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How to Keep Your Drains From Clogging

How to Keep Your Drains From Clogging

By Freedom Master at Shutterstock

A clogged drain is a headache and a half. You came home from work expecting a relaxing shower, or to knock those dishes off your to-do list – but instead, a clogged drain is preventing you from getting anything done! That is a hassle. And often, the smell of a severe clog can make people feel ill.

Well, they do say prevention is the best medicine. Your home’s plumbing system requires a little love and attention on occasion. So, to prevent your drains from clogging, take action early and often. Let’s take a look…

Cleaning Your Drains

The first step in preventing a clogged drain is to schedule regular cleaning sessions. We recommend cleaning the drain once per month. Many online sources will claim quarterly or weekly. But weekly is too soon – you’ll hate cleaning so often and probably begin to put it off. As for quarterly, that’s too long. In that time frame, the gunk will have time to build up and form a clog. That makes the once-per-month cleaning session just about perfect.

So, once each month:

  • Remove the stopper from the bathroom sink and take out any debris, then rinse the stopper off and reinsert it.
  • Remove the drain cover from the shower or bathtub drain and use a wire or plumbing tool to remove any accumulated debris.
  • Clean the garbage disposal using a disposal brush, or a few cups of ice and table salt. This mixture helps remove any grease and slime from the sides of the disposal. Flush with cold water afterwards.
  • In the bathtub, remove the overflow plate and raise the pop-up assembly to reach the internal spring. Remove debris and rinse it well.
  • Whatever you do – do not use chemical drain cleaning products on the drains in your home. It’s better to hire a professional plumber instead.

Preventing Drainage Clogs

The absolute best way to prevent a drain clog is by being mindful of what is put into the drain in the first place. If you’re in the kitchen cooking, it’s easy to forget about proper disposal methods. Your mind and hands are wandering at a mile a minute. Take a step back, and remember not to toss coffee grounds or eggshells into the disposal or drain! Here’s some helpful tips:

  • Save all cooking grease in an old can or milk container. When full, dispose of the entire container in the trash.
  • Place all coffee grounds into the garbage, or into a mulch or compost pile.
  • Use a screen or drain-gate to prevent food debris and soap scum from accumulating within.
  • After each use, run hot water through the sink to wash small chunks of food debris and grease, oil, or fats down the drain.
  • To clean the drain and absorb odors, toss in a handful of baking soda followed by hot water.
  • Use one cup of vinegar followed by hot water to remove organic buildup.

Your other option is to schedule professional drain cleaning services from an experienced, licensed plumber. At bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of New Orleans, we offer the top drain cleaning services in the city. Give us a call anytime at 504-291-6466.

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