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3 Reasons To Avoid Chemical Cleaners And Choose Professional Drain Cleaning Services Instead | New Orleans, LA

3 Reasons To Avoid Chemical Cleaners And Choose Professional Drain Cleaning Services Instead | New Orleans, LA

When your drains clog, you have several different solutions to choose from: using chemical cleaners or calling a New Orleans, LA drain cleaning service. While both options may be able to get the job done at the moment, the former comes with long-lasting side effects that can be damaging to you and to the environment. As a result, most experts recommend getting drain cleaning services whenever you can. They’re often affordable, quick and also able to do a meticulous job at cleaning the inside of your drains.

Drain cleaning services often take only several hours at most. The plumbers will use a wide variety of equipment and tools to easily get rid of any contaminants that have accumulated onto the side of the drains. By the end of the cleaning session, the drains should be spotless and you should not notice any problems, like clogging or slowed drainage. In this article, we’ll look at several reasons why drain cleaning services are far superior to chemical cleaners.

#1. Chemical Drain Cleaners Are Often Toxic

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty, we must first look at the different types of chemicals that are inside of chemical cleaners. One of the most concerning things like you’ll find is that most of these chemical cleaners are often composed of toxic chemicals that become fumes when you use them. These fumes will linger around in the environment and can easily be inhaled, and, trust us, inhaling the fumes is never a pleasant experience. In fact, inhaling the fumes can sting. If you get any of the chemicals on your skin, the chemicals can irritate your skin as well.

One of the main reasons why we always recommend going with a drain cleaning service is because this type of service does not produce any toxic fumes at all. You do not need to be worried about your health at all. More often than not, the plumber will use a snake auger to get rid of any accumulates and contaminants that have clogged the drains.

One of the main problems of using chemical cleaners to unclog a drain is that the clogged drain will likely produce stagnant water in your sink, shower, or toilet. If you add the chemicals into the water, it can be difficult for the chemicals to reach the clog. As a result, the chemicals will sit in the water and become a health risk to you and your family.

#2. The Chemicals Can Erode the Pipes

Since chemical cleaners are quite strong and potent, they can actually erode your pipes and damage them to the point where they can no longer be repaired. In these situations, you’ll be forced to replace the plumbing and pipes, and this can be quite a costly venture.

One of the main active ingredients that you’re finding in many chemical cleaners is hydrochloric acid. This chemical is incredibly harsh, especially for older pipes or for PVC plumbing. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to notice the damage immediately. It takes some time before you notice the problem, but by then, the problem is usually irreversible.

Professional drain cleaning services, on the other hand, are gentle on the plumbing and won’t damage it. You won’t have to worry about softened or eroded pipes at all. In fact, during the cleaning service, we’ll take a video of your pipes before and after the job is done. This gives you a good idea of the overall condition of the pipes.

#3. Drain Cleaners Are Harmful to the Environment

Not only can drain cleaners cause a significant amount of damage to your health, they can also damage the environment. More often than not, the chemicals will make their way into the soil or into the water supply. These chemicals can then wreak havoc. This is especially true if the sewer system is not properly cared for. You’d be surprised by how much flora, fauna, and even fish have been affected by chemical cleaners. Sometimes, the effects can be irreversible.

Another thing that is worth noting is that most chemical cleaners come in plastic bottles. These plastic bottles are not only waste and take up space in the landfill, but they will also contain residual amounts of chemicals. These chemicals can easily find their way into the soil and the environment, but, worst of all, the plastic bottles will end up sitting in the landfill for decades to come. They’re not biodegradable at all and since they contain harsh chemicals, it’s not easy to find another purpose for them.

Professional cleaning services, however, will ensure that no harm comes to the environment at all. The professionals will know how to dispose of the cleaning supplies and the equipment and will be able to take preventative action and measures to ensure that the chemicals that are used do not damage the ecosystem at all. You’ll basically be doing your part to protect the environment and keep it clean.

We Offer Drain Cleaning Services in New Orleans, LA

Keep your drains in good condition and avoid costly future repairs by getting drain cleaning services in a timely manner. bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans can help. We offer a wide range of home services and plumbing services and have been known to do a great job at cleaning drains. Not only do we meticulously remove all dirt, grime, and other buildup that has accumulated in the drains, but we also take the time to gain a better understanding of the overall condition of your plumbing system. We’ll be quick to point out which areas are most vulnerable to damage and which areas need to be repaired.

Schedule a drain cleaning service in New Orleans, LA by giving us a call at 504-229-4848 or contacting us online. We’ll promptly send someone out to your home! We can also give you a quote over the phone if you’re not ready to set up an appointment just yet.

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