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Plumber Tips: 5 Garden Related Plumbing Issues Increasing Your Water Bill And How To Save | New Orleans, LA

Plumber Tips: 5 Garden Related Plumbing Issues Increasing Your Water Bill And How To Save | New Orleans, LA

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Gardens and yards can consume a lot of water, depending on their size and the kind of vegetation and trees you have planted on them. Some plants need more water than your average garden plants, which adds to the quantity of water you usually use in a day.

However, when you have plumbing issues over and above your regular water usage for your garden, it can result in enormous water bills at the end of the month. This is a sheer waste because not only do you end up paying for water that you are not using, but it also depletes the natural resources of the planet. Having a plumber in New Orleans, LA, check your garden-related plumbing issues is a good idea to avoid unnecessary waste of water.

Garden-Related Plumbing Issues You Need To Address

Here are five issues that need your immediate attention.

1. Leaking Hose and Taps

Leaks are a common cause of concern when it comes to water wastage. A leak in the pipe or your hose will result in water trickling away even when you are not using it. This tiny trickle can add up to a lot of water if you do not replace your pipe. A leaking faucet or tap which you use to water your garden is another concern.

Water might continue to drip away even after you have turned the garden faucet off. This is usually due to a faulty valve that does not stop the water entirely even after you have turned the tap off.

A plumber can fix the problem for you by replacing the valve and mending any tears or holes in your garden hose or mend the hose coupling. In case the hose is beyond repair, they can also help you replace them with ease.

2. Issues with Pool Heater

If you have a pool or a fountain in your garden that you use to keep fish, having a pool heater is a must to keep the water temperature at the desired level. Icy water can kill any fish or water plants in your garden pool. However, if your pool heater starts malfunctioning, it could lead to rising electricity costs.

The pool heater might take longer to heat the water, consuming more electricity in the process. A rusted pool heater will prevent proper heat conduction as well. Have a plumber check the pool heater and ask them about any measures you can take to trap the heat in the water as much as possible so that adjusting the temperature to your desired levels is done by consuming as little electricity as possible.

3. Plumbing Leaks

Your garden plumbing and drainage system runs below the ground, so it can be challenging to ascertain a problem initially. However, if you notice water pooling at places of your garden, or some areas are slowly growing more weeds than the rest of the garden, it could be because of leaks in your plumbing.

Garden plumbing systems can be pretty complicated, with various pipes leading to the sprinklers, fountains, and faucets around the yard. If your water meter shows an increase in water usage, despite being sure that the problem is not coming from the plumbing inside the house, then it is time to summon a plumber.

The plumbing professional will check your sprinkler valves and the entire plumbing network to determine the source of the leak.

4. Sewer Blockages

The water you use in your garden is utilized by the plants and the grass in your lawn. The rest of the water is carried out of the premises through a sewage system. If you notice poor drainage in your garden, it could result from a blockage in your garden drainage. Since a garden occupies a considerable area, it is often impossible for a layperson to locate the source of the blockage.

An experienced plumber in New Orleans, LA, will detect blockages or leaks in your garden drainage system or lateral pipes. They use advanced tools and cameras to inspect the most complicated bends. If not addressed, the accumulated murky water will soon attract pests and insects to your premises, which is a mess best avoided.

5. Overwatering

If you see water running out of your garden down the street or your garden soil being too mushy and exceedingly soft, then it is an indication that your system is overwatering your garden.

It means you are using more water than you should, which is usually due to increased water pressure or a faulty sprinkler head. Or, the rain sensor could have stopped working and continues to water your garden instead of shutting off.

Your garden will soon start growing fungus and weed due to the excessive moisture, as damp areas prove to be perfect festering ground for them. Excessive humidity can also be harmful to some plant species. Have a plumber come and check your system to use the exact amount of water that you should, leaving your garden fresh and dry later.

Looking for Efficient Ways to Save Water in Your Garden? – Call Our Expert Garden Plumbing Experts Today!

We understand how important it is for you to conserve water. Our experienced plumber at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of New Orleans can help you save water in your garden.

Our plumber can help install a pipe bursting system that splits the existing pipes and improves the flow capacity in your garden. They can also help install trenchless pipelining, which will not harm your garden or lawn in a way and will instead upgrade your existing garden plumbing system. This will result in reduced water wastage.

Our plumbers in New Orleans, LA, can also install a smart controller to improve your water efficiency by up to 40%. They can also suggest new-age water-efficient emitters that save up to 6,000 gallons of water per year, solving your water wastage woes.

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