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5 Things That Will Affect The Cost Of Hiring An Emergency Plumber | Timberlane, LA

5 Things That Will Affect The Cost Of Hiring An Emergency Plumber | Timberlane, LA

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If there is a flood in your home or anything that involves water damage and spills, waste no time in calling an emergency plumber in Timberlane, LA. The longer that you wait, the worse the problem can become. Not only will you have to deal with significant water damage which can compromise the integrity of your home, but you may also need to deal with plumbing issues down the road.

An emergency plumber in Timberlane, LA will immediately drop what they’re doing in order to provide you with the services that you are looking for. We have all of the experience, tools, and training needed to deal with all emergency situations, and can even propose multiple solutions that fit different budgets and needs based on what the problem may be.

The cost of hiring an emergency plumber will vary. It depends on several different factors, which we will explore below.

#1. Expertise

Your emergency plumber can be a master plumber or a journeyman. They’re likely not an apprentice. The amount of expertise and experience, as well as their level of certification, will have a huge effect on the total cost.

In general, the master plumber will be the priciest to hire; however, they have the most amount of experience and can easily handle all types of emergency plumbing work. In most cases, the master plumber will oversee the work of journeymen or even apprentices. For emergency plumbing work, you won’t normally need to worry about that unless it’s a bigger issue and more complex issue.

If your emergency plumber is a journeyman, their hourly rate will usually be substantially lower. With that said, you’ll want to speak with us to see whether a journeyman will be able to provide the work that you are looking for.

#2. Time of the Call

It also matters when you call. Some plumbers will charge a little extra if you call them during the holidays, the weekends, or in the middle of the night. Whether the emergency plumber charges extra will vary, so it’s always a good idea to give the plumbing company a call ahead of time in order to get a better idea of what their expectations are, and what they usually ask for.

However, if you think about it, calling someone in the middle of the night definitely warrants a higher rate. Could you picture being woken up in the middle of the night to work? It’s definitely going to be a lot more tiring in comparison to having to take a call in the middle of the day.

#3. Travel Fee

Another thing that you need to take into consideration is whether the emergency plumber will charge you a travel fee, and if so, how that works. Some emergency plumbers will charge you based on the distance from them to your home. For example, they’ll charge you for the miles that they need to travel to get to you. On the other hand, some other plumbers will charge a flat rate. It doesn’t matter where you are situated at all. They will charge you the same fee.

If the plumber is going to charge you by the distance, it might be better to find a professional that is nearby. This is also beneficial, as you definitely want someone to come to take a look at your home and your plumbing emergency as soon as possible. The longer that they take to get to you, the worse the problem can become. You also want to consider how they are charging you. Consider whether the rate that they are charging you seems reasonable or not.

#4. Hourly Rate vs. Fixed Fee

Last but not least, it’s a good idea to gain a better understanding of how the emergency plumber charges in general for their work. Some plumbers will charge an hourly rate. They may, however, have a minimum hourly rate that they will charge regardless of how quickly the job was done. For example, let’s say that a plumber has a minimum charge of 2 hours at $150 an hour. This means that you’ll pay at least $300 for the job regardless of how long it took the plumber to get the job done. Even if it only took them 30 minutes, you’ll still be paying $300.

On the other hand, some other plumbers will charge a fixed fee. They don’t care how long it takes for them to get things done. This could work out in your favor, as the plumber will be more inclined to get things done quickly.

Call Us If You Are Facing a Plumbing Emergency

Basically, if you are dealing with anything that involves a water leak or a flood, you need to call a plumber as soon as possible. This isn’t something that can wait till the next day or wait till a more opportune time comes along. Water damage is no joke, and if you don’t fix the problem as soon as possible, you run the risk of damaging your home. In some worst-case scenarios, the water might seep into the foundation; thus, damaging your home irreparably.

If you are looking for a plumber in Timberlane, LA, give bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of New Orleans a call. We are one of the top plumbing companies in the area, and we are committed to providing exemplary workmanship and an unrivaled level of care. We treat all of our customers like family, and will always provide you with honest, transparent advice. You can trust that we will never take advantage of a situation to upsell you any products or services.

Our team is licensed and trained on how to deal with a wide range of plumbing emergencies. Give us a call at a time, and we will send someone out to your home immediately. You can also reach out to us if you need any other regular plumbing services as well.

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