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Do You Have An Emergency Plumber? 12 Tips For Preventing Plumbing Emergencies | Harvey, LA

Do You Have An Emergency Plumber? 12 Tips For Preventing Plumbing Emergencies | Harvey, LA

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Major plumbing emergencies do not suddenly occur. They are usually minor problems that have been neglected by homeowners thinking they will either resolve by itself or will simply go away. Unfortunately, plumbing problems need to be dealt with immediately to avoid the services of an emergency plumber that may cost a lot, depending on how serious the damage is.

Below are a few tips on how to prevent plumbing emergencies at home.


Do not flush sanitary pads, diapers and wipes in your toilet. Also, avoid using harsh chemicals when cleaning. When you encounter a slight problem, try not to ignore it. Seek help immediately to avoid costly plumbing repairs.

Sink Drains

Make it a habit never to pour grease, fat and food particles in the sink drains. Lard usually stays in the drain. They will harden over time and will eventually narrow the pipes and will cause a blockage. Good habits will save you a lot of money and headaches but you’ll want the help of an emergency plumber when the drain problem becomes worse.


When your faucet starts leaking, fix it immediately. Otherwise, you may lose about hundreds of gallons of water and you get higher utility bills in return. Consider calling a plumber so they can check and fix the leaky faucet. Also, if you see water damage in the ceiling, call a plumber right away as that could be a sign of a major plumbing problem.


Check whether it’s working properly. When you can’t fill it right away, the problem could be due to a defective water hose or perhaps the shut off valve. Check the discharge hose for clogs when you notice that the water just stays at the bottom after using it.

Water Heater

Over time, sediments and other minerals may collect at the bottom of your water heater. This is why you will need to flush them out completely at least once a year. You also need to regularly check your heater for leaks. Better yet, call a plumber so they can thoroughly check all the other parts as well. Doing regular maintenance with your water heater will completely prevent disasters that will require the services of a plumber in Harvey, LA.


Exposed pipes are not supposed to be used as clothing racks. Some homeowners do this, especially in the basement. Remember that wet clothes are extremely heavy and pipes are not designed to support their weight. Consistently doing this will cause strain on your pipes. They will likely burst over time. If you don’t want the services of an emergency plumber in Harvey, LA and pay for repairs or replacements, do not hang wet clothes in the pipes.

Shut Off Valves

These valves are designed to shut off the water supply to your dishwasher, faucets and other water lines. You need to regularly inspect this too to make sure that it’s working properly. Do make sure that when they are closed, the water line is completely shut off. Otherwise, it may be best to call the services of an emergency plumber so they can either fix or replace the valves.

Sump Pump

Homeowners with a sump pit need to check it regularly to make sure that it’s efficiently working. What you can do is fill the pit with water and make sure that the pump activates to completely empty the pit. You can also ask for help from a licensed plumber just to make sure that it is working properly.

Washing Machine

Burst washing machine hoses may cause serious damage that will require the services of an emergency plumber. You can prevent this when you constantly check the hoses for signs of damage. When you notice that they are starting to bulge, that may mean that it needs replacement. Check with a licensed plumber in your area and ask for their advice. The valves controlling the water for the washing machine also needs to be checked to make sure that it’s working. If it doesn’t shut off, you may need to also replace them. If possible, consider buying stainless hoses instead of rubber. They are more efficient and less likely to get damaged.

Septic System

To avoid calling an emergency plumber to fix your septic system and avoid costly repairs, make sure that you have it serviced and inspected regularly. Also, you should inform the entire family never to flush food in your septic systems. When cleaning, do avoid bleach-based cleaners as that can interfere with waste breakdown. Also, if you have a tank, make sure they are pumped as soon as it’s full.

Garbage Disposal

The disposal isn’t designed to carry big chunks of food. Use your garbage disposal only for smaller food particles. Never dump tons of food waste in them or the system will work harder. Eventually, it’s going to break down. You may need an emergency plumber for that and will cost you more in repairs or replacement.

Call for Repairs When Needed

As soon as you notice that you have a plumbing-related issue, fix it immediately to avoid calling an emergency plumber and paying a lot more for repairs. If possible, schedule a plumbing inspection with a licensed plumber, to make sure that the entire system is in good condition and working properly. Otherwise, you may end up having an even bigger problem.

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