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Signs Your Septic System Needs The Attention Of A Plumber | New Orleans, LA

Signs Your Septic System Needs The Attention Of A Plumber | New Orleans, LA

Drainage systems ensure that wastes can flow from your New Orleans, LA home into the municipal sewer system or your septic system. A septic system is a properly designed system that ensures all wastewater produced at your home is efficiently and safely disposed of. Like other aspects of the functionality of your home, there is a probability that some components of the septic system might become damaged and even malfunction.

Owing to the importance of a septic system in ensuring the hygiene and comfort of your home, this is the last thing you want. But how can you know that a septic system has a problem? Below are some signs indicating your septic system has an issue that needs the attention of a plumber.

Sewer Backup

Sewer backups are the first and surefire sign that your septic system has an issue. Several reasons you might notice sewer is an odorous black liquid or water flowing up your household drains to your living space. First, the drain field or septic tank may be too full. It also might be caused by a blockage in the sewer lines and drainage system. The septic tank works by allowing the wastes produced from your home to be tri-separated. First, it is separated into scum, sludge, and wastewater.

Natural bacteria break the scum and sludge within the septic tank into the water with time. The effluent is then released into the drain field. If the septic tank receives a large volume of water quickly, it gets overloaded. As a result, the wastewater starts backing up into your home. Further, if the sludge and scum aren’t broken down properly and clog within the drain pipes, they’ll also result in a backup. This can happen especially when the population of bacteria within the septic tank reduces. You should have a plumber come over for a drain cleaning service whenever this happens.

Never resort to cleaning the drains using chemical products as they kill the bacteria within the septic tank. The plumber may also recommend a septic tank pumping service. Homeowners should be mindful of what they toss into their drains or flush toilets to avert such issues. Don’t flush female sanitation products, paper towels, diapers, and food leftovers

Slow Drainage

The other sign that your septic system has a problem is when the drains are slow. At worse, they may stop flowing altogether. This happens if there is a partial or total clog within the sewer lines flowing into the septic tank. Faced with this problem, some New Orleans, LA homeowners resort to purchasing Drano or other chemical-based drain cleaning products.

However, these products have a devastating impact on the septic tank ecosystem. They destroy the good bacteria within, not to forget that they also will make the drain pipes deteriorate. Hence, call a plumber for a drain cleaning service whenever you notice the drains are slow. The professionals use natural and industry-accepted mechanisms to clean the drains.

Pooling Water In Your Yard

The septic tank cannot drain properly in a high water table or heavy downpour. Hence, you might notice wet areas and puddles of water in your yard. A sewer or water line leak may also cause this. Do you believe the soggy yard is because of excessive downpours or a high water table? Give the septic system some time to catch up with the drainage. Otherwise, hire a plumber for further inspection and repair of your septic system.

Lush Patches Around Your Septic System

Have you noticed green and lush vegetation around the septic system? While you might think this is a sign of good things, it usually is a sign that the sewage might be seeping out to your yard or the septic tank might overflow. Since the soil above the septic tank isn’t as deep as that in other parts of your lawn, it is typical for the glass to dry out. Hence, if the grass seems to thrive like fertilizer is applied, that might signal that the effluent is leaking from the tank before reaching the drain field. Have a plumber inspect the septic tank and system to uncover and fix the real issue.

Shrubs or Trees Near the Septic System

Although most New Orleans, LA homeowners emphasize landscaping, care should be taken regarding where the shrubs and trees are planted or grow within your yard. The tree roots will naturally seek the sources of moisture and water, and nothing can get in their way. Instead, they bore through or wrapped around the obstacles such as pipes to reach the water source.

Whenever this happens, you might notice signs, including pooled water and lush patches of vegetation on your compound. Whenever you notice such signs, check if trees are growing near the septic system and have a tree removal professional cut them down or install a root barrier. After that, have a licensed plumber use trenchless sewer line repair technologies to repair any damaged parts.

Pungent Smells

The other telltale sign that the septic system has an issue is the prevalence of a pungent septic gas. If you notice it, it could point to dried wax sealing on the toilet or a dry p-trap. Whenever you notice a persistent pungent odor within your home, have a plumber inspect the fixtures to rule out the interior issues.

Take a Proactive Approach

You can quickly identify any problem within your septic system by paying attention to its functioning. Having the septic system inspected yearly is the best way to avoid significant issues. It should also be pumped after every 2-3 years. By doing this, the plumber will catch any developing problems like overflows, rust, and leaks before they worsen and require expensive replacements or even repairs. Our professional septic tank technicians at bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans are available 24/7 to address all your septic and sewer system needs. Have the septic system inspected, maintained, repaired, or pumped by contacting us anytime.

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