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The Dangers Of DIY Drain Cleaning Far Outweigh The Cost Of A Drain Cleaning Service | New Orleans, LA

The Dangers Of DIY Drain Cleaning Far Outweigh The Cost Of A Drain Cleaning Service | New Orleans, LA

A clogged drainage system is a real nuisance. Besides slowing the water flow and causing filthy smells to flow into your home, it also can impact the taste of the water at your home. Homeowners may be tempted to save some dollars by avoiding the expenses of paying a professional for repair or cleaning. Unfortunately, DIY drain cleaning might result in even more severe problems that might require double the initial repair costs or the assistance of a professional drain cleaning service regardless.

At some time, every home requires some drain cleaning to ensure that the wastewater flows down the sewer system or into the septic tank uninhibited. Homeowners are advised to seek drain cleaning services at least once every year to ensure that any developing blockages are cleared on time before developing into full-blown clogs. Owing to the importance of your drainage system in ensuring hygiene and sanitation at your New Orleans, LA home, you should prioritize its well-being rather than the negligible amount of money that you’d pay a plumber to clean them. Remember, clogs might make the pipes burst, prompting a replacement, something that is more costly than drain cleaning.

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Clean the Drains Yourself

To help you know the importance of enlisting a professional for drain cleaning, below are the reasons why cleaning the drainage system yourself isn’t a good idea.


The homeowners that choose to clean their drains themselves tend to ignore one critical aspect, the dangers they expose themselves to. Many risks are looming around when you decide to clean the drains yourself. However, the main one is related to the filthy smells and germs you expose yourself to since you most likely don’t have proper protective clothing. When you try sticking your hand down the drainage system to pull out a clog, you are exposing yourself to the risk of injury. Your hand can also get stuck in the drains, a particularly painful incident.

Further, using boiled water to clean your drains can also be dangerous because the water might splash back onto your face. This could result in painful burns and other injuries. The other risk is that the hot water might weaken the plastic pipes or accelerate the rake of corrosion on the stainless steel and copper pipes. The toxic chemicals present in liquid drain cleaners may also harm your health. Hence, call a plumber for drain cleaning services in your New Orleans, LA home instead of experimenting.


The main reason why many plumbing professionals advise against DIY drainage system cleaning is that the entire exercise wastes your time. Liquid/chemical drain cleaners and hot boiling water might clear the clog. However, faced with a considerably bigger issue, these tactics fall flat. Assuming that the methods you’re using for clearing the drains might be the right ones, it won’t still be enough. Your untrained hand will most likely push the clog further down the drainage instead of removing it.

Therefore, although you might have the right tools and use the right drain cleaning methods, it is highly advised that you leave the job to a professional. They specialize in drain cleaning services, and with their vast experience, they will do the job in a shorter period and with high effectiveness. After clearing the clogs, they will also inspect your drains for other issues, helping you stay ahead of the problem. If they notice something amiss, they will take the necessary measures to fix it, leaving your home with smoothly flowing drains.


One of the risks of DIY drain cleaning at your home is damaging the septic or drainage system. The drain cleaners constituting chemical elements may damage the septic tank because the chemicals they contain will most certainly interfere with the bacteria, which breaks down the solid wastes. The liquid drain cleaners containing hydrochloric acids might corrode your copper and stainless steel piping.

However, one factor that perhaps leaves some lasting damage to your home’s drainage system is the tools that you use to clear the blockage. Unlike you, the professional has enough knowledge of the intricacies of the drainage system. Further, they have the right tools to inspect the drainage system and clear the blockage without damaging the underlying pipes. That is why the results of your DIY cleaning and plumber drain cleaning services are vastly different. Even assuming that you use the same tools, the professional has enough experience to ensure that your drainage system is properly cleaned. Remember, misusing the tools to clean the drainage system may further block your drains, damaging the underlying piping.

Advantages of a Professional Drain Cleaning 

DIY drainage cleaning can have severe impacts, as discussed above. The best option is to enlist a professional in drain cleaning services to remove any blockages and retain them for annual drainage inspection and cleaning. Besides resolving the issue, the professional will inspect other parts of your plumbing to ensure that you will not have to call a drainage cleaning service or a plumber because the issue is developed again when they leave your home. The professionals offer permanent fixes. Hence, enlist a professional in New Orleans, LA, for drainage cleaning, and the problem will be resolved completely.

These professionals have the expertise and tools that help them pinpoint and resolve the issue promptly and effectively, ensuring no further damage to your drainage system happens. Further, they are trained, experienced, and licensed, meaning that by enlisting their drain cleaning services, your home insurance claim will cover the damage or repair. The Insurance company might not pay the claim in case of a DIY drain cleaning.

Because of their skills, they ensure that the surrounding fitting and pipes aren’t affected by the drain cleaning procedure. The professionals always come with the tools necessary to finish the problem, not leaving the work half because they forgot an important tool. Hence, the plumber can deal with the issue if something unexpected happens.

Thorough Plumbing Services

Your drains are critical for ensuring your home’s sanitation. Hence, you should have them cleaned preferably once every year. As simple as drain cleaning might seem, never try cleaning them yourself. Instead, enlist a professional drain cleaning services provider near you for effective and thorough cleaning. Call bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans if you need drain cleaning services.

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