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Preventing Emergency Air Conditioning Repair From Disrupting Your Day | Timberlane, LA

Preventing Emergency Air Conditioning Repair From Disrupting Your Day | Timberlane, LA

Do you keep the air conditioning running year round, or do you wait until it’s getting hot out to take the edge off and cool off? At bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans, we offer services to give your AC system the edge, whether it’s constantly working to keep you cool and comfortable, or getting its start in the spring to work hard through the summer in Timberlane, LA. Your system will usually give signs before it struggles and quits, and if you notice any of them or have other concerns, calling us early can help avoid that all too common problem where you have the family over for a nice Sunday meal, and somebody has to call for air conditioning repair because your AC has quit and everyone’s getting testy and overheated.

You can also call our air conditioning repair experts to check your system each year and clean it up, fixing any problems that we notice are developing. We’ll explain what we found and make sure you agree before proceeding, but preventive care can be a very wise move to ensure your future cool. Perhaps the most important reason to call us for air conditioning repair is simply when you start noticing your air conditioning system, which normally just keeps you cool without a thought. Whether it’s making a new noise or is running up the electric bill, when your AC catches your attention, it’s time to call. Here are some other reasons to give our expert air conditioning repair folks a call before it’s hot inside and you’ve got to call right away.

Compressor and Condenser Outside Noises

For most homes, the air conditioner compressor and condenser are located outside. When the compressor starts making noise, typically a kind of rattling or grinding noise, it’s important to have us come and see if air conditioning repairs are needed. If the compressor is making a squealing noise, high-pitched usually, it’s time for an urgent visit from our technicians, turning the unit off in the meantime. Other sounds you may encounter include clicking sounds if the unit is attempting to start up and can’t, and rattling sounds that could simply be loose enclosure fasteners. A loose enclosure, though, can mean that creatures have had a way inside and caused damage by building a nest, possibly using wiring and other materials as part of the nest. It’s worth having our technicians take a look and secure the enclosure to avoid further visits. Rattling sounds can also be an indication that the unit’s cooling fan is unbalanced or otherwise having trouble, and we can check the motor and fan blade and restore them to quiet functionality. While we’re there, we can also make sure your condenser coils are clean for best efficiency, and the refrigerant lines to the house are intact and properly insulated.

Noises in Your Evaporator and Air Handling Unit

Inside, the evaporator and air handling unit which circulates air through it for cooling and then around your home can have quite a few issues. You may hear motor and fan belt noises such as squeals or bearing grinds that indicate it’s time to make a routine replacement of these hard-working components. One of the reasons that they work extra hard is when the air filter gets clogged with dust mice, pet hair, and all the other materials that collect quickly enough that typically, monthly replacement is recommended. When the motor and fan belt struggle to pull air through, they may need early replacement. The airflow also passes through the evaporator coils where it is cooled, and if the airflow is limited by a clogged filter or failed fan motor, ice can form. The reason is that moisture is condensed from the warm air passing through, and it drains through the condensate drain system. When the warm air doesn’t flow properly, the moisture just turns to ice on the coils instead. Those coils are delicate, and our air conditioning techs can take care of any icing along with the situation that led to it. Other noises can include duct problems and issues with indoor air quality components such as humidity control.

Leaks in Attic-Mounted Units Can Be a Real Problem

If your evaporator system is located in your attic, the condensate flowing from the coils as they draw moisture from the air as part of cooling can back up due to drain problems. In the basement, this results in a puddle, sometimes green due to algae growth which you may detect due to the smell. In the attic, the wooden attic floor and ceiling below are at risk of damage. Our air conditioning repair technicians can check and maintain your system to prevent this common problem.

Air Flow Problems You Might Not Expect

If you notice dust in your vents or furniture covering them, areas that are warmer than others, or other airflow issues, our air conditioning repair team can balance your airflow. If we perform duct cleaning for you, we can also check damper doors and other airflow regulation inside the ducts, and make sure everything is functioning correctly.

When Humidity Is Still an Issue

Sometimes home heating and air conditioning can benefit from the humidifier and dehumidifier components added to the duct system, especially here in Louisiana. If you notice that your home is cool but doesn’t feel dry enough, we can help.

Your Responsive and Professional Air Conditioning Repair Service in Timberlane, LA

At bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans we move quickly even in the hot summer when life in general moves more slowly. We know it’s important to respond promptly in Timberlane, LA and fix your air conditioning before your home soaks up the summer heat. We hope you’ve noted a few reasons to give us an advance call so we can make air conditioning repairs at your convenience. Give us a call right away when you’re concerned about your AC!

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