly use an auger, chances are you may wreck the interior of the pipes and cause an even bigger problem. Get help from plumbers as they have years of hands-on experience unclogging drains.

Sudden Temperature or Pressure Drops

Do you spend several minutes just rinsing your hair and washing the dishes? Then you have a problem with water pressure. The first step would be to call your utility company. If the problem isn’t on their end, there might be a leak somewhere. Most leaks are visible but some may be hard to find. In this case, you will need a plumber to find out the root cause of the problem and to provide the best solution.

Burst Pipes

This is a common plumbing issue, especially in the winter months. When the pipes are not insulated during below zero temperatures, chances are the water inside will freeze which will cause the pipes to burst. If this isn’t resolved immediately, it could lead to an even bigger problem. Always call service so they can fix the issue right away. Plumbers are equipped with the experience and the right tools for resolving issues with pipes.

No Water Available

If you have no water, you will need to check whether you have actually paid your water bills or if there is a water outage. If there is none, the next person to call would be a plumber. There might be a blockage or a leak somewhere in the plumbing system. Since plumbing may be under your home or concealed to a wall, getting a plumbing service in Timberlane, LA would be a good call. Professional plumbers have diagnostic tools for finding out the real source of the problem and for fixing it effectively.

Running Toilet

You flushed your toilet about 30 minutes ago and then you realize that it’s still running. If this continues for several hours, you sure will see a sudden spike in your water bill. Don’t wait hours before you fix this — call plumbing service right away. There might be something wrong with the seal that connects your tank to the toilet bowl. The best person to be able to diagnose and correct the problem would be a licensed plumber.

Installing New Appliances

Are you renovating your kitchen or bathroom? Or perhaps you are building a new home? You will need a plumbing service to be able to use your bathroom, kitchen faucet or dishwasher. You would want to also call a plumber if you are installing a new sink or a washing machine. Because installation may be complex, it’s always best to get the services of a professional plumber. Do not attempt to just call any handyman as they may not have enough hands-on experience to efficiently install a plumbing system.

Soggy Basement

When your basement is always damp after the rain, it could be due to faulty insulation or leaking pipes. A plumber would be able to help you spot the source of the leak and resolve it. Call for a plumbing service as soon as you notice this problem to avoid the growth of bacteria in your basement. Mold is a big problem as that can cause respiratory problems.

Repairs, Maintenance and Emergencies

Call a plumber if you need help repairing your pipes, sinks, showerheads or any plumbing-related problem. Do the same for plumbing emergencies. For plumbing maintenance, it is best to schedule this with a plumber for a thorough inspection of the entire plumbing system.

Why You Shouldn’t Attempt a DIY

There may be some problems where a DIY is feasible. When it comes to plumbing though, it is always best to call plumbing services. Unless someone has enough training and several years of hands-on experience with plumbing, chances are they are likely not to know the real diagnosis and the best solution to a plumbing problem. Also, there are recent coding standards that need to be adhered to when it comes to plumbing. Always seek plumbing service in your area for anything plumbing-related.

It may be cost-effective to just hire a handyman to fix plumbing issues. Doing this could make things even worse. A handyman usually does not have insurance, so if something happens to them, you may have to pay for any medical-related concern involving the handyman.

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