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5 Alarming Signs You Need An Emergency Plumber | Timberlane, LA

5 Alarming Signs You Need An Emergency Plumber | Timberlane, LA

No one wants to call an emergency plumber if the problem can wait until the morning, but unfortunately, when it comes to plumbing issues, that is not always an option. Water has the potential to cause a lot of problems in a concise period of time, so sometimes calling a plumber is the only way that you can protect your home. If you are in a situation where water damage or lack of water is an issue, you have to get help right away. The following is a list of situations in which your only choice is to call a plumbing service for immediate resolution.

Flood damage is not the only issue that comes into play when you are considering an emergency plumber. Water can also prompt the growth of mold and mildew, which can be just as damaging and dangerous to your health as flooding. With that in mind, if you notice any of the following situations in your home, then an emergency plumber is your only choice. Keeping your home safe should always be your priority when it comes to making plumbing decisions.

Water Heater Breaks

Most people have a water heater tucked into their utility closet that they don’t think much about, but you will think about it a lot if you realize that you suddenly have no hot water. At this point, you will need an emergency plumber to come to inspect your water heater to see what is going on. The one thing you can do is check to see if the pilot light is on or not because if it has gone off, then you can attempt to relight it. If the pilot light is on and you still don’t have hot water, then it is time to look deeper.

An emergency plumber can usually quickly diagnose the problem, which most of the time has to do with sediment or aging. As water heaters age, they require more maintenance; if you skip it, then you might find yourself without hot water in your home. This is something to think about in the future so that you don’t find yourself in the same situation again.

Sagging Ceiling

A sagging ceiling is never a great sign, but if the ceiling is sagging with signs of water damage such as peeling paint or discoloration then there is a good chance it is being caused by water damage. You will want to call a plumber to get to the bottom of this issue right away. If it is coming from a plumbing fixture, then you want to make sure that the valve or seal is tightened, or if a pipe has started to leak, that can get resolved. It is hard to see what is going on until the area is opened up, and you will want a professional to handle this task for you.

In either case, you want to get an emergency plumber sooner than later because continual water damage can lead to your ceiling collapsing. Every homeowner’s nightmare is to find the second floor on the first floor, so you should do everything you can to avoid it by taking preemptive action. If you notice this one day, you should not wait because you don’t know how long it has been going on before you notice. This is the type of thing that you need to get help dealing with right away.

Burst Pipe

Another automatic sign that you need to call an emergency plumber is if you notice a burst pipe in your home. A burst pipe can release hundreds of gallons of water at one time, which can instantly cause flood damage and dozens of other issues. If this happens in your home, the first thing you need to do is turn off your water main. Once that is done, then you need to call a plumbing service and get the pipe repaired right away. Most people don’t realize just how much water travels through their pipes until a pipe bursts, at which point there is no coming back.

Sewer Backup

Another reason to call an emergency plumber is if you come home and find sewage backup all over your floor. A sewage backup is nothing to play around with, and it’s not something that you want to discover. There is never a good time to deal with a sewage backup, but if you don’t do something promptly the problem will only grow. This is because every time you flush or turn on your water, it will come right back out of your floor drain, causing even bigger problems. You cannot wait around for the situation to get better, because it will only get worse if you don’t call a plumber.

No Water in Your Home

Finally, if you have no water in your home, then you don’t have time to wait for help. You have to call an emergency plumber right away to get to the bottom of the situation. There are a dozen reasons why you might not have any water in your home, but all of them will require the aid of a professional plumber. The one thing you can do is talk to your neighbors to see if any of them are experiencing the same issue. If they are not, then it is not a municipal issue and something that a plumber will have to address.

Are you worried that you might have a plumbing emergency on your hands? Contact bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans right away to get aid.

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