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Tips For Evaporator Coil Care To Help You Avoid AC Repair | Harvey, LA

Tips For Evaporator Coil Care To Help You Avoid AC Repair | Harvey, LA

Components of the HVAC system are all vital and should function at peak performance, providing the much-desired coolness in your Harvey, LA, house. This masterpiece is on evaporator coils responsible for absorbing heat from your space.

It is found inside the air handler to complete a heat exchange process that leaves your home comfortably cool when the outdoor temperatures are high, reducing the possibility of heat-related illnesses.

The evaporator coils are susceptible to breakdown or failure due to cracks, freezing, or dirt, compromising the efficiency of the entire air conditioner due to a lack of periodic maintenance that includes cleaning and tune-ups.

It is wise to have several HVAC specialists or companies to be able to call for AC repair services anytime your system fails. Without further ado, here are some evaporator coils issues and preventative strategies.

Dirty Evaporator Coils

Keeping your AC unit clean through regular tune-ups is vital to maintaining its peak performance for the longest time without sudden breakdowns of the system. Dirty evaporator coils are a problem due to dirt accumulation in the air handler.

The coils get filthy when dirt from the surrounding environment, such as dust, sticks, or leaves, makes its way into the system. An unclean or clogged air filter can also be the culprit behind the dirt found in the coils.

Delays in calling for AC repair services, you will notice signs such as insufficient cooling, frozen coils, high energy bills, and constant AC cycles.

How to Prevent Dirty Evaporator Coils

The best way to stop dirt from accumulating in the coils and compromising the efficiency of the air conditioning unit is to invest in regular cleaning of the system. Hiring an HVAC contractor to inspect, clean, and service your air conditioning equipment ensures its optimal health and comfortable home.

The AC repair experts can also change the air filters periodically or clean the reusable types every two to three months, depending on the accumulated dirt and debris. They might also recommend upgrading the air filters to higher quality options because of the capability to get rid of larger amounts of contaminants entering the system and your house.

It is worth noting that getting the more advanced and efficient filters requires the help of an AC repair specialist who understands ratings to avoid getting a filtration unit with higher ratings than your AC, posing a threat to your aircon.

Frozen Evaporator Coils

Another issue that most homeowners face is freezing evaporator coils. It is an unavoidable issue because it makes the air conditioner fail to produce sufficient conditioned cold air to relieve your family of the scorching heat.

The coils are prone to freeze up due to:

  • Contamination arises from accumulated pollutants, debris, and dust in the evaporator coils, which increases when you do not get an AC repair and maintenance contractor in Harvey, LA, to clean the unit.
  • Dirt build-up in the coils restricts the evaporator coils from sucking warm air from your space, making the coolant freeze the moisture on the evaporator coils.
  • Dirty air filters also impact the evaporator coils because they limit airflow to the refrigerant.
  • Lack of airflow prohibits evaporator coils from absorbing heat due to failed blower fans, dirty filters, or leaking ducts.
  • Low refrigerant levels arising from leaks can also lead to freezing evaporator coils. Air conditioning repair technicians can find the root cause of the refrigerant leak and replace the lost amount to factory set limits.
  • A clogged drainpipe in the condenser can make too much moisture develop on the coils, freezing with limited airflow. Low outdoor temperatures can also lead to frozen evaporator coils because they operate efficiently by absorbing warm but not icy air.

How to Prevent Frozen Evaporator Coils

AC repair and maintenance experts can use their skills and experience to ensure your air conditioner is running smoothly and coils never freeze by cleaning the entire system at least twice annually. The clean-up makes sure evaporator coils and air filters are clean continuously.

In addition, air conditioner repair and servicing technicians also change the air filters regularly. Maintaining clean coils and air filters prevents issues that hinder airflow to the evaporator coils, making them freeze. The HVAC specialists can also clean the drainpipe to avoid mishaps of clogs, preventing condensation from forming on the evaporator coils.

During the same tune-ups, AC repair and servicing professionals can also check the copper tubings and the refrigerant levels to ensure there is no risk of leaking that can affect the performance of the compressor and the unit.

Corrosion of Evaporator Coils

You might also have issues with your air conditioner when the coils corrode. They are susceptible to corrosion due to acidic aspects in the air. If you use acidic cleaners in your house, the evaporator coils will rust because they suck the warm air with the acidic cleaners from your rooms, increasing the chances of cracks and refrigerant leaks.

Having an air conditioning repair expert check the coils for corrosion and make the necessary replacements can solve the issue and prevent higher utility bills and a shortened lifespan of the entire air conditioning system.

How to Prevent the Coil Corrosion

Corroded evaporator coils can lead to premature replacement and more complex repairs. Luckily, it is a preventable issue as AC repair technicians from a reputable company can regularly clean the coils by using products and methods that remove caustic products built-up on evaporator coils.

They can recommend the installation of whole-house air cleaners to remove the acidic components from the air to protect your HVAC system from sudden malfunctioning. The professionals might also advocate for a monthly rinse of the outdoor unit to avoid the build-up of harmful dirt and debris on the coils.

Here to Address Your Cooling Problems!

If your air conditioner has evaporator coil issues, you should call bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans, serving the Harvey, LA, area, for prompt AC repair services.

We are an HVAC company with experienced, licensed, bonded, and skilled technicians always ready to identify, diagnose, and fix all your cooling and heating problems to restore temperature-related comfort in your home. Give us a ring today.

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