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Can Maintenance Help You Save On Water Heater Repair Costs And Energy Usage? | Harvey, LA

Can Maintenance Help You Save On Water Heater Repair Costs And Energy Usage? | Harvey, LA

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Some of the benefits of water heater maintenance are in the background, such as a longer service life before you need to replace it, or better quality hot water from your tap. At bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of New Orleans, LA, we also focus on the immediate benefits to your annual budget in the form of reduced water heater repairs, lower energy use, and even avoiding leaks that could lead to cleanup costs in the area of your water heater. When we perform annual maintenance for your water heater in Harvey, LA, you will probably notice a change in water heater repair and energy bills if you haven’t been investing in maintenance in the past. Services are provided by our team including expert licensed plumbers, with the experience to inspect your water heater as they service it, catching potential issues, and developing water heater repair needs so you won’t have to call for urgent service at an inconvenient time if you choose to schedule service now. Our company provides water heater repair for all types of water heaters including standard tank-based units, hybrid water heaters, and tankless models.

Saving Energy with Regular Water Heater Maintenance

One of the services that our water heater repair team performs during maintenance visits is checking the electric heating element or gas burner to make sure it’s in good condition and operating efficiently. That can include tightening the electric heater that will sometimes buzz when it’s loose and making sure the burner is clean and operating at maximum efficiency, and the pilot light or igniter is operating reliably. We’ll also check the thermostat, and make sure it is accurate and set to the optimum value for your home, usually 120F, which the EPA recommends because it’s hot enough to provide good hygiene and washing temperatures, and also not so hot that it can burn or scald unsuspecting people in your home when they turn on the shower or tap. It’s usually the most efficient use of your water heater.

If you’re experiencing low temperatures from your faucets in any area of your home, our water heater repair professional can investigate the source of the problem, which may be a lack of insulation around the pipes to keep the water hot on its journey. We’ll also make sure that your water heater has proper insulation around the tank to help keep the water at temperature and ready to be used, without unnecessarily running the heat source to make up for lost energy.

The Anode Rod, a Hidden But Essential Part of Your Tank-Based Water Heater

There’s a metal rod in your water heater tank that sacrifices its material to balance the water chemistry so that your tank material doesn’t corrode any faster than it has to. This keeps the tank in good shape longer, providing a longer service life for your unit and avoiding the need for premature replacement. It’s important that the anode rod be selected to match your type of water, as there are several different kinds available constructed of different metals or combinations of metals to match hard or soft water.

Our water heater repair experts can also advise you about water quality systems such as water filters or water softeners that can address hard water and other issues on a whole-house basis, protecting your pipes and other appliances and fixtures as well. If you do have a system installed, it’s important to revisit the selection of anode rod to match the changed water quality. A side benefit of anode rod protection is the reduction in bacteria growth in the dark, airless environment of the tank, where colonies of anaerobic bacteria can produce unpleasant odors that travel with your hot water to taps and showerheads.

Sediment and Your Heating Element

Over time, minerals in the tank of your classic water heater or in the heating area of a tankless water heater build up and interfere with the efficient transfer of heat. In tanks, you may hear sizzling or crackling sounds from bubbles passing through the sediment, which rests on top of the heat source and keeps it from directly heating the water. In tankless water heaters, sediment buildup can eventually stop the heating element from working properly, resulting in a water heater repair to restore operation. Normally, maintenance visits should include checking and possibly flushing sediment to avoid efficiency problems and other issues.

Avoiding Not Just Repairs, But Flooding with Temperature and Pressure Valve Maintenance

On tank-based units, there’s a valve that allows water to escape when there’s an overpressure situation in the tank, so that leaks and bursting, even sometimes explosion of the tank, can be avoided. During maintenance service, our water heater repair professional will check the valve’s operation and replace it if necessary. If it’s not working correctly, it could either allow pressure to build or alternately it could allow water to escape unnecessarily, creating puddles on your floor. If you do see puddles of water on the floor, or dried residue that indicates there was a puddle, calling to have it checked out is a good idea.

Maintenance Inspections and Your Water Heater’s Lifespan

Another benefit of water heater maintenance and inspections is having information about your water heater’s condition so you can plan a timely replacement. We can help you select a new model and schedule a replacement before the need for a new water heater becomes urgent.

Your Water Heater Maintenance and Repair Experts in Harvey, LA

bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of New Orleans provides expert water heater services and replacement in Harvey, LA. Our team of plumbers encourages you to get annual maintenance for your water heater to get the most out of your energy and avoid unplanned repairs and leak cleanup. We’re available around the clock for emergencies, and our team can schedule an appointment for maintenance and other water heater care. Call us today to get your water heater checked out!

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