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Factors Influencing The Cost Of A Drain Cleaning Service | New Orleans, LA

Factors Influencing The Cost Of A Drain Cleaning Service | New Orleans, LA

Dealing with a drainage problem can be a nightmare, especially if you don’t conduct regular inspections and maintenance. These problems vary from backflow to clogged drainage systems that affect not only your plumbing system but also the comfort of your home.

The best way to clear your drainage issues and eliminate bad odors is to get a certified drain cleaning service. However, when hiring a drain cleaning service, consider the associated costs. Here are some factors that may influence the cost of cleaning your drains.

Housing Type

Most houses are unique and are designed to meet a client’s needs and preferences. This means the plumbing system may vary from one house to another, especially if it’s a townhouse or a standalone home. Some houses have wide pipes for an effective drainage system, while others have narrow piping. Your housing type has a direct influence on the plumbing system, which in turn determines the cost of your drain cleaning service.

Homeowners with their main drain connected to the local authority’s sewer line often pay less than those with standalone properties. If you have a standalone home, you have to bear the full cost of cleaning the entire section of the system.

Type of Affected Drains

A drainage system consists of various drains spread around the house, including kitchen and bathroom drains. A professional drain cleaning service such as bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans applies different techniques when cleaning the bathroom or kitchen drain. Bathrooms and kitchen clogs are often the most difficult and cost more than other drains due to their complexity.

Aside from the types of drains, the number of drains affected will influence the overall cost of the cleaning services. For example, you’re likely to pay more if the professional drain cleaning service has to clean your gutters, kitchen, and toilets than dealing with one area. When making your budget, it’s best to account for the number and types of drains that need professional attention.

Cleaning Technique Used

Hiring a professional drain cleaning service gives you access to the best cleaning tools and techniques needed to get the work done. In the past, people depended on simple tools to clear their drainage systems, but modern-day professionals use equipment such as a snake drain cleaner or hydro jet to clean.

When considering your drain cleaning cost, you must consider the techniques and tools used. Firms such as bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans pride themselves on a tech-driven service aimed at providing clients with quality cleaning services. To get a picture of what you can expect, contact the drain cleaning service to inquire about their techniques. However, note that the more complex the technique, the more you pay.

Seasonal and Regional Pricing

The cost of cleaning your drain may vary seasonally, with you paying more at one point and less at another. When estimating your total cost, you need to compare the seasonal pricing to help you have a better budget. It’s worth noting that the cost of cleaning drains is relatively cheaper during summer compared to winter.

Seasonal and regional pricing are similar in multiple ways since the cost of a drain cleaning job may vary depending on the location. For example, you’re likely to pay more for a drain cleaning service in an urban and suburban setting compared to rural areas. Keep in mind that the seasonal price variation also applies to regions.

Reason for Cleaning

Drainage systems are highly susceptible to clogs and blockage, especially in an active household. Most of these blockages come from kitchen waste, hair, toys, and even dirt due to leakage in your plumbing system. Calling a professional often means you’re dealing with a stubborn blockage that could compromise your entire system.

The type and extent of the blockage have a direct impact on the cost of cleaning your drains. This is mainly because the expert needs to employ multiple techniques to locate and remove the blockage, which is also time-consuming. However, a soft clog is often easy to remove and costs less.

Emergency Services

A plumbing emergency can happen when you least expect it, forcing you to take swift action to avoid further damage to the system or your home. This situation is often made worse with a damaged drain system which can cause backflow.

An emergency may cost more than scheduled repair, maintenance, and inspection services. Professional installers encourage homeowners to regularly clean their drainage systems to avoid shouldering the costs of an unexpected plumbing emergency.

The high prices of an emergency response are often caused by the professional ability to respond to your emergency. While emergency blockages are unavoidable, contacting a professional plumber is best instead of approaching it as a DIY.

Distance Covered

The distance covered is directly related to the structural design of your home. Different homes have different plumbing systems, which influence the extent of the drain line. When cleaning the drains, the service provider should clean the entire stretch to remove traces of the materials causing the blockage. This move is also a good way to unearth other issues with your drain lines. However, you will pay more if you have a longer sewer line.

A drain cleaning service is likely to charge less for a shorter distance. However, paying for a premium service gives you the extra service of cleaning the distance between your main drain and the source of the clog to get your drain in functional order.

We at bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans, encourage clients to regularly clean their drains to avoid blockages and address issues before they get out of hand. We pride ourselves on exemplary customer service, focusing on various plumbing issues. Contact us for more on our services, or schedule an appointment.

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