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How Often Should You Hire A Drain Cleaning Service For Your Home? | New Orleans, LA

How Often Should You Hire A Drain Cleaning Service For Your Home? | New Orleans, LA

Your New Orleans, LA home’s drains have been working great for years. Surely hiring a drain cleaning service is unnecessary. Or is it? There are many reasons why finding a reputable drain cleaning service in New Orleans, LA should be a necessary part of your home’s maintenance schedule, most of which have to do with keeping your plumbing system in good health while avoiding damages that could result in costly repairs. In this article, we will touch on these reasons, as well as help you determine how often you should call a reputable drain cleaning service to keep your drains working at peak performance and give you a brief outline of what you should expect during your drain cleaning service appointment, in order to prepare for it properly. Let’s get started.

It Is Important to Have Clean Drains

One of the most overlooked parts of almost every home across the nation is the drain system. After all, drains were built to dispose of wastewater, weren’t they? So, why worry about cleaning them at all? Well, sure, drains were built to remove wastewater from your home, but not grease, hair, toys, leftover food, and other items. Whenever one or more of these items go down your home’s drain pipes, they will stick to the sides of the pipeline and start accumulating. This is especially true of bacon grease and other similar substances, which can quickly accumulate to a point in which the entire diameter of the pipe is closed off to the correct circulation of water.

As these clogs develop, the drainage of water will get slower and slower, until it no longer goes down, and starts flooding your sink, and eventually your kitchen or bathroom. At this point, the problem may be so severe that it can result in very costly repairs. By calling for regular drain cleaning service, you can actually deter the formation of clogs, leading to faster drainage, and a lessened need for plunging or liquid drain cleaners, which can also damage your drain pipes.

As if this weren’t enough, a regular drain cleaning service will remove any odors that emanate from your home’s drains. Have you ever noticed a particularly foul odor coming from your drains? This is due, again, to the accumulation of organic matter that sticks to the sides of your drain pipes, and begins to decompose. This odor does not only permeate all areas of your home if the problem is left to fester. It can also attract entire colonies of fruit flies and other insects that can become a source of embarrassment when you have guests, as well as a number of diseases you definitely want to avoid. After all, who even likes living in a smelly house? By scheduling a regular drain cleaning service with a reputable company, you can ensure your family’s health and well-being are not affected by dirty drains.

Lastly, when you have a professional clean your home’s drain system, they will perform a full inspection of your pipeline prior to getting started. This is very important in that it can help you detect and repair any problems that can become very serious if allowed to fester. Early detection is imperative in order to prevent any sort of water damage to your home’s structure due to leaks and overflowing drains.

How Often Should I Schedule an Appointment?

Having your home’s drains cleaned should be part of your annual home maintenance schedule, which means you should aim to have it done once a year, during the early spring, before the hot weather starts making the smell even worse, and before the rainy season, which can cause clogged drains to overflow into your home.

What Happens During the Appointment?

During your scheduled drain cleaning visit, several things will take place. The first and most important of which will be the video inspection of your entire drain line. At this time, the tech will use a video camera affixed to a long wire to visually inspect your drains in real-time. You can even watch it on screen as it happens! It is during this inspection that the tech will make notes of any problem areas they detect, including clogs, tears in the pipes, or leaks that will require repairs.

After the inspection is performed, the tech will give you a diagnosis and will discuss your options in case any problems other than clogs are found. For example, if a crack is found in a section of pipe, the tech will talk to you about the ways in which it can be repaired so it doesn’t develop into a serious leak that could result in costly repairs later on. After you and the tech have discussed your options, any necessary repairs will be performed.

Once the integrity of your drain pipes has been restored, the tech will proceed to clean out the drain line. In order to do this more effectively, they will use a machine known as a hydro jet, which shoots out a high-pressure stream of water into your pipes to scrub any gunk off the sides of the pipeline, dislodge any clogs, and remove any mineral or greasy buildup that may have appeared over time. Once the hydro jetting process is finished, the tech will perform a second visual inspection with the video camera to ensure every inch of your drain line is clean and has been restored to good working order. If a second hydro jetting session is required to finish removing anything that may have been left behind, it will be done at this time.

At bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans, we take great pride in our customer-focused drain cleaning service. It is our privilege and honor to be able to produce high-quality results, which are designed to help you save money down the line by preventing serious problems with your drains. So, when you need to find the best drain cleaning service in New Orleans, LA, simply pick up your phone and call bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans right away!

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