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Do I Really Need An Emergency Plumber For Fruit Flies? Why Fruit Flies Attracted To The Bathroom And How To Eliminate Them | Timberlane, LA

Do I Really Need An Emergency Plumber For Fruit Flies? Why Fruit Flies Attracted To The Bathroom And How To Eliminate Them | Timberlane, LA

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Fruit flies like damp areas and can be attracted to drains. Most people leave their towels to dry in their bathroom after having a shower. Moisture caused by steam can create the perfect environment for fruit flies to thrive and breed. The good news is that while it can be annoying to have flies in your bathroom, they aren’t actually dangerous. In most cases, the type of flies that like damp conditions don’t bite. However, it can be annoying if you have an infestation of pests in your bathroom.

One of the leading causes of fruit flies is dampness caused by a leaking pipe that’s gone unnoticed or a blocked drain. If you live in Timberlane, LA, or the surrounding area and are looking for an emergency plumber, you may like to contact bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of New Orleans. The company is available for 24/7 callout.

Let’s look at why fruit flies are attracted to the bathroom and how to get rid of them. While many of the reasons may not be a cause to call an emergency plumber, some more serious issues we will go over may cause you to want to call one as soon as possible. 

What causes fruit flies in the bathroom?

Fruit flies are attracted to moist and dirty areas such as drains, sinks, and damp towels. If your bathroom is warm and moist, they will then reproduce by laying eggs. Fruit fly will often begin in the kitchen, and the insects will then move to the bathroom via the drains. They are attracted by damp walls and towels, as well as drains.

You can do several things to get rid of fruit flies and make your bathroom a less desirable habitat for the flies. Cleaning your bathroom and, in particular, the drains will go a long way to solving the problem. The following tips may be useful:

Don’t leave damp clothes, towels, or bath mats in the bathroom

Damp mops, clothes or towels, bath mats can quickly attract fruit flies into your bathroom as they like moisture. Ensure you open the window and let out the steam after having a shower. If possible, hang your clothes and towels outside to dry.

If you have an old mop in your bathroom, you should consider replacing it. Mops can easily accumulate dirt which will attract fruit flies. Alternatively, wash the mop under an outdoor tap after use and leave it outside to dry completely before putting it away.

Clean the drains and sink

Drains and sinks are common areas that fruit flies use to breed. It would help if you aimed to regularly clean your bathroom, including drains, as this is where flies lay eggs. You can easily clean your drains by mixing some hot water with bleach and then pour it down the drain. If you think your drains may be blocked with hair or other items, it may be wise to phone a plumber and book a drain cleaning service.

Hot water and bleach will quickly eliminate fruit flies and will also wash away and kill their eggs. It’s also beneficial to clean your drains to remove any rusty or loose chips that are inside your drainage system. If you don’t want to use bleach or a commercial drain cleaner, you can try white vinegar as a more natural alternative. This is acidic and has cleaning properties.

Cover your drains

Tiny fruit flies will crawl into your bathroom via the drainage system either from outside or from your kitchen. It’s a good idea to clean your drains and then invest in drain covers. This is especially wise if you’ve had a fruit fly infestation. Don’t leave your drains uncovered, or you’re likely to experience the same problems in the future.

Don’t pee in the shower

Most people have peed in the shower at some point in their life. This may seem harmless enough, but pee can attract fruit flies and other pests. Scientists have proven that showering can make people need to pee, so make sure you use the toilet first. The warm water will have an effect on the body that will make you need to pee. This is especially noticeable on hot days.

It’s best not to get into the habit of peeing in the shower. Always keep your toilet seat clean, especially if you have young children, as a drop of urine can attract flies.

Wash bathroom mats

Many people who have young boys have bathroom mats underneath the toilet bowl. This can be stained by pee and will attract flies. Ensure you regularly wash any bathroom mats, especially if you see fruit flies landing on them. It’s a good idea to choose light-colored bathroom mats as these will show pee stains more than darker mats.

Book a drain cleaning service

If the above tips haven’t helped and you are still concerned about fruit flies or other insects, it may be a wise idea to contact your local emergency plumber to clean the drains. An emergency plumber can clean your pipes and drains and return them to an almost new condition. This will get rid of dirt and debris, which make ideal breeding grounds for insects.

Leak detection

If your bathroom seems very damp and you are unsure why you may have a leak that has gone undetected. Call in an emergency plumber as soon as possible. An emergency plumber can detect leaks that may be hidden behind your walls. It’s also a good idea to look at pipes underneath sinks and toilets. Check shelving units and floors for wet patches and listen out for drips. If there’s a hidden leak in your home, you may also notice a sudden increase in your water bills.

bluefrog Plumbing + Drain, Emergency Plumber, Timberlane, LA

If you live in Timberlane, LA, or the surrounding area and are looking for an emergency plumber, don’t hesitate to contact bluefrog Plumbing + Drain. The company is available for 24/7 callout and can help solve your plumbing problems and keep your family safe and comfortable whatever the time of day or night.

bluefrog also offers a wide range of common plumbing services from leak detection, plumbing installation, water line maintenance to drain cleaning or unblocking toilets and emergency plumbers.

bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of New Orleans is a BBB-rated business and can be contacted at 504-229-4848.

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