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What Are The Benefits Of Hiring A Drain Cleaning Service? | New Orleans, LA

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring A Drain Cleaning Service? | New Orleans, LA

If you’re like most homeowners, you have your HVAC system and water heater maintained to ensure they function efficiently and at peak performance, but have you ever thought to have your plumbing system maintained?

Your drains must be healthy and allow water to flow quickly and quietly down the drain. When the drains don’t work correctly, the water will drain slowly or not at all, making life in your home challenging. Fortunately, a drain cleaning service in New Orleans, LA can ensure your drains are healthy and always in working order if you hire them every year. The average cost to have the drains cleaned professionally is around $220. If you’re worried that spending this money every year is a waste, you should consider how your home and family can benefit by hiring a drain cleaning service every year.

#1 Reduce the Risk of Drain Clogs

Drain clogs can be very frustrating and will prevent the water from draining quickly or not at all. Small clogs cause slow drains, causing the sink to overflow if the water runs too long. Large clogs prevent the water from draining, and you won’t be able to use the fixture until the clog is removed.

Hiring a drain cleaning service yearly will prevent drain clogs because the plumber will eliminate everything that has built up on the inside of the tank, ensuring the water flows quickly and quietly down the drain until it’s time to have the drains cleaned again.

#2 Detect Plumbing Issues Early

Plumbing leaks occur when the pipes rust or corrode, a joint loosens, or the sealing fails. In most cases, you won’t know you have a plumbing issue until it’s too late and the pipes begin to leak, resulting in water damage and mold growth.

You can detect issues before a leak occurs by hiring a drain cleaning service every year. The plumber will use a drain camera to inspect the inside of the pipes, so they’ll be able to see problems that can cause a leak before the leak occurs. Repairing plumbing leaks can cost more than $220, so hiring a drain cleaning service is worth the money.

#3 Quiet the Drains

Does a drain in your home gurgle when the water drains? If so, it indicates a clog even though the water flows quickly down the drain. The water must change directions to find an alternate route to pass the clog, and the change in direction will create an air pocket, causing the drain to gurgle.

A drain cleaning service can eliminate the clog before it escalates, preventing the water from draining and resulting in standing water in the sink or tub.

#4 Eliminate a Fruit Fly Infestation

Is your kitchen infested with fruit flies, and you can’t find the source? If you do, they are likely coming up from your drains. When food and grease build up inside the pipes, it creates a hospitable environment for a fruit fly to lay its eggs, and it can produce over 500 offspring, causing a significant infestation in the drain. As careful as you are with what you put down the drain, grease and food will find their way down. There are plenty of DIY recipes online using many ingredients you already have in your kitchen, but this is just a temporary solution. The water will wash away the mixture, and the fruit flies will continue mating in the drains.

Hiring a drain cleaning service is the best way to eliminate the infestation permanently. The plumber will clean the food, grease, and gunk accumulated in the pipes, and they’ll no longer be a hospitable environment for fruit flies.

When the project is complete, you can spend time in your kitchen without fruit flies buzzing around your face.

#5 Eliminate Foul Odors in the Kitchen

Is there an awful smell in your kitchen that you can’t eliminate after scrubbing the room? If so, your drains could be to blame. When food and grease build up in the pipes, they will spoil, creating a rancid smell.

The best way to eliminate the odor, so your kitchen smells fresh again is to hire a drain cleaning service in New Orleans, LA. They’ll send a plumber to your house to clean the drains thoroughly, removing all of the gunk that’s built up inside the pipes and eliminating the odor.

#6 Extend the Lifespan of Your Pipes

It’s a good idea to do everything you can to keep the pipes healthy, so they’ll last longer and avoid a leak that could cause water damage and mold growth. Fortunately, hiring a drain cleaning service every year can extend the lifespan of the pipes. When food, grease, and soap scum line the inside of the pipes, the pipes will start to erode, creating areas for the water to leak.

Having the drains professionally cleaned yearly will eliminate the risk of corrosion, extending the pipe’s lifespan.

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