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Air Conditioning Repair: Why Do I Need AC Servicing? | Timberlane, LA

Air Conditioning Repair: Why Do I Need AC Servicing? | Timberlane, LA

You may ask yourself, “If my AC is working, why should I call for an air conditioning repair Tech?” and that’s a valid question that we at bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans, your air conditioning repair people servicing Timberlane, LA, are here to answer. While you may think it’s smart not to have your home’s air conditioning unit looked at twice a year through air conditioning repair service calls and save that money, it really is an investment in a safer, healthier home and more costly than you may consider. Here’s why…

Your System Will Work Harder Than It Needs To

The goal of an AC unit is to churn out fresh cool air as needed throughout the hottest parts of the year. However, the system also collects dirt and dust as it does that, and without having your system serviced on a regular basis, your filters are going to get clogged, which restricts the airflow. Without proper airflow, your system is working harder to do the same job, overtaxing the parts and the system as a whole. Another issue is that you’ll have to set your thermostat to a lower temperature to get the same amount of cooling as it was doing at a higher temperature, again making your system work longer and harder than it should.

Your Energy Bills Will Be Higher Than Needed

We already talked about over-taxing your system and making it work harder and for longer periods of time. Your air conditioning system was designed to shut down from time to time and have breaks while the air in your home is cool, but with it having to work longer and without as many stops, it is wearing out parts faster, and it is eating up your energy more often. With that extra energy usage comes a higher bill each month. It can actually save you money in the long run to have regular AC servicing, and air conditioning repair calls with the extra energy costs.

Your System May Break Down Quicker

All air conditioning and HVAC units are designed to work and work for an extended period of time. However, we all know there is a “shelf life” to systems. By making your system struggle and work harder than it needs to, your system could break down faster than if you have regular servicing. Having air conditioning repair technicians come and look over your system on a regular basis can keep your system having a longer life span than those that only get serviced when something has already gone wrong. Parts that are moving 15% more often than before wearing out 15% faster than before. Keep that in mind.

You May Get Sick or Exacerbate Your Conditions

Because the filters can get clogged and full without proper servicing, you will have more dust and dirt floating in the air around you, which can cause those with asthma or other breathing issues to have more bad days. Did you know it can also trigger eczema as well? Dust and dirt in the air can have long-haul effects on many people with various allergies and those that suffer from lung problems. Having an air conditioning repair service call can help alleviate all sorts of health issues that stem from your HVAC unit and the flow of air throughout your home.

Your Air Conditioner System May Stop Cooling

Imagine it’s the hottest day of the year, and you come home, and the house is balmy and humid. The AC went out. It’s the middle of summer, and everywhere you call is booked up. You’ll either have to pay more for an emergency call or wait weeks for a tech to come out.

This could have been avoided with regular maintenance and service calls. We go over all the parts, check the freon levels, and make sure that your system is not only running smoothly but is well maintained. You will be happy to know that we don’t leave a stone unturned when checking your system. If you need parts or freon, we’re going to let you know and keep you safe and cool throughout the Summer.

A Simple Problem Could Shut Down Your System

Wear and tear on some of the constantly moving parts is bound to happen. When that happens, a service call for routine maintenance can find the issue and replace those inexpensive parts before they degrade and break, which could wipe out much larger, and much more expensive parts. Your AC system is a large part of your home’s comfort and should be thought of like your own self – it’s always cheaper to be proactive on your health than wait for something to go wrong, and your AC unit is no different. Finding and fixing the small stuff before it becomes the big stuff is cheaper, keeps your system running more efficient, and will keep your home safe and healthy for you and everyone that enters.

Where Can I Get AC Servicing and Air Conditioning Repair in Timberlane, LA?

If there is one thing we all know, it is how warm and humid it can get in Louisiana. It seems that there is no rest from the constant hum of warmth that envelops us from late Spring to the Fall. We understand and want to keep you cool throughout all those months. Whether you need proactive maintenance calls or emergency “we didn’t know it had got this bad” calls, we answer and work hard to get your system working great again.

bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans, your air conditioning repair people servicing Timberlane, LA are here to help you with any and all your air conditioning repair and servicing needs. Call or come by our office and talk with us about your concerns today!

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