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Technology-Informed AC Repair For Your New Energy Efficient AC And Smart Controls | Harvey, LA

Technology-Informed AC Repair For Your New Energy Efficient AC And Smart Controls | Harvey, LA

The technology behind air conditioning and the components used in standard central air systems haven’t changed much in decades until recently. The push for energy-efficient cooling has led to significant improvements in EER ratings for units sold in the last decade or so, representing 20-40 percent improvements over the standard AC unit of the past. Technologies used to produce these improvements range from control electronics and smart home management to dual-stage and variable speed compressor units that allow more refined control and operation. At bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans, we emphasize training for our skilled technicians, keeping them up to date with everything the HVAC industry has to offer. When you call for installation, maintenance, and AC repair, we can take great care of your new system, older high-efficiency AC, and legacy unit. We’re also ready to answer your questions about upgrades and improvements to your current AC, including ductwork, ductless mini-splits, and indoor air quality options. Our AC repair experts are your home comfort experts in Harvey, LA!

New Types of Compressors and Central AC Repair

Providing energy efficiency and longevity benefits, new dual-stage and variable speed compressor AC systems have a more nuanced approach to cooling. Our AC repair experts understand the differences between these systems and traditional single-stage systems, and the way they provide different levels of cooling depending on your needs. When we perform adjustments, AC repairs, and performance testing, we make sure to take your specific system’s characteristics into account. Our parts inventory and training have also been adjusted so that we’re ready to provide expert care with our usual promptness and accuracy no matter what type of central air system you have.

Testing to Detect Signs of Future Trouble

In all our vehicles, our technicians have equipment that can check for signs of trouble during maintenance visits and catch repair needs early. We can check fan motors for electrical characteristics and load performance that indicate they’re wearing out, and plan for replacement before they fail in the heat of the summer. Our refrigerant detection equipment can detect small leaks before your performance drops and your compressor is endangered by low refrigerant levels. Air handling system problems can be detected through temperature and airflow checks using test equipment on hand.

Air Balancing Technologies

These days, a handheld in the air is not an adequate test for balanced airflow and temperature in your home’s rooms. Our AC repair technicians have air temperature reading equipment and airflow sensors that help us map out and balance your home’s heating and cooling. This helps us identify problems with ductwork and dampers, vents and air intakes, air filters, and air handling components such as fan motors and belts. Our goal is to keep your rooms free of cold and hot spots and maintained at a comfortable temperature that’s to your liking. Balancing your airflow also helps minimize the effort that your system has to exert to keep your home at the right temperature, saving both wear and energy use.

Indoor Air Quality Features

Our AC repair team is skilled at installing and maintaining the many indoor air quality features that modern residential HVAC systems employ. These devices are attached to your ductwork to process air as it passes through, using HEPA filtration, air purification, germicidal UV lamps, humidity management, and other techniques to produce great indoor air. Government studies have noted that indoor air quality in today’s homes tends to be much worse than outdoors, while people spend as much as 90 percent of their time indoors. For everyone in your family, and especially those with respiratory and allergy concerns, these features can be of great benefit, and our AC repair team can keep them in top shape.

Intelligent Thermostats and Zone-Based Ductwork

Modern homes tend to have original equipment or upgraded ductwork that devices air circulation into thermostat-controlled zones. Our experts take care of your individual zones and overall home cooling strategy with well-trained skill, ensuring that each zone is working correctly and maintaining the right temperature according to the programmed schedule. We can replace and program your intelligent thermostats for daily and weekly cooling schedules according to your family’s activities.

Smart Home Technologies

If your Harvey, LA home’s HVAC equipment is connected to your smart home system, our AC experts can provide our usual level of expert maintenance and repairs, and ensure that your smart thermostat is wired correctly to your AC unit. We work with many different ways of integrating HVAC controls with home automation and can provide expert service for the heating and cooling equipment connected to yours.

Ductless Mini-Split Systems with Advanced Features

Many homes use ductless mini-split AC systems for supplemental cooling, comfort for additions or home offices, or even whole-house cooling. Our AC experts are ready to service your ductless system, including the cooling unit outside and the air distribution heads serving each space. Many modern ductless systems include not only thermostat control, but motion sensors to detect room activity, remote controls, and other features, and we can help keep it all working well for you.

Answering Your HVAC Tech Questions

If you have new equipment or are anticipating AC system upgrades, let our AC experts answer your questions about modern AC technologies including new compressor types and ductless systems. We can explain the benefits, help calculate the costs and payoffs, and keep you up to date.

Your AC Repair and Technology Experts

Stay ahead of the technology curve by working with bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans to keep your home’s AC in excellent condition. Our services help keep your equipment working for you as long as possible, and with optimum energy efficiency as well. Our team receives frequent HVAC training to keep them on top of new developments in the industry, and ready to respond when you need maintenance, repairs, or emergency service. Call today and get to know our Harvey, LA AC professionals.

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