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6 Benefits Of Having a Drain Cleaning Service Performed Every Year | New Orleans, LA

6 Benefits Of Having a Drain Cleaning Service Performed Every Year | New Orleans, LA

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Every system and certain appliances in your New Orleans, LA home need regular maintenance to ensure they are functioning correctly, including your plumbing system. One way to maintain your plumbing system and prevent issues is to have a drain cleaning service performed.

If you aren’t sure if this service is worth the time and cost, you should consider the benefits of having the drains cleaned every year.

#1 Prevent Drain Clogs

One of the best reasons to have a drain cleaning service performed in your home is to prevent drain clogs.

You can be very careful with what you put down the drain; however, food, grease, hair, and soap will end up in the drain, creating a clog.

Small drain clogs can cause the water to drain slowly, which can be very frustrating when doing something where you need to allow the water to run, such as showering, brushing your teeth, and doing the dishes. Large clogs can prevent the water from draining at all; therefore, you can’t use the tub or toilet until the clog has been removed.

Using a liquid drain cleaner to break up the clog isn’t recommended. You can’t be sure the drain cleaner removed the entire clog, and if it didn’t, it won’t be long before the water starts draining slowly again. In addition, these products contain chemicals that can damage your pipes.

If you have a drain cleaning service performed, every clog will be removed, even the tiny ones, preventing slow and clogged drains all year long.

#2 Prevent Multiple Drain Clogs

One clogged drain is frustrating, and when every drain in your New Orleans, LA home is clogged, life in your home can become challenging and inconvenient. It is doubtful that every drain became clogged simultaneously, and there is likely a clog in the main drainage line or the sewer line.

If you have a drain cleaning performed every year, both lines will be cleaned, preventing every drain in your home from clogging. In addition, the service will prevent a costly plumbing bill to remove a significant clog in either line.

#3 Prevent Nasty Odors

Is there a nasty smell in your kitchen or bathroom, and you can’t figure out where it’s coming from? If so, the drains in your home could be to blame.

When food and grease clog the kitchen drain, it can start to spoil, creating a foul smell. In addition, hair, soap scum goes down the bathroom drain, and all clogs are organic; therefore, bacteria will start eating away at the clog, which can cause a foul smell in the bathroom.

Having a drain cleaning performed will remove all clogs from the drains, eliminating the foul odor, and your home will smell fresh and clean again.

#4 Prevent Health Issues

When small clogs form in the drains of your home, the drains will be the perfect habitat for bacteria, mold, and fungus growth, which can be harmful to your family’s health.

When bacteria forms on the clog, it puts your family at risk for illness and infection. In addition, certain types of mold can cause allergy symptoms, respiratory issues, skin rashes, and a weakened immune system, making it difficult to fight off disease and infection.

If you have a drain cleaning performed every year, the clogs in the drains will be removed and won’t be a hospitable environment for bacteria, mold, and fungus, which will prevent your family from developing health issues.

Considering that your family’s health is at risk, a drain cleaning service is well worth the time and cost.

#5 Prevent a Fruit Fly Infestation

When clogs build up in the drains, fruit flies will be attracted to the food, grease, soap, and other debris in the drain. Fruit flies are a nuisance because they fly around your face and make your home feel unsanitary.

There are plenty of DIY home remedies online made of ingredients you may already have in your home; however, a DIY treatment is just a temporary fix, and if you don’t use the remedy daily, the fruit flies will return.

The best way to rid your home of fruit flies for good is by having a drain cleaning service performed. When there are no clogs in the drain, it will no longer be a hospitable environment for fruit flies, and the infestation will be eradicated.

#6 Keeps Your Pipes Healthy

When food, grease, soap, and chemicals clog the drains in your New Orleans, LA home, it can cause the pipes to corrode, eventually causing a leak. Whether the leak is small or more significant, it needs to be repaired right away to prevent water damage and mold growth.

A drain cleaning service will ensure these dangerous clogs have all been removed, preventing an expensive plumbing bill, and you won’t need to worry about repairing water damage and hiring a professional to eradicate the mold.

The cost of a drain cleaning service is less expensive than plumbing and water damage repair and the cost to eradicate the mold; therefore, you should have your drains cleaned every year.

Why Choose bluefrog Plumbing & Drain of New Orleans?

If you are due for a drain cleaning service or have never had one performed, call bluefrog Plumbing & Drain of New Orleans. We are a full-service plumbing company, serving customers in the area for years, and are a member of the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Association.

Our plumbers are professionally trained, licensed, and insured. In addition, our team is trained in customer service, ensuring they are as professional, friendly, and helpful as possible.

Thanks to our team’s excellent service, we have an excellent reputation in the community and the industry. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and a 5-star rating on Google. In addition, we are a member of the New Orleans Chamber of Commerce, and Home Advisor lists us as a Top Rated business.

If you have a plumbing issue that cannot wait and we aren’t in the office, don’t panic. Our plumbers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to make the necessary repairs.

To schedule an appointment for a drain cleaning service or any other plumbing service, give us a call today.

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