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Water Heater Repair: What Should You Do If Your Tankless Water Heater Stops Heating Water? | Harvey, LA

Water Heater Repair: What Should You Do If Your Tankless Water Heater Stops Heating Water? | Harvey, LA

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Tankless water heaters can increase your home’s energy efficiency and can give you quality service for up to 20 years or more. These heaters use far less energy and are highly durable. However, like all other appliances, these heaters can also break down from time to time, and you might find that they are not heating the water as they used to.

At such times, opting for professional water heater repair in Harvey, LA is the best option, rather than trying out DIY methods unsuccessfully.

Here are some reasons why your tankless water heaters might have stopped producing hot water and what to do about them.

Fuel Source Issues

The biggest advantage of using tankless water heaters is that you can get hot water on demand. However, at certain times, your heater might refuse to switch on for the next round of hot water after you have depleted the previous round. Irrespective of whether your water heater runs on electricity or gas, the fuel source might have been interrupted due to certain issues. Likewise, your heater won’t ignite and will refuse to switch on.

Water heater repair experts will check every inch of the breaker box to determine the problem. The reason can be as simple as blowing a fuse on the electric variant, but other issues like fuel supply are interrupted in the gas variant. Nevertheless, it would help if you always relied on the experts for the inspection and repair.

System Overload

Your tankless water heater might have stopped producing hot water due to a system overload. At times, you can end up running multiple hot water outlets in the house without realizing it. Someone might be using the shower. The dishwasher might be running, along with the kitchen sink. This makes the heater run overtime, often causing a system breakdown, stopping the hot water completely.

Water heater professionals can look through the system and determine the reason for the overload and do the necessary repairs. They can reposition the temperature sensor for a more accurate reading and also arrange for preventive maintenance. It would help if you also were careful not to push the water heater beyond its capacity.

Sedimentation in the Unit

Sediments inside the heater are one of the commonest reasons why your tankless heater refuses to heat water anymore. This is commoner in areas of Harvey, LA, where the water is hard. As expected, your water should run clear and odorless when you turn on the shower or the faucet.

However, if you notice that the water is cold and there is some strange smell or color to the water, it is an indication that there is sedimentation inside the heater. Water has several minerals and impurities, and over time, it might create a coating of sediment inside the heater. This layer of sediments prevents the water from heating up and diffuses the heat.

The water can also likely become contaminated, and you need to hire water heater repair experts to help you with the descaling process. It would help if you never tried this on your own, as you might damage the heater’s body. The experts use special cleaning tools and agents to get rid of the sediments, and that leaves your water free from any discoloration or odor.

Your heater resumes working at its usual capacity, and you can get back to enjoying your hot water again.

Blocked Exhaust

A blocked exhaust can cause the hot water supply to stop. Modern tankless water heaters are designed to take care of troubleshooting issues, but there are certain aspects for which you need expert help. When you see an error message coming on the screen regarding a blocked exhaust, you should consider calling your water heater repair experts.

This is because tankless water heaters require fresh air when they run. Their ability to heat water depends on their venting system, preventing excessive pressure from building inside the unit. When the exhaust is blocked, this balance is disrupted, and the unit does not get the air required to heat the water.

The water heater repair expert will check if the channel is open and clear out any blockages that might have unwittingly built up. This could include dismantling the system, but the expert will put it all back after the necessary cleaning. You should also make sure to clear the area of all debris to prevent any foreign particles from blocking the exhaust again.

Dirty Burners

The burners in a water heater are often overlooked, but they might refuse to transmit heat if they get too dirty, leaving you with no hot water. While this seems like a simple issue, cleaning such burners requires a proper methodology which only the water heater repair experts can apply.

You can also avoid this issue by scheduling regular maintenance. The burners can acquire grease and soot over time, but one has to clean out the layer meticulously, leaving the burners themselves unscathed. With proper cleaning and water heater repair, your heater will start producing hot water in no time.

Has Your Water Heater Stopped Working? Call Us Today!

If your tankless water heater won’t heat water like it used to, then place a call for expert water heater repair services at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of New OrleansHarvey, LA. Our certified and licensed technicians can take care of any hot water issues, and they will restore your tankless water heater to its full working capacity.

Our technicians will arrive at your place as soon as possible for an inspection because we understand how difficult it can be to run a household without running hot water. They will also tell you how to increase the lifespan of your tankless heater so that you get the maximum return on your investment.

With our affordably priced and customized water heater repair services and solutions, you can put your hot water woes behind.

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