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How A Drain Cleaning Service Can Keep Your Home Running Smoothly | New Orleans, LA

How A Drain Cleaning Service Can Keep Your Home Running Smoothly | New Orleans, LA

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Drains are tasked with clearing wastewater from your home, an important function for a well-run plumbing system. We don’t normally give them a lot of attention, but when they stop working in a busy kitchen or bathroom, we notice immediately. If you’re in the greater New Orleans, LA area and are looking for an experienced drain cleaning service, consider giving the professionals at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of New Orleans, LA a call. They’ll clear up your drain problems and get your household running smoothly again in no time.

The drains in your home

Drains are only one part of the plumbing infrastructure that brings water into your home and takes wastewater out. But it’s an important part, keeping domestic life hygienic and householders safe. There are many reasons for drains to act up, and even small problems can lead to serious damage down the road. And keeping drains clear isn’t all about surface debris; it’s also what goes down the drain and the state of the pipes to which they connect.

The 4 most common drain problems

Drain cleaning service experts address a range of problems that occur again and again in their industry. You can be sure they know what they’re doing! Here are a few of the most common household issues concerning drains:

  • Blocked drains usually happen when there’s a physical obstruction within the drain or the pipe leading away from the drain. In the kitchen sink area, this could be due to food debris, accumulated oil or grease, or other materials related to the preparation of food. In the bathroom sink or shower area, it could be due to soap buildup, hair, or a combination. The best solution in any instance of a blocked drain is to physically remove the blockage. And this may involve dismantling joints and pipes as well as examining the drain from all angles.


  • Displaced joints can happen during renovation, or over time if they’re not properly connected. This can lead to leaks, with water washed down the drain and landing inside floors and walls instead of going down the pipes and out.


  • Cracks and breaks can also result from heavy use or unusual activity, such as renovation. Older pipe and drain systems are particularly susceptible to hairline cracks that can develop into more serious breaks.


  • Root intrusions and construction mishaps usually originate outdoors but can impact pipes leading into and out of the house. The root system of large trees is incredibly powerful and over time can crack underground pipes and even infiltrate building foundations. Drain backups can be a sign that pipes have been disrupted by roots or excavation. A professional can use video diagnostic and trenchless technology to pinpoint and repair these types of problems.

The beauty of regular maintenance

Drain cleaning is one of those maintenance chores that, regularly scheduled, can head off a multitude of problems. Booking an experienced drain cleaning service for an annual service call is one of the best ways to keep drains clear and plumbing infrastructure tip-top shape. Potential problems will be spotted early and avoided – saving you money and distress in the long run.

DIY don’t

You may be tempted to try to handle drain clogs and back-ups yourself with chemical products from the hardware store. There are a few reasons why this DIY approach is a bad idea.

Often amateur DIY homeowners look only at the immediate problem and not how it might be integrated with other issues within the plumbing infrastructure of the home. An experienced drain cleaning service technician will look at the drain/pipe system in its entirety, fixing the problem but also uncovering its cause and acting to prevent further issues.

Hardware store drain cleaners can be corrosive and may damage pipes and joints. The best way to manage a clog is to physically remove it, not try to dissolve it with harsh chemicals which can also be bad for household air quality.

Don’t be tempted, ditch the DIY solutions when it comes to drains and call in a professional drain cleaning service.

Keeping everyone safe

Even though the worst of the pandemic seems to be behind us, safety and hygiene protocols are likely going to be around for some time to come. Most service providers have put systems in place to keep contractors and clients safe. But there are some simple things that you and your family can do to help. Consider the following simple steps as you prepare to receive a drain cleaning service specialist in your home:

  • Provide hand sanitizer and/or a place to wash hands when contractors enter or get ready to leave your home.


  • Clear the area your drain cleaning service plumber will be working in so they don’t have to climb over or move obstacles.


  • Keep family members and pets out of the contractor’s way – if you need to watch the work, keep your distance.


  • If anyone in your home has COVID symptoms, wear a mask while the service person is in your space.


  • Rather than searching for it at the moment, consult your insurance policy ahead of time if you think you might need to make a claim. This will help ensure that you get the right documentation from the drain cleaning service.

If your home’s drains need attention and you live in the greater New Orleans, LA area, get in touch with the pros at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of New Orleans. Whether you’re looking for a trustworthy drain cleaning service for regular maintenance or you have an emergency with your drains, these experienced plumbing and drain technicians can get your household back on track quickly and safely.

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