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The Reasons To Consider Having A Plumber Replace Your Bathroom Sink | New Orleans, LA

The Reasons To Consider Having A Plumber Replace Your Bathroom Sink | New Orleans, LA

A plumbing system cannot be complete without a sink. They are essential for various activities at your home, such as handwashing and holding the excessive water from the faucets. Imagine your New Orleans, LA home with faucets without a sink. That would be a messy home. Hence, you should ensure that you have installed the sinks and that they are clean.

Unfortunately, the daily wear and tear on your bathroom or kitchen sinks might add up over time. Even after your impressive efforts to maintain the sinks, at one time, you will have to have a plumber install a new bathroom and kitchen sinks in the future. But how do you know that it is time to replace the sinks? What are the signs that indicate that the sinks have tapped out? Below is a detailed list of the situations that indicate you need to install a new bathroom or kitchen sink.

When Do You Need to Replace the Sink

Mold Growth

Molds are frustrating, and finding them in your home is annoying. First, mold at any point in your home is a health hazard. Hence, if they are not addressed on time, they might bring about health complications in your family. Whenever you find mold growing in your bathroom or kitchen sinks, it is time to have a plumber install a new sink and bid farewell to the old one.

Mold might start on your sink and find its way into the air vents and walls without you knowing. Excessive water around creates favorable conditions for the mold to breed and thrive, whether because of a poorly designed sink or a leaky pipe. Because of their threat to your family’s health, you shouldn’t take a chance. Have a plumbing expert replace the affected sinks and perform a cleaning to ensure mold spores don’t survive elsewhere.

Selling Your House

After some years, the bathroom and some kitchen sinks might gradually gather grime and go out of style. If you plan to resell your house, you should update your sinks and faucets to more modern designs. This means having a plumber come for a replacement service. Because the bathroom is among the most frequently used plumbing spaces of your home, the potential buyers want clean and functional sinks that match the overall home design and aesthetic.

Hence, you should hire a professional plumbing technician to perform a replacement of the bathroom sinks. Upgrading the appearance of the living space by replacing the sinks and making some touches on the faucets and toilet is a sure way of appealing and attracting more potential buyers. Hence, you will get to make a higher profit.

Excess Damage

As aforementioned, the bathroom is among the most used plumbing areas of your New Orleans, LA home. Over the years, it collects dust and grime while being exposed to frequent wear and tear. This exposed them to cracks and fractures or an unsightly appearance. If the sinks are discolored and have damage other than the hairline and invisible cracks, you should have a plumber replace them.

The damage that the sinks have already experienced will only become worse over time, costing you money that you would have had you replaced the sinks. Hence, save yourself money, stress, and time by hiring a professional to replace the damaged sinks in your bathroom.

Need More Space

Does your bathroom have limited storage space? Then you might consider consulting a plumbing expert on the types of sinks that offer more space. Some sinks save on space, such as sink pedestals, and the professional can offer a replacement service. Installing these sinks will leave your bathroom with enough space below the piping. If you need more counter space, use a sink that takes up less space.

Upgrade the Appearance

Probably you bought your home several years ago and want to give it a new face. Freshening up a new home’s appearance makes it have your preferred style. You can begin by having a plumber replace the sinks, toilets, and shower fixtures in your bathroom. Because the plumbing fixtures in your bathroom are constantly exposed to heavy use, they’ll need to be replaced now and then to prevent water leaks and mold growth. You can be amazed by the number of changes that upgrading your sinks can bring about in your home. Are you planning some home renovations? Then you should surely consider installing a new bathroom sink. They bring about a lot of difference and don’t damage your home.

The Sink Always Has a blockage

If the bathroom sink is constantly clogged, then it becomes non-functional.

Although you could have a drain cleaning done on the sink’s drains, repeating clogs will only cost you much. At some point, even the drain cleaning service will not resolve the issue. This is the time to have a plumber install a new sink in your bathroom.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a New Bathroom Sink

The Style

Your sink of choice should match the style and theme of your home. It should complement your bathroom and house’s aesthetic touch. If you aren’t sure about the kind of sink that will match your New Orleans, LA home, consult your plumber for insights.

Select the Mount

One of the critical things to consider when purchasing a new sink is its mount. You must ensure that the chosen sink has been mounted correctly. Thus, consult your plumbing professional on the sink that best fits and works with your counter space of cabinetry.


Many materials are used for making sinks stainless steel and porcelain, amongst others. Although white porcelain is a common occurrence in bathroom sinks, there are many other colors that you can choose from. Hence, pick a design, material, and color that matches your budget and style.

Analyze Storage Options

The other consideration you should make when purchasing a sink is the amount of space required in your bathroom before selecting the sink. The amount of space needed in your bathroom varies depending on the mount type and the size of the new sink. Your plumber can give you more insights on the right side of the sink to install in your bathroom.

Plumbing Professionals Who Stand By You

Sinks and showerheads give a face to your bathroom. Hence, they should always be functional and clean. If they are aged and unsightly, you should have a plumber replace them with new ones. Call us at bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans for sink replacement and installation services.

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