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Possible Tree Root Removal Solutions Your Local Plumber Can Offer | New Orleans, LA

Possible Tree Root Removal Solutions Your Local Plumber Can Offer | New Orleans, LA

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Tree root infestations may trigger several plumbing problems. Regardless of whether you are dealing with a stubborn clog, unexplained leak, or sudden pipe burst, it’s vital to check if protruding tree roots are damaging your plumbing system.

Not only can tree roots damage your plumbing system, but it would also be challenging to resolve plumbing problems caused by tree roots without expert help. Therefore, you may consider contacting your local plumber in New Orleans, LA, immediately if you suspect tree roots instigate plumbing problems in your home.

How Can Tree Roots Damage Your Plumbing

Studies show that tree roots can grow up to 80 feet beneath the trunk. Roots underneath the ground could force their way into your underground plumbing lines and sewer lines and cause leaks, pipe bursts, flooding, and other damages.

The most significant problem associated with tree roots is that it takes special tools, equipment, and expertise to detect and manage tree-root infestations and related problems.

Blocks and Clogs

The blockage that tree roots cause could also trigger hassles like sewer backups. These backups could release toxic odors. An expert plumber can help you detect and handle plumbing issues resulting from tree root damage. The experts can unclog your clogged sewer line, drain or pipe with minimal damage to your system.

Structural Damages

Roots can also cause structural and lasting damages to your plumbing lines. Penetrating roots may reach into your pipes for water and oxygen. Old and worn-out pipes could burst or break completely due to tree root infestations. The roots may cause your irrigation system, sewer line, or drain to suffer.

Additionally, the roots may also cause seals to crack or joints to dislodge. The resultant flooding may create swamps or puddles on your property. Therefore, it’s critical to note that plumbing problems caused by tree roots can impact your landscaping as a whole. Your local plumber can resolve the problem and revive your plumbing system.

Cracks and Bursts

The pressure from clogs or blocks caused by tree roots may cause your plumbing system, drainage system, or sewer line to crack, break or burst open. Old pipes are especially vulnerable to bursts. Tree roots can also slow the flow of water down your drain or sewer line.

If a foul odor or the presence of water in your yard catches your attention, you may contact your local plumbing service to check for tree root damage. It takes expert knowledge and formal training to identify and fix tree root problems. Certified local plumbing companies use professional techniques and methods to identify and fix the problem.

Possible Tree Root Removal Solutions

Professional plumbers undergo formal training in tree root removal solutions. These experts use the latest technology and tools to manage the tree root problem with minimal or no alterations to your landscape or yard. It’s vital to hire the best plumbing professionals in New Orleans, LA, for tree root removal solutions.

Lack of proper care and the use of incorrect techniques could damage not only your plumbing system but also your yard. You may perform a basic internet search or ask for referrals from friends and family to find the best local plumbing company. You may also check if the company has the required licenses and certifications to carry out the process.

Video Camera Inspections

Plumbing experts will first identify the cause and magnitude of the tree root problem with the help of video cameras and other equipment. Video inspections will help your plumber study the severity of the block or clog. The inspection will also help locate the area where tree roots block the drain or sewer pipe.

Once the plumbers understand the cause and severity of the tree root problems, they may choose the best non-invasive or minimally invasive methods to get rid of the tree roots. The tree root removal solutions may vary depending on the type of the issue.


Hydro-jetting techniques use pressurized water to remove tree roots from your pipes, sewer line, or drain. The experts use hydro-jets to shoot pressured water into the blocked or clogged pipe. The water pressure could be high enough to cut off the roots or push them out.

A professional can get the job done without causing damage to your pipes. However, you may need pipe replacements in severe cases. The water also gets rid of dirt and other particles clinging to the inner linings of the pipe.

The most significant benefit of the hydro-jetting technique is that the technique does not involve harsh chemicals. Therefore, there is no possibility of chemicals polluting your plumbing line.

Trenchless Repairs

Trenchless repairs are primarily effective for repairing clogged sewer pipes. The technique involves minimal digging and minimal damages to your yard or landscape. Your expert plumbing service in New Orleans, LA, may dig holes at both ends of the clogged pipe or sewer line.

The expert then pushes a flexible tube down the pipe and pumps air into the pipe through the tube. The compressed air may blow out tree roots or other elements that are stuck to the pipe. The technique is quick, minimally invasive, and cost-effective. Professionals usually complete the process in a day.

Electric Snaking

Your local plumbing professional uses an “electric snake” or a flexible auger to unclog or unblock tree roots in your drain or pipe. The snake enters the pipe to clear away the blocks, clogs, or obstructions in the pipes. Plumbers who use manual augers insert the head into the pipe and then uncoil the auger using the handle.

Electric snaking is a quick tree root removal solution. An expert who has formal training and comprehensive knowledge of tree root removal solutions may help you unclog your pipes using electric snaking techniques.

It is recommended you hire a local plumber in New Orleans to perform electric snaking effectively. The cost of the procedure may vary based on several factors.

Contact Your Local Plumber

You may contact our tree root removal experts at bluefrog Plumbing +Drain of New Orleans, for effective tree root removal solutions. You can contact us at 504-229-4848 to schedule an appointment with our certified experts.

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