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Benefits Of High-Pressure Drain Cleaning From Your Plumber For Homeowners | New Orleans, LA

Benefits Of High-Pressure Drain Cleaning From Your Plumber For Homeowners | New Orleans, LA

Once in a while, your drainage and sewerage systems may fail to function properly due to blockages in the drains or clogs in the pipelines. This is one problem that’s difficult to deal with for some homeowners, probably because they may not have the right equipment. Some DIY enthusiasts may use draining tools like the plumber’s snake, but it may not be efficient when dealing with stubborn clogs.

Plumbers use the high-pressure cleaning technique to remove the stubborn oils, clogs, or garbage stuck in your drains to achieve long-lasting solutions.

Getting a certified plumber to hydro-jet your drains and sewer can save you the nuisance of clogged drains and broken sewerage. Remember, faulty sewers can cause dirty water to flow back into your house, which can be a health risk.

High-pressure drain jetting is a more efficient and effective process. There are many benefits associated with high-pressure cleaning that every homeowner in New Orleans, LA, may want to know. In this blog post, we’ll highlight some of the benefits of the hydro-jetting method.

Produces Greater Results

High-pressure cleaning can blast through even the thickest muddy deposits. When your drains get blocked, the obvious thing you’ll do is figure out how to unblock them. Tissue, grease, fats, or even beans may cause a damp environment that results in a massive accumulation of debris in the drain pipes.

Therefore, clearing them out using traditional methods may not completely solve the problem. In this case, you may need to look for a qualified plumbing service to conduct high-pressure drain cleaning. With this method, the drain pipes will be cleared of the blockage and cleaned due to the multidirectional water flow.

No Damage to the Drain Pipes

Another advantage of high-pressure drain jetting is that the plumber tries as much as possible not to damage your drain pipes while cleaning and drying them. The method neither involves the use of heavy-duty equipment nor toxic chemicals.

It only requires a blast of water and high pressure. There’s no digging or drilling involved. So, while looking for plumbing services ensure the plumbing company has the approved tools to get the work done.

Faster Than Other Drain-Cleaning Techniques

Homeowners in New Orleans, LA, can consider high-pressure drain cleaning as it’s much more convenient and faster than conventional drain-cleaning methods. If you’re to perform a complete excavation of your drainage system, it can be laborious and time-consuming.

You could also damage the pipes in the process of digging or refiling the man-made holes on or around your property. The average time taken for a drain jetting service could depend on the number of sections the plumber is working on or the nature of the blockage. It could be even quicker if the plumber first runs a camera inspection through the drainage system.

Environmentally Safer Than Other Methods

Another good reason high-pressure drain cleaning has become necessary in the maintenance of drains and sewerage systems is that it’s more environmentally friendly than other methods. For instance, some folks use harsh cleaning substances in cleaning residential drains. These products are harmful to the environment and toxic if they enter the water system.

The high-pressure drain cleaning service only uses water and other approved cleaning elements to get the drains done. No heavy-duty chemicals are involved. If you love nature and care about it, you should consider this method. Make sure you look for a plumbing expert who understands the process well.

It’s Cost-Effective Compared to Traditional Methods

There’s no doubt that cleaning drains and sewers aren’t cheap. On the contrary, high-pressure drain cleaning is the most economical way to clean and clear out drains. There’s no service charge involved as no drilling, heavy instruments, or expensive chemicals are required.

It only takes a professional to conduct hydro-jetting blasts to clear the pipes, and the job is done. If you’re a homeowner seeking professional drain cleaning services, a high-pressure drain jetting service may help you cut on out-of-the-pocket costs you could incur in an event pipe burst due to a blockage.

This method eliminates the need for extra drain-cleaning or unexpected pipe repairs. Getting a trained plumber to hydro-jet the drains could save you a big deal of your money.

Helps Get Rid Of Foul Odors In Your Home

Most of the time, many blockages in the drain pipes could be due to food, hair, or oil. When these materials rot, they produce bacterial growth inside the pipelines leading to bad smells. These bacteria can also be a health hazard to you and your family.

Instead of waiting for the foul smell to go away, it will be wise if you contact a plumbing service to hydro-jet the blockages. The strength of the high water pressure cuts through even the most hard-to-remove clogs, leaving the pipes clear. This will kill not only the bad odors but also the waterborne germs.


Hydro jetting is also more sanitary than traditional techniques, with less health risk involved. Since it’s done quickly, plumbers and homeowners are less exposed to contaminants. 

bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans: Your ideal High-Pressure Drain Cleaning Solution

bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans got you covered for all your drain cleaning needs. We are always on the go, working around the clock to meet our clients’ needs. Our drain-cleaning company serves the residents of New Orleans, LA, and beyond. We also detect and repair gas leaks, fix clogged drains, conduct camera inspections, and maintain sewer and water lines.

Our professional plumbers have earned trust from many of our customers, thanks to their professionalism and exceptional customer service. Also, we respond quickly to urgent calls. Give us a call today, and we shall be there in no time.

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