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Water Heater Issues? Call A Plumber Specializing In Water Heater Repair | Harvey, LA

Water Heater Issues? Call A Plumber Specializing In Water Heater Repair | Harvey, LA

Most people take hot water for granted because it’s always there when they turn on the hot water. It isn’t until a problem occurs that affects the water temperature and quality or causes a flood that you start to panic.

Your water heater is designed to heat and store the water supply to ensure you always have clean hot water when necessary. If the unit isn’t working correctly and experiences any of the following problems, hiring a plumber specializing in water heater repair is best. You need hot water to perform many daily household tasks, so it’s best to make the call immediately.

#1 You Have No Hot Water

A lack of hot water prevents you from showering, cooking, and cleaning. Also, your hot water-based appliances won’t function correctly without hot water, and you may need to hire a plumber specializing in water heater repair. You should check a few things to avoid an unnecessary service call.

If you have an electric water heater, check the circuit to ensure it hasn’t tripped and power is going to the unit. Make sure the unit has enough fuel and the pilot is lit if your unit runs on oil or propane, and if the unit is fueled by natural gas, call the gas company. You must make sure that your gas bills have been paid and there isn’t an outage. If everything checks out, it’s time to hire a plumber specializing in water heater repair in Harvey, LA.

A faulty heating element is the most common cause, and a plumber can fix the part to restore the hot water. If the unit is over ten years old, it may have reached the end of its lifespan and can no longer heat the water to the desired temperature, and the unit must be replaced if this is the case.

#2 Lukewarm Water

Check the thermostat if you run the hot water, and it doesn’t get hotter than lukewarm. If it’s set below 120 degrees, turning it up will solve the problem. If the setting is correct, it’s time to call a water heater repair professional. A few issues can prevent the water from getting hot, including:

  • A broken thermostat: If the thermostat isn’t working right, the unit won’t get the correct signal, and the stored water won’t heat to the desired temperature. A plumber can fix or replace the thermostat to restore the hot water.
  • Faulty heating element: Some water heaters have two heating elements, and if one fails, the functional part won’t have enough power to heat the supply effectively, and the water won’t get hotter than lukewarm.
  • The unit’s age: If the unit is around ten years old, it may not be able to function efficiently, and the water won’t get hotter than lukewarm.

A plumber specializing in water heater repair will inspect the unit so they can diagnose and repair the problem, restoring the hot water.

#3 Clanging or Popping Sounds

Water heaters are designed to run quietly, and if it makes any strange sounds like clanging or popping, the problem should be addressed quickly.

When large pieces of sediment form in the tank, they’ll bang against the sides, causing a clanging sound. The sediment can crack the water tank, so ignoring the problem isn’t an option, and you should call a plumber immediately. They will try to flush the sediment, but replacing the unit is the only option if there’s too much buildup and it’s impossible.

A popping sound also indicates a sediment buildup. When sediment builds up at the bottom of the tank, the water trapped underneath will boil and make a popping sound. If the plumber cannot flush the sediment, the unit must be replaced because the deposit will affect the unit’s ability to heat the water.

#4 Moisture or Pooling Water

Moisture or water pooling around the unit requires a call to a plumber specializing in water heater repair because the areas around the unit should always be dry.

Moisture on the unit or the walls and floor around it indicates a cracked or disconnected hose, which is usually an easy fix. A plumber will tighten the hose or replace it if necessary, and the problem will be solved.

Water pooling around the unit is much more serious because it indicates a crack in the water tank, allowing the contents to leak and eventually flood the home. Unfortunately, cracked tanks can’t be fixed, and the water heater must be replaced as quickly as possible to prevent a flood, and you shouldn’t wait too long to call a plumber specializing in water heater repair in Harvey, LA.

#5 Reduced Hot Water Pressure

Insufficient hot water pressure makes daily tasks take longer than necessary and will affect how your hot water-based appliances function, so it’s best to hire a plumber specializing in water heater repair in Harvey, LA immediately.

When a significant amount of sediment builds up in the tank, it will clog the waterline, restricting the water pressure. A plumber will attempt to flush the unit, but if they can’t, it must be replaced to prevent frequent waterline clogs.

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