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A Quality Air Conditioning Service For The Greater New Orleans Community | Harvey, LA

A Quality Air Conditioning Service For The Greater New Orleans Community | Harvey, LA

Living in a naturally hot place like the Big Easy means caring for your air conditioner isn’t just for comfort but for safety too. Heat exhaustion, heat stroke, and heat stroke can happen to anyone when muggy conditions raise the temperature to an average of 92 degrees. Pre-existing conditions like asthma, anxiety, and mental health concerns are all exacerbated by the hot weather in Harvey, LA.

Routine air conditioning service protects your health and your bank balance. That is why the team at bluefrog Home Services suggests you conduct AC maintenance during springtime. Remember that an inefficient air conditioning unit will struggle to keep your space cool and in the meantime, it will drive up the cost to use it every month.

You can keep cool and stay within budget with an affordable air conditioning service from bluefrog Home Services. A professional air conditioner service will save you more than 15% annually on energy costs. Energy efficiency is an easy way to cut living costs but it requires diligence and a home services company you can trust.

Old AC Units

You may think you are being frugal using that outdated cooling system, but if it runs on Freon it is only a matter of time before an expensive HVAC installation or repair comes knocking on your door. The United States Environmental Protection Agency doesn’t tell Americans to stop using Freon-based air conditioners but it isn’t manufactured or imported into the United States due to the high number of CFCs that damage the ozone layer.

Attempting to find reclaimed Freon can be expensive. While a new air conditioner installation requires a bigger upfront investment the costs associated with maintaining, running, and repairing a new unit are significantly less than their outdated counterparts. The specialized team at bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans are big fans of the Energy Star Program and know how to help you get the right unit for your space and your preferences.

Identifying When It Is Time to Schedule an AC Service

Trying to ascertain when to hire a professional HVAC service doesn’t have to be difficult. Paying close attention to the climate in your home and inspecting your AC unit once a month can keep you in the loop.

If it is hot and humid in your home and your air conditioner is supposedly running then you might need an air conditioning service from a qualified expert from bluefrog. Cool air should replace the warm air and the temperature displayed on the unit’s thermometer should be accurate.

Why Does My AC Do That?!

The reason your AC may be distributing hot air is due to frozen evaporator coils. The evaporator coils are a primary component of your unit. These coils transform the warm air into cool air aided by the coolant. If there is not enough warm air blowing over the evaporator coils then the coolant freezes the coils. Evaporator coils can be defrosted by a professional HVAC technician, however, your air conditioner will need to be turned off for a minimum of 24 hours.

Water dripping, leaking, or surrounding your air conditioner in any visible quantity should signify to you it is time to call bluefrog Home Services for an air conditioning service as soon as possible. A couple of drips are nothing to worry about but if the ground surrounding the unit is wet and water is pooling you should pay attention to that red flag because it could mean a big problem is brewing!

The fan inside the air conditioner is a vulnerable piece of the machinery. It turns and rotates consistently throughout the summer months in Harvey, LA, and occasionally, they move and hit other parts and become misshapen and bent.

The Most Important AC Service Maintenance Task

You might be surprised to learn that cleaning or changing your air filters is the most crucial job in caring for your air conditioner. Allergens, dust particles, food, germs, and bacteria are constantly being processed by your air filter. If pets live in your home then even more of these irritants are being passed through your ventilation system, air filter, and eventually, your air conditioner.

Air filters should be religiously cleaned or changed every month. The buildup of dust and other materials accumulates and collects in the vents and AC unit. The amount of debris can put pressure on any number of AC components forcing the air conditioner to work harder using more energy and slowly damaging your expensive appliance.

Certified, Satisfaction Guaranteed Air Conditioning Service Every Time

We hire the best and brightest HVAC technicians. Why do hardworking, trustworthy, capable, and experienced HVAC professionals want to work for bluefrog Home Services? Well, for starters, we offer a desirable salary, room for advancement, workplace benefits, and the opportunity to continue education and training.

Each bluefrog team member is comprehensively insured, certified, and has plenty of experience troubleshooting the most complicated air conditioning service. Our experts love the Harvey, LA community and understand the importance of quality climate control.

Client Feedback

I’ve hired bluefrog Home Services to conduct my annual air conditioning service for over 5 years. I pay a small charge and in return, they keep me in their registry to remind me when my AC needs to be maintained! If you need your air conditioner looked at, hire these guys to do it. They are transparent, quick, and affordable.“

Chuck Jones, Harvey resident

“Last summer it felt like I lived near the mouth of hell. No matter how low I turned the AC, it never got comfortable. My father-in-law had been reminding me again and again to schedule an air conditioning service with a professional company. A couple of weeks ago, he hired bluefrog to do the air conditioning service for me. It was kind of him to do so. The repairman from bluefrog Home Services guided me through the process and showed me the dirty air filters, and frosty evaporator coils, and told me about the non-existent coolant. No wonder it was hot! I’ve already signed up for next year and if I could give one piece of advice to my fellow Harvey residents is not to delay this affordable and valuable service.

Tim McGee, Harvey resident

If you are in need of air conditioning service, contact bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans today!

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