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Bad Habits, Your Plumbing System, and Your Plumber | New Orleans, LA

Bad Habits, Your Plumbing System, and Your Plumber | New Orleans, LA

Most people have some habits they’d prefer not to have, but if your bad habits are damaging your plumbing system, you may need service from a professional plumber. bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans features a full lineup of plumbing services. We offer outstanding plumbing service based on honesty, integrity, and fair pricing. Although we’d love to serve you whenever you have a plumbing problem such as a leak or clog, we’d also like to help you prevent some common plumbing issues that occur as a result of some bad habits. The following are common bad plumbing system habits to avoid.

Bathroom Bad Habits

Bathrooms are essential rooms of any home. To ensure that your bathroom plumbing works properly, there are some bad habits to avoid at all costs:

Not Using Drain Screens

It’s important to use a drain screen in your tub when bathing /showering. Shed hair can build up in drains more quickly than you might suppose. The hair will cause your tub to drain slowly. You may find that when showering, the water becomes ankle deep. That’s a sign that you have a slow drain. When the hair builds up even more, it can clog the drain so that water remains standing if it is blocked by the clog.

Hair in the drain catches soap debris. The soap scum can become thick and add to the stubborn drain clog. The fact is, you can prevent these types of clogs by using an inexpensive mesh drain screen. After showering, simply remove any hair caught in the screen and throw it in the trash. This is a simple way to protect your tub drain and prevent the necessity for calling a plumber to clear a hair clog.

Ignoring Running Toilets

If your toilet is running, it’s important to call bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans to fix it. A running toilet can cost you substantially. Check your water bill. If your toilet is running, let a plumber make the repair so you aren’t wasting water and paying more than you need to on your utilities.

Flushing the Wrong Items

The only things that you should ever flush down a toilet drain is human waste and toilet tissue. Anything else can cause a problem for your plumbing system. Flushing items like wipes, cat litter, sanitary napkins, diapers, cotton balls, or any other items can cause a serious plumbing problem that you’ll need a plumber to resolve.

Kitchen Bad Habits

Kitchen plumbing features tend to get a lot of use too. That means you’ll want to avoid any bad kitchen habits that can harm your plumbing system. To keep your kitchen plumbing system in good working order, avoid the following bad habits:

Dumping Grease Down the Drain

Never dump grease or oil down your kitchen sink. Grease and oil won’t all flow into the sewer system. Some of it is likely to sink into the curves of your drain system. As you know, grease, oils, and fats will harden. As these materials harden in your drain, other debris can get caught in the ‘sludge’ that’s formed. Grease and similar materials make for some of the most stubborn clogs. If you routinely dump grease down the drain, you’re likely to need a plumber in the near future.

Not Scraping Dishes

If you don’t scrape dishes well between washing them in the sink or placing them in your dishwasher, you can probably expect more drain clogs. Food particles can get into the drain system and build up there until a clog forms. The food debris can also prevent your dishwasher from working properly. If you do experience a kitchen clog, be sure to contact bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans for our prompt drain cleaning service.

Other Bad Plumbing Habits

There are other habits to avoid when it comes to your plumbing system too. Keep your plumbing system in functioning condition by not practicing these habits either:

Not Cleaning and Draining Water Heater

Annual cleaning and drain of your water heater is a good habit. If you don’t perform this maintenance task, your water heater may not last as long as it should. Hard water can cause mineral build up in the tank, and that can lead to problems that will necessitate a call to your plumber.

Using Drain Cleaning Chemicals

Chemical drain cleaners are too harsh for your plumbing system. Avoid using these chemicals to clean your drains. Instead, if you have a slow drain or a clogged drain, let a plumber from bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans clean your home’s drains. A plumber has the right tools for the job and won’t use caustic chemicals that can be corrosive to your pipes.

Ignoring Warning Signs

If you notice wet spots in your yard even though it hasn’t rained, you shouldn’t ignore it. You may have an underground plumbing leak. Similarly, ignoring leaking pipes, gurgling noises in your drain, or dripping faucets can lead to more problems. Leaks can damage your property. Gurgling noises indicate a clog is forming, and dripping faucets can increase your water bill. If you suspect you have a plumbing issue, remember that it could be serious. Be sure to let a plumber from our team check it out.

Contact us if you need plumbing service. We offer fair rates for our expert service.

bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans is known for its excellent customer service. Be sure to read our blog for the latest posts about maintaining your plumbing system. Remember that you can contact us anytime you need plumbing service. Call to learn more about our full range of professional plumbing solutions.

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