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Drain Cleaning Service Is Preventative Maintenance | New Orleans, LA

Drain Cleaning Service Is Preventative Maintenance | New Orleans, LA

If you’re tired of dealing with frequent drain clogs, drain odors or slow drains, you should opt for drain cleaning service from bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans. Periodic cleaning of drains is simply good plumbing system maintenance, and it can head off common household plumbing problems like those messy and inconvenient clogs. Over time, food particles and other debris have a way of building up in drains where they can lead to slow drain problems and clog development. To keep your New Orleans, LA home’s drain system functioning properly, rely on us to clean them.

Maintaining Your Drains

Most property owners don’t consider their drains unless one is causing them a problem. Functioning drains are the unsung heroes of our plumbing systems. If a drain develops a problem like a clog, it can prevent the use of a kitchen sink, bathtub, or another plumbing feature that your household relies on every day.

Drain cleaning service by bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans is a great way to maintain your drains, ensuring that they function smoothly throughout the year. Although cleaning might not prevent all clogs, it can give you a fresh–clean–start. Once all the debris is removed from your pipes, they will flow better. Drain cleaning service is a great way to ward off potential plumbing problems–and their headaches.

How Do Plumbers Clean Drains?

When one of our plumbing pros visits your New Orleans, LA home to perform drain cleaning service, we’ll first want to address any issues you might be having. For instance, if there’s already a clog, we’ll likely begin service by removing it. Usually, a professional augering tool solves those types of issues.

Augering is a common method for cleaning drain pipes. bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans, has all the tools needed for drain cleaning service, including augers of different lengths and sizes. When clogs or slow drains are localized–associated with one particular fixture, augering is usually a good technique to employ. We’ll choose the correct auger for the job and use it to push out debris trapped in the drain pipe.

Augering is also ideal even when the clog is located deep in the line. For instance, if there’s a foreign object stuck in the drain, an auger may be used to retrieve it. A heavy-duty mechanical auger/cable machine is ideal for snaking through a sewer line to push out any debris trapped there.

While we often use an auger to clear clogs and slow drains, we will also use hydro jetting when performing drain cleaning service. Hydro jetting is usually ideal for cleaning all of a home’s drains. If your New Orleans, LA home is experiencing numerous slow drains (and it’s now a sewer line problem), hydro jetting makes sense. Our plumbers know exactly what type of technique is ideal for your plumbing system and its specific needs.

Will a Plumber Need to Remove Any Pipes?

Sometimes drain cleaning service involves pipe removal. For example, the p-trap or cross pipe beneath a kitchen sink can become caked with food debris and grease over time. Because these pipes are easy to access, it’s sometimes ideal to remove them and wash them by hand or place them to soak in a cleaning solution. Some people are comfortable removing these pipes themselves to clean them; however, it’s not uncommon for people to discover that they’ve developed a leak once they put them back into place. A trained plumber can disconnect and reconnect pipes perfectly so that no leaks occur after cleaning.

If you aren’t comfortable taking apart the pipes just beneath a sink, it’s best left to a professional drain cleaning service. Our plumbers are certified and highly experienced. They perform these types of tasks efficiently and with the expertise we’re known for.

How Often Should I Have Drains Cleaned Professionally?

Many customers contact bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans, for annual drain cleaning service, but yearly cleanings aren’t always necessary, especially in smaller households. It also depends on how dirty the drains get. In households where there are lots of occupants, more food particles and other debris have a way of getting into the drain system where they can get stuck.

If you prefer to hire cleaning service providers every other year, you can perform some measures to help you maintain your clean drains between professional cleanings. For instance, you can use a combination of baking soda and white vinegar to clean your drains. This isn’t a powerful solution that’s likely to resolve a clog, but it can help reduce the small debris and bacteria in the drains until your next visit from a plumber.

You should, however, avoid using commercial drain cleaners. Even though these products are sold in supermarkets and home improvement centers–and are cheap–they are not good for your drain system. Their heat-producing chemicals can damage pipes, especially with frequent use.

Does Drain Clean Prevent Pipe Damage?

Having your drains cleaned professionally does help ward off pipe damage. Clogs can become large and stubborn, putting pressure on pipes and valves. The clogs can cause leaks, which can lead to extensive property damage like ruined flooring and drywall. By keeping your drains clean and free-flowing, you can prevent many clogs from forming and damaging your drain pipes. You can also reduce the risk of other plumbing issues like smelly drains and gurgling noises.

Let bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans help you maintain your plumbing system. Whether you need your drains cleaned or a new plumbing fixture installed, we can help. Our certified plumbers offer the best customer service. We stand by our workmanship and are there when you need us. Call to learn more about our plumbing services.

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