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How Can You Tell That You Need Drain Cleaning Service? | New Orleans, LA

How Can You Tell That You Need Drain Cleaning Service? | New Orleans, LA

Do You Have Clogged Drains? Clogged drains are a very common plumbing problem. As a result, New Orleans, LA residents can expect to encounter it at some point in their lives. Sometimes, interested individuals will be capable of handling their clogged drains on their own. Other times, interested individuals will have to call in a professional plumber for drain cleaning service in order to get the job done in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

What Causes Clogged Drains? For starters, New Orleans, LA residents need to understand the potential causes for clogged drains. Here are some examples of the items that can force interested individuals to call in a professional plumber for drain cleaning service:


Hair is one of the most common causes of clogged drains. This is particularly true when the hair gets the chance to bind with grease as well as other sticky substances, thus making it that much more challenging to clear it out. Fortunately, there is a simple and straightforward method of prevention in this particular case, which would be making sure that there is a guard on the drain so that the loose hair will be captured rather than permitted to flow into the plumbing system.


Soap scum can be a serious problem for plumbing systems. In short, soap can combine with certain minerals in the water to create the hard residue called soap scum. Over time, this can build up, thus increasing the chances of a clogged drain. For those who are curious, interested individuals can prevent the build-up of soap scum by not letting their soap come into contact with hard water. On a related note, it is possible for hard water to cause mineral build-up on its own, which can have similar issues. Should that be the case, interested individuals might want to look into getting a water softener, which could reduce their need to get drain cleaning service on a regular basis.

Food Waste

Food waste should never be put into the plumbing system because a wide range of food waste can cause a wide range of potential problems. For example, coffee grounds and tea leaves won’t break down with ease, meaning that they will stick around in the plumbing system for a long, long time to come. Likewise, there are plenty of foods that contain oil and grease, which can turn into obstructing solids in the pipes. Whether people choose to compost their food waste or some other disposal method, it is sure to be better than dumping their food waste down their drain.

Small Objects

Speaking of which, it isn’t unknown for people to put other inappropriate things down their drain. Speaking bluntly, this is a terrible idea because the pipes of the plumbing system weren’t designed to accommodate the full range of small objects that could wind up within them. Instead, if people need to get rid of small objects, they have plenty of sensible disposal methods that range from either selling them, recycling them, or even tossing them into the nearest trash bin.

Tree Roots

Tree roots are much, much stronger than what New Orleans, LA residents might expect, so much so that they are more than capable of getting into underground pipes. Once tree roots have managed to make their way into the plumbing system, they will continue to grow, thus obstructing the flow of water as well as causing further damage throughout it. Unfortunately, it is very difficult for interested individuals to notice tree roots getting into their plumbing system before some kind of plumbing problem shows up. Even worse, tree roots are not something that most interested individuals can handle on their own, meaning that they will have to call in a professional plumber for drain cleaning service and more besides.

Too Much Dirt

A small bit of dirt won’t have any effect on the performance of a plumbing system. However, the same can’t be said for a very large amount of dirt, which is something that some interested individuals have found out to their detriment when they sought to wash something covered in too much dirt and mud. If New Orleans, LA residents need to wash something with a lot of dirt and mud on it, they should do their best to either shake it off or rinse it off before they bring it into their home.

Too Much Toilet Paper

Toilet paper is supposed to go down the drain. However, too much toilet paper can still cause clogged drains. If interested individuals are lucky, they will be able to solve the problem on their own; if interested individuals are not lucky, there is still the option of calling in a professional plumber for drain cleaning service.

It can be difficult to tell whether interested individuals will need to call for drain cleaning service or not. However, there are nonetheless some signs that might prove useful for their decision-making process.

For instance, if interested individuals know that the source of the clog is situated close to the mouth of the drain, they might be able to do something about it so long as they have the right tools and supplies on hand. In contrast, if they don’t know where the source of the clog is situated, they should definitely call in a professional plumber so that said individual can locate the location of the problem before providing drain cleaning service as needed. Besides this, should interested individuals notice plumbing problems such as bad odors, frequent clogs, and sewer back-up, they should call in a professional plumber as well. They may or may not have a plumbing problem that can be solved with drain cleaning service, but these are clear signs that something has gone very wrong with their plumbing system, meaning a professional plumber is the right person to help.

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